Yonkers Budget Update by JOHN MURTAGH

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Murtagh_John I just wanted to share a brief update on this year's budget.
As you know, due to declining revenue, cuts in aid from Albany, increased costs and the continuing difficult economy, we were facing the prospect of significant cuts in school programs and staff. Last year, you may recall, there were similar cuts in police, fire and sanitation until much was restored following give backs by several unions as well as federal grant money for fire prevention.

This year the Mayor had proposed the creation of a "Transitional Finance Authority" which would allow the City to restructure existing debt at a lower rate in order to free up current operating cash for education. Together with concessions requested from the school unions, particularly the teachers union, much of the lost funding could be replaced and, therefore, cuts and layoffs could be avoided.
Because there was no commitment from the unions, this past Tuesday night the City Council voted to refine the Mayor's proposal by including a freeze on ALL wages for both the municipal and school side of the budget. In other words, pay for all City workers (including elected officials) would be frozen.  In addition, we voted to place a firm cap of $20,000.00 on the amount of annual overtime a city worker can earn.
These measures would allow us to address the immediate shortfall in the schools without adding new debt and, at the same time, allow us to start addressing the chronic disparity between revenues and expenses.
The Council's solution must now be approved by the State Legislature in Albany.  The actual wage freeze can only be imposed by state officials, not by the City Council. If the State Senate and State Assembly approve our proposal we will have averted the immediate crisis in this year's education budget and begun to also address future budget shortfalls. If the Assembly and Senate reject our plan, then the school students and parents will again be facing immediate program cuts and the elimination of hundreds of teachers and administrators, while the taxpayers will continue to face the prospect of uncontrolled and unsustainable salaries and perks.
I urge you to call Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins at (914) 423-4031, Senator Jeff Klein at

(718) 822-2049, Assemblyman Mike Spano at (914) 779-8805, Assemblyman Gary Pretlow at(914)667-0127 and Assemblyman Tom Abinanti at (914) 631-1605.

John Murtagh is the Yonkers City Council Minority Leader and the Republican endorsed candidate for Mayor of Yonkers.

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eHeziYonkers Budget Update by JOHN MURTAGH

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  1. hey Mr. Murtagh…just saw on your campaign site that your wife is a “nursery school” director. Isn’t that a euphemism for the non-mandated “pre-k” that you and several of your colleagues just voted to be kept alive via capital bonding? hahahahahahaha

  2. Just curious if Yonkmers Cons will haVE a convention to see who the yonkers district leaders want? or is Fox so afraid that he and his new found love Liam will lost that battle. How is Restiano holdinh meetings when john Folkerts kicked her ass in Yonkers. 2,875 – 287 votes. only in yonkers can the people have no say.

  3. If the “Yonkers Conservatives” “””endorsed””” Martinelli, it has the same effect as the “Right to life Party” endorsement… NOTHING. It is in fact the same people in the room. There is no Right to life line and the members who “voted” that day were not even Right to Life Party members. Also, the Yonkers Conservatives can only recommend to the County. So, NO ENDORSEMENTS WERE MADE!!!!!!

  4. There is no such a thing as the conservative party. They have no candidates. End of story. But there has to be some way to stop these hacks from having any influence in elections. Either you run your man or you shut the $uck up.
    As for Martinelli & Robertson, nothing to say. Did nothing while on the council, need to be kept out of City Haul. Now Spencer, still thinks he holds sway, in his head only. Remember he is also responsible for the mess Yonkers is in.

  5. Martinelli & Robertson received the Conservative line from Foxy. I understand they cut the deal at Spencer’s house. Liam was serving the Guiness & Shepard’s pie. Foxy will work on the weekends at City Hall. He can cash his pension,county and city check at Hudson Valley Bank. I hear ole man Martinelli gave him free checking and a new toaster.
    Spano wins in a landslide.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA, if those two are empty suits then John is nothing more than a ghost, rarely seen at city hall or any council meetings…unless of course it’s election time. Murtagh’s new campaign slogan should be “Not for the people, hated by the people.”

