Assemblyman Spano: Lessons to be Learned from Casey Anthony Trial

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Spano_mike Assemblyman Mike Spano (D – Yonkers) yesterday said the trial of Casey Anthony should serve as a reminder of the importance of notifying law enforcement when a child is missing.

“For most parents notifying law enforcement, as well as neighbors, when your child is missing is almost an immediate instinct,” Spano said. “The earlier law enforcement is aware of a missing child, the better chance we have of finding the child alive or finding the person responsible for the child’s disappearance”

Spano is circulating legislation – Caylee’s Law – in the Assembly that would make it a felony for a parent, legal guardian or caretaker to not notify law enforcement of the disappearance of their child within 24 hours. In addition, the legislation would make it a felony for a parent, legal guardian or caretaker to not notify law enforcement of the death of a child, accidental or otherwise.

“What happened in this case was horrifying and the fact that Caylee was not reported missing for 31 days makes it that much more troubling. This legislation provides an additional tool law enforcement can use to help in finding a missing child and will make it easier to prosecute those who choose to harm them,” Spano said. 

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eHeziAssemblyman Spano: Lessons to be Learned from Casey Anthony Trial

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  1. The last time I checked Mike Spano is still an Assemblyman, and this is a bill that he can introduce before he becomes our next Mayor. Why is it that when someone is trying to do something good, there is so much negativity? You all sound very ignorant and instead of knocking Mike, why don’t YOU try to do something that would make a difference!! Obviously you would all rather sit around a computer taking a good article and twisting it trying to make something bad out of it, for your own warped pleasure. Now get up and go do something good for your community or a neighbor or something. Take a shower; go enjoy the beautiful day and the beautiful City you live in. 🙂

  2. When does one notify law enforcenment when they are part and parcel to a conspiracy/bribery scheme? Please tell us Mikey. We are dying to hear.
    Tick tock.

  3. I don’t hate Murtagh. When he was first elected I couldn’t have been more please. He started out great and could have been great. There is nothing worse than someone knowing what to do and selling out, which is what I think he did. Something happened to him along the way and he took the easy way. I won’t reiterate the remarks that I and others have made, sometimes ad nauseum, about his absences etc. I will ell you honestly and sincerely, that I had the highest hopes for the City of Yonkers when he was elected, but unfortunately, I do not feel the same way as he ends his 8 years in office.
    What we did and do still need in this city is someone removed from the same old scene, and that is never going to happen. A somewhat young person who has already made a comfortable living in his/her chosen profession and still cares enough about this city to step up, run for office, and try and change the system. I also hope that I may win a few dollars in the lottery some day.

  4. And the Lessons are:
    1. Keep Media and TV people as far away as possible from these circuses.
    2. Too many Lawyers in this country.
    3. Trail by TV is not a trial but it leads the masses.
    4. The general public are too easily lead to be allowed to be on a jury. Look at the those fake crying outside a courthouse about someone they never knew and are not remotely related.

  5. I see our assemblyman spano is taking credit for someone else bill..”Assemblywoman Grace Meng, a Queens Democrat, is the first to propose a bill related to the Casey Anthony verdict.
    In a letter to the state District Attorneys Association, Meng says she was “deeply saddened” by the outcome of the trial, noting she is the mother of two young children and – unlike Anthony – would notify authorities “within minutes” if either of them were to go missing”.
    Obliviously Mike is not the leader most of you think he is..he been pulling the wool over this city eyes long enough. those who vote for him as mayor, is getting a person who rely’s on other to do his thinking..if you want to save Murtagh

  6. Lions
    I think everyone who reads YT gets the fact that you hate Murtagh. Anytime his name is mentioned you can be sure that you come out swinging with the same repetitive stuff. Your hate is pathological – or paid. Whatever it is it really is tiresome, boring and more ineffectual with time.
    Nonetheless I am curious, and I think all of the regular readers are as well, who DO you support for Mayor, and why? Murtagh is not perfect, I freely admit that, but certainly Martinelli and absolutely certainly Spano are not. So which one out of Winkin Blinkin and Nod do you like?
    Or are you writing in Ernie Davis?

  7. Hey Em…this is a typical murtagh supporter non-answer…you say the political establishments dislikes Murtagh. That is a very large club to which they belong. Most don’t like him, not because he slays any dragons, but because whatever he is now doing is a day late and a dollar short. It takes no guts to go against unions when you are term limited out of your regular office and you have nothing to lose, anyway. He never once took any of the stand he now takes, when he was running for RE-ELECTION in 2007. He played it safe, after years of already voting for every tax increase which came before him. Again, now, when he has already had his eight-year gig safely behind him, does he grow a pair.
    Why don’t you check out the election figures from his Senate race against Stewart-Cousins. I believe, if I am not mistaken, he lost his own district, in its entirety. What a man.

