5th Council District Candidate Joe Crotty Calls On All Candidates to Swear Off Taxpayer Financed Cars

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Crotty_Joseph “The Overtaxed Residents of Yonkers Need Tax Relief, Not to Give Their Elected Councilmember A Free Ride Around the City”

YONKERS, NY  – Joe Crotty, Republican candidate for Yonkers’ 5th Council district stated today that he will refuse a taxpayer funded car if elected to the Yonkers City Council and has called on all candidates seeking election for that City Council seat to state the same. 

“There is no way any serious candidate for the 5th Council District can claim to be in touch with the voters of East Yonkers and plan to take such an unnecessary perk like a car fueled with taxpayer dollars,” Crotty said adding:  “The overtaxed residents of Yonkers need tax relief, not to give their elected Councilmember a free ride around the city.”

“Believe me, as I’ve been walking around this district and meeting scores of voters it is clear how large this district is.  That being said, I can and will gladly jump in my own car to respond to the needs of the people of East Yonkers.  Having a Councilmember in the 5th that steers clear of the city’s car garage is a tradition worth maintaining,” Crotty said, referring to Yonkers Minority Leader John Murtagh who swore off a taxpayer financed vehicle during his 8-years tenure.

"Yonkers needs to analyze its expenditures and cut out the unnecessary spending.  I don’t feel that taxpayers should pay for my vehicle, when they have been facing—and expressing to me—an increased level of financial anxiety.  If elected to the Council, I will work hard to root out this type of spending so residents can not only keep more money in their wallets, but begin to feel that those that serve them do so without selfishly reaching for the trimmings and trappings of elected office. “

Joe Crotty is a lifelong resident of Yonkers who understands that East Yonkers needs to become more affordable, so seniors and young families can continue to stay.  This week Mr. Crotty will be submitting well above the requisite number of petition signatures needed to qualify for the September 13th Republican primary election.

"I know that cutting my car will save the city only a small amount of money, but those small savings can add up.  I think taxpayers are tired of hearing that some smaller savings aren’t worth pursuing—especially when they increasingly feel a few dollars here and there are the difference between just squeezing by or having to dip into their savings,” Crotty said.

Learn more: www.JosephCrotty.com


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eHezi5th Council District Candidate Joe Crotty Calls On All Candidates to Swear Off Taxpayer Financed Cars

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  1. Your right Buyer’s Remorse, Many people I know feel the same way. Our “choice” candidate has no business being a councilman…He came to my house some weeks ago, and I am very concerned that Breen could actually be representing us….Either of the 2 other guys is 100 times better…

  2. Yawn, you should come to the realization that Cerrato will be the next councilman….Mike Breen would be a disaster for this District and this City and sadly, everyone he meets knows that…The article is about Joe Crotty not taking a City car, and somehow you write about Cerrato and his father (yet again). Are you that intimidated by Cerrato…I mean really..

  3. A little late to the game. Cerrato said no to cars like 5 months ago. Breen is a cab driver so he doesn’t need a car, and now Crotty chimes in… Right back to square one….

  4. TRS is right. Many in the Yonkers GOP establishment are starting to think they backed the wrong horse–all because of a silly notion like “it’s his turn.”

  5. Breen owns a car service so common sense suggests that it is unlikely that he would take a city car. However, that other candidate from Colonial Heights with the loud mouth, who knows? It was suggested that during petitions his daddy was out helping him which is improper. His campaign workers were reported to be rude and agressive. Certainly his deportment is incompatible with being a City Councilman.
    We do not need Daddys Puppet, for City Council or Mayor representing us.

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