Assemblyman Spano Partners with Yonkers Portuguese-American Community Center to Open Cooling Center During Oppressive Heat Wave

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Spano_mike YONKERS, NY – July 20, 2011 — Assemblyman Mike Spano (D – Yonkers) has partnered with Antero Pereira