  7. In 2006 home prices were going up thirty thousand dollars a year and the tax increase was miniscule in relation to the home price increases.John Murtagh has adapted to the present and future economic realities, while the other mayoral candidates Spano and Martinelli are empty suits with smiling faces.Carlo Calvi is nothing more than the usual inside dirty Yonkers politics of siphoning off votes to elect Mike and put Nick in as the power behind the throne.I guess Vinny Restiano wasn’t available this year to fill the role Calvi is playing.

  8. Am I reading this correctly? “If the State Senate and State Assembly approve our proposal we will have averted the immediate crisis in this year’s education budget and begun to also address future budget shortfalls.” Weren’t you and the other council members elected to “address future budget shortfalls” in the first place? And, had you been monitoring the budget as you were supposed to do, we would not be in the fiscal crisis we find ourselves again and again.

  9. “Perhaps Mr. Murtagh might have better served the citizens of Yonkers had he not voted for a 14.97% property tax increase for the 2006 Fiscal Year. I think that might have saved the citizens of Yonkers considerably more than the combined city council savings of $13,300 a year suggested by his self-promoting press release.” – Joan Gronowski
    Some Fiscal conservative…how many “aides” do you have now John??? I couldn’t imagine what you would need them for since you’re never around, maybe just some more clowns to offer false praise.

  10. What nonsense. Fox make up with the red headed little prick? I don’t think so. Get a clue. No endorsement made by the C Party until the County meets!

  11. I understand that the Yonkers Conservative Party has endorsed Richard Martinelli for Mayor. The victory party is being held at Spencer’s house. Liam & Foxy will be the emcees at the celebration. It’s nice to see that Liam & Foxy have mended fences and have rallied around Martinelli.
    It will be a shame when Martinelli losses the Republican primary and this will give Spano the Mayor’s seat for the next four years.

  12. Wow, John is re writing history to suit his election campaign. Do you think you can really get away with the history of last years tax increase. In the end, after the charade their were no layoffs, just another hefty tax increase for the homeowners.
    I know chuck letter is laughable, but revisionist history, pull the other on Mr. Murtagh.

  13. The taxpayers are obligated to provide a “basic education” that does not include pre-K and A.P. classes, or sports programs.
    In a Wall Street Journal article this week, school districts in middle America, who can no longer afford these luxuries are charging tuition for the classes and programs over and above “basic” education, so as to not burden the homeowner/taxpayer with increased taxes. This is what we need to do in Yonkers.
    An increase in funding for the schools that involves additional debt service payments for the next five years, amounts to a another “PAY CUT” for the taxpayer in Yonkers.

  14. John Murtagh is a joke. In his entire tenure on the council we did not hear one word from him, did not see one press release, and certainly did not see him at many council meetings. He is only sticking his BIG head out into the public spotlight now that he’s running for office. The people know this John and certainly are not falling for your line of BS.
    You’re just a puppet on the Spano strings. Let’s see if you still walk around like you’re JFK when the voters of Yonkers speak in the primary. You need to stop listening to the people around you who are making your head bigger than it already is (if that’s even humanly possible) I doubt you get more than 20% of the vote.

  15. yes, and Mr. M also added another city council “aide” – like that was a necessity. Oops, it was, when you are gearing up to run for office and like to send a go-for out for you.

  16. If the city is so broke, then why was the police Lt who made over $200,000 in 2010 retire with a large pension, only to br=e returned as a consultant to plan the police computer system. Talk about milking the cow!

  17. Please stop with the BS. You Are not refinancing current debt and freeing up 20 million. If that was the case you would not need to have the States permission. You are borrowing an additional 20 million to fund operating costs. The time has come to bite the bullet and only pay for what we can afford. Full day pre-k and full day kindergarten are luxuries that we can no longer afford. Even the more affluent school districts in Westchester county do not have pre-k at all let alone full day pre-k.
    Hey John – I was in your office last year when City workers were being laid off and you were having new carpeting installed in your office. What renovations are you doing this year as teachers are getting pink slips?

  18. Cut the schools if Puleo won’t budge. Who cares. Pre-K is not an entitlement so mommy can go to work. Pay for day care like everyone else. Police, Fire and Sanit made their concessions last year. FD even came up with nearly $5 million grant money. OPEN THE BOE BOOKS. When is $500,000,000 for 24K enough?????

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