“Unity for Yonkers” Reception Organized for Murtagh

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Murtagh_0022-2007-Headshot1 YONKERS, NY — Mayor Phil Amicone and former Republican gubernatorial candidate John Faso will join Westchester Republican County Chairman Doug Colety and Yonkers Republican City Chairman John Jacono as Honorary Co-Chairs of a “Unity for Yonkers” Reception for John Murtagh. Former Yonkers City Councilwoman Dee Barbato, Councilman John Larkin, and Councilman Dennis Shepherd will serve as the Co-Chairs of the Reception.

The Reception Committee includes Republican Ward Leaders Henry Sershen, Helen Calabrese, Mike Ramondelli, Justin Tubiolo, Rich Barbato, Stan Alexander, Mike Breen, Pat Dickerson, and Geri Esposito. The “Unity for Yonkers” event will be held on Thursday, June 23 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at Byrne & Hanrahan’s, located at 640 McLean Avenue in Yonkers. Murtagh campaign supporters are said to be “delighted to have such a broad-based coalition of Republican leaders and activists coming together to support John Murtagh’s candidacy.”

eHezi“Unity for Yonkers” Reception Organized for Murtagh

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  1. now that the conservative party has spoken ..murtaugh
    cannot win the general election..the only one who can
    is martinelli if he wins the republican primary

  2. So all you Murtagh bashers, what is the position of your candidates when it come to the Yonkers budget crisis?Huge tax increase,layoffs,service and school cutbacks or just bankruptcy and a control board to do all the dirty work?Home values falling,sales tax receipts falling. This may be Yonkers last chance to be a fiscally healthy city.

  3. Anon: “You are fixating on Amicone…take your own bias out of the analysis…Phil support
    of Murtaugh is simply an indication that the outgoing republican mayor supports the
    nominee of the party…and by the way puts to rest any notion that they are still at odds..”
    I said that Murtagh lost his credibility years ago when he saw that to garner the GOP slot, he’d have to side with Amicone. Yes – I am fixating on Amicone. Unlike you, I don’t cite fiction as fact. Amcione’s 15+ years at City Hall have been a disaster. Murtagh has become an enabler. I am not saying Murtagh won’t win. Unlike you, I am not looking at this as a horse race but as what is good for Yonkers. It is obvious that you care nothing for the city. Your only concern is that someone wins who will provide you with something.
    Why can’t you admit that the Spencer – Amicone team has sent Yonkers into a death spiral?

  4. Just cruising the internet and found something very interesting. It appears Mr. Murtagh is very adept at updating his “facebook status” DURING council meetings over the last year or so. That is…the council meetings he actually attended or didn’t walk out of. Shouldn’t there be more pressing matters during council meetings than Facebook John? Maybe you should propose legislation to ban all cell phones during city council meetings as they are counter productive to the agenda. I would advise all of you to vote against John for mayor because if elected he will no longer have the time for witty Facebook updates due to his busy schedule…that is if he decides not to blow off his entire schedule and crawl back under the rock he was hiding under UNTIL it was campaign time. Another typical politicain.

  5. To those who think rob astorino won his race notwithstanding the conservative party endorsement
    Going to andy spano your understanding of the dynamics involved is limited at best…spano Was abusing the office…a free spender he had 24/7 body guards and tickets to Yankees games. His arrogance was legendary and property taxes were the highest in the nation….democrats In greenburgh and in other heavily democratic bastions did not bother to support him
    Astorino won by default. That is not the case in yonkers. There is no incumbant whose popularity
    Has plummeted…those in the minority community are upset that their kids pre k and sports Are being cut..they will turn out…registration is 49,000 to 22,000 democrat and those who Are not affiliated with any party are democrats…Murtaugh needed three parties to even have a chance Now he is one….Richard martinelli capitalized on the gay marriage issue…to deprive murtaugh of the conservative line…what will the Ind party do?….my guess is they will support a winner even though its mike spano….and the dynamic nationally is quite different..when astorino won
    Republicans were resurgent…independents had Obama buyers remorse…but now after bid Laden is dead and Ryan has proposed a voucher system for medicare ….democrats are looking A lot better (see ny 26cd)…so bottom line is congrats to mike spano mayor elect

  6. Murtagh stands no chance in a general election now that the Conservatives have endorsed Martinelli and the Independents will either go Martinelli or Calvi. He’s wasting the party’s time and resources.