  8. Gee, I guess you never heard of defendants being convicted on circumstantial evidence. As most of the legal pundits in the Anthony case agree, juries are hooked on CSI types of cases, wherein only a smoking gun will result in a guilty verdict. For God’s sake, one of the jurors said she didn’t want to be responsible for sending someone to jail or words to that effect. What other verdict can one expect from a juror with that mindset? Sad to say, but most people look to get off jury duty – you can infer for yourself the quality of reasoning ability left in the resultant jury pool. One of the commentators even noted that not one juror on this trial took notes, if you can believe that. What else would you expect.
    OJ Simpson got off because the “glove didn’t fit”. Not one moron had the brains to realize that this leather glove, which was once saturated in human blood and left for several years to shrivel and shrink in size, was the reason for the poor fit. A truly frightening future for our legal system.

  9. You can tell how good Murtagh is by how much the political establishment dislikes him. All these petty little attacks by political hacks only makes Murtagh look more appealing.

  10. It’s no wonder Mike never graduated from law school. But then again he never graduated from college either; he only parades around as if he did. Since Simple Mike can’t figure this one out I’ll break it down nice and neat for him.
    A criminal trial is NOT about seeking justice for the victim. Rather, it’s about one thing: proving the person charged is guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. Even if it is likely’ that a person committed the murder, that is not enough and they must be acquitted,” There is a MAJOR difference between a legally proper result like this one and a morally just result. Justice may not have been served but the law prevailed in this trial. Not guilty isn’t the same as innocent. When considering these things you must consider a legal viewpoint, not a personal one. There was a lack of hard evidence and the prosecution relied heavily on circumstantial evidence. As such there was no proof beyond a reasonable doubt and Casey Anthony should walk free 100 times out of 100 times.
    On a personal basis, I think Casey Anthony should and will burn in hell but as far as our broken legal system goes this verdict was correct. As long as the system continues the course it is on guilty people will continue to walk free. The problem is that there is no perfect system, but I’ll tell you one thing, a perfect system involves a complete removal of the atrocious media coverage that existed in this case. This type of media coverage only blinds people and forms their opinions as it is told to them and the end result is morons like Mike Spano blabbing on about things their uneducated selves never have and never will understand.

  11. Actually, anyone paying attending to the post-verdict happenings will know that this has already been spearheaded by one woman, and there is a feverish internet petition making the rounds to do just this very thing – make failure to report missing children within a certain amount of time, a felony. Probably a million people, at least, have signed on.

  12. Mike, perhaps before you introduce legislation like this you should consider the fact that you support partial birth MURDER. No huge difference between not reporting your child missing for 31 days and murdering a defenseless child really. Right?

  13. This is one of the most sick disgustng pander jobs I have ever seen. To ride on the back of this tragic story to pump yourself up in the run for mayor like you give a damn is gross.
    If you cared where have you been during the trial? Why is it you only react after the fact and are never proactive? Year after year you and Stewart Cousins have jumped on others peoples work and taken credit for things you did not even have the brains to dream up.
    This idea I have no doubt came from Nick, not you.
    This is as bad as Martinelli’s fixation with issues unrelated to governing Yonkers.
    The City of Yonkers is in a fiscal mess. You have said nothing about what you are going to do about it.
    Everyone knows that the real so-called “democratic” candidate for Mayor, Nick Spano is sitting back and waiting for the Republicans to sort things out.
    But that is the point, we all know it. You are lazy and nothing without Nick.

  14. Michael,
    Are you serious? We haven’t heard from you once since you received the democratic endorsement for Mayor. Not one pres release, no comments about the budget or school layoffs. And the best you can come up with is this? Maybe you should take a stab at the Yonkers financial disaster and how you intend to fix it. That may be more important to the race at hand.
    You are just another lazy do-nothing politician. You DO NOT have my vote.


  16. Are you friggen serious ? Do you even believe the B.S. that you are spewing ? You think this is justice ? Yes it is, it’s JUNK JUSTICE… there was no justice served in this case… there is a dead 2 year old and a mother who didn’t report her missing for 31 days.. hmm I wonder why, MAYBE BECAUSE SHE DID IT AND SHE IS GUILTY ! Go climb back under your rock you turd

  17. Panderer. Sick Pander. Go back to your shit tv and keep consuming what passes for News. The jury decided and that is justice. Not your opinion, or that of any politician or news (ahem) reporter. Justice prevailed over the MOB. In another era in God’s country she would have been hanged by hearsay and the angry mob.
    Bravo for US justice. Imagine leaving your fate in the hands of those who get their news from the news wankers.

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