  7. with all due respect, Elmer Fudd could have won the last County Exec election. Andy Spano was the kiss of death and it didn’t take much to defeat him. All of the political pundits didn’t quite get this. They over-analyzed this election to the exclusion of plain common sense, i.e. THROW THE BUMS OUT. Yonkers is a different story because the bums are now running for office.

  8. Now that the Conservative Party has endorsed the TRUE Conservative, Rich Martinelli, all republicans should unite behind him for the simple reason that it would be impossible to win in November without the Conservative Line.

  9. hey Mr. Overtaxed..if your boy Murtagh hadn’t voted on a union contract he now rails against, maybe a no-solution 5% solution wouldn’t be the answer. It is a no-solution solution – a simple across the board give-back from people who weren’t a part of the problem to begin with. A no-answer answer. What exactly don’t you get?

  10. If the article above is correct and the conservative
    party endorses martinelli…its hard to imagine
    the republican winning if murtaugh wins the primary
    but the primary math still holds…gay marriage may
    stop conservatives from supporting john but I doubt
    it will effect republican party voters..the point
    is that a split will elect the democrat whomever
    he is….democrats hold a 2.25/1 registration edge
    and this year education cuts have affected those
    in southwest yonkers who normally do not vote in
    off year elections this year they will

  11. Its the budget.Its the taxes.Its the schools. Its the fire,police,DPW and other city services.Its not Spano,Lesnick for abortion.Its not Murtagh, Lesnick, Spano for gay marragie.Its not global warming,the wars in Iraq,Libya and Afghanistan.It is about Yonkers in 2011-12.Anyone running for mayor has to lay out what are their plans to address falling tax revenues,nothing else.The public employee unions, the taxpayers and the business community want to know.

  12. Murtagh’s support for GAY MARRIAGE will sink him in this race. He will not get the Conservative line. No Way No How! How does he plan on winning without the CONSERVATIVE or the INDEPENDENCE line. It is a losing proposition.
    Since you love doing the math anon, calculate these numbers: Republicans outnumbered 3 to 1. Without the minor party lines, Murtagh loses miserably.
    By the way, all of these people you just mentioned aren’t REALLY behind Murtagh. Tubiolo and Esposito voted AGAINST him at the convention. Larkin and Barbato were at MARTINELLI’s announcement.
    In fact, most of them hate him just as much as the rest of the City. There are a lot of people who are being threatened and forced to go his way – typical Murtagh.
    Nor is Amicone really behind him. Have you heard him give an endorsement anon???? Bet most of these people Murtagh named in this piece don’t even show up to his little “unification rally” This is all fluff and NO substance.
    Murtagh is better at unifying people AGAINST him with his nasty stuck up attitude. That will be his downfall.

  13. You are fixating on Amicone…take your own bias out of the analysis…Phil support
    of Murtaugh is simply an indication that the outgoing republican mayor supports the
    nominee of the party…and by the way puts to rest any notion that they are still at odds..
    the republican primary will be decided by party loyalists and it is clear that Murtaugh has
    all sides sewn up at this point…he has barbato and her districts..he has tubiolo and hisdistricts..and he has breen patti Dickerson and Esposito…they represent a cross section of the party…there is no other faction out there that matters…even in Richard martin Elli’s home district half of the support is jim castro Blanco’s and its going to murtaugh as well. The
    math is the math is the math…there are far more registered republicans in mortgages’s council
    District proportionately then anywhere else in the city..and they are solidly behind his candidacy
    with turnout usually at below 18%..how is he going to lose in a three way race with martinelli and calvi running…its simply not going to happen..and even if one of the other two drops out he still wins his part of the city including wards 11,12,9, 10.5, and half of 6 with at least 66% of the vote…and more than half of all republicans voting in the primaryif you don’t get that you don’t get yonkers politics

  14. Anon – you can’t even disabuse yourself because you live in a fantasy world.
    Murtagh is in bed with Amicone. That is a losing deal for for Yonkers.
    Amicone, Amicone, Amicone – how can you ignore that? You going to echo Moose and blame Lesnick for not stopping him? At least the Dems saw it and gave Lesnick a resounding defeat.

  15. Sorry to disabuse all of you who do not like john on this website..but the idea that anyone in a republican primary is going to prevail over murtaugh with the kind of support he now has is silly…you may not like him..but the voters do….how many people on this website
    don’t approvemayb 10…we are talking 23,000registered republicans…and we are also talking universal support from colety the county chair ot barbato and tubiolo…all a primary will do is to force murtaugh to spend money ..money that should be reserved for the general election and all a primary with three candidates will do is make it clear that the anti murtaugh people
    are split between calvi and martinelli…nothing could be more counterproductive for republicans

  16. Murtagh is the worst candidate republicans could “unify” around. The Spano’s will crush him just like they crushed Rammondelli.
    Martinelli is the only republican candidate who can give Spano a race.
    Primaries are healthy and this one will be good for the party because Martinelli will win and republicans will have a chance at keeping City Hall. If Murtagh wins, get ready for 8 years of democratic rule in Yonkers.

  17. So just as I’ve been saying for the last 4 years – Murtagh aligned himself with Amicone. Why would anyone vote for him?
    Anon – when will you stop dealing with fiction?

  18. I didn’t hear that the public employee unions have endorsed candidates in the primary? If the unions are picketing a Murtagh event they must be backing Martinelli in the Republican primary. And whose events in the Democratic primary will they be picketing?

  19. Public employee unions are digging themselves into a bigger hole by attacking John Murtagh for his reasonable request that the unions voluntarily take a five percent cut in salaries.If this mayoral race becomes a war between taxpayers and public employee unions,the unions will lose and be set back for years.

  20. Why would you need the giant blow-up rat outside? I’ve read the list of those attending. A rat placed outside would be redundant.

  21. oh man bud I’m voting for this guy because he looks amazing !!!!
    I’m hoping to get on his good side so I can be taken care of, maybe I will campaign for him or something

  22. Tubiolo is a Spano guy? Didn’t he work against Mike Spano in the 2010 election? Ask Ramondelli himself, he’ll tell you who was and wasn’t helping him against Mike Spano.
    Tubiolo did more work than any other Ward Leader to help Ramondelli defeat Spano.

  23. Isn’t Tubiolo a Spano guy? Murtagh may want to pick his friends more carefully. Sounds like a typical Spano setup. Amicone is probably even double crossing him if the price is right. Just another puppet.

  24. Johnny keep dreaming… better yet get a job with benefits because you will NEVER BE MAYOR. How much do you make as a Lawyer? Who are your clients..do you have any? Tell it like it is you need to stay on the public payroll and on the state pension plan. You can pretend there is GOP unity but the reality is that you are universally disliked. Primary Day will tell all. Martinelli and Calvi will beat you up and then Mike Spano will put you out with the trash.
    Game Over!!

  25. The big Rat would be there because Mike Spano is in the union pockets. If you want Spanos crawling all over City Hall like roaches then support the Spanos or the Martinellis. If you want real honest government then attend and support Murtagh. It is that simple.

  26. And to think that a month ago, these lunkheads were saying he wasn’t really running for mayor.
    Then they said he’d never win the convention.

  27. Just wait until Murtagh sees the big rat and several hundred protestors outside Old Mannions…..there will be no doubt that anyone who supports Murtagh will not be getting much support themselves in this election or future elections…fagetabout being Mayor Johnny Boy….you’ll never get elected to any other office other than the one you’re leaving…you’ve done enough damage to Yonkers…see you on the 23rd.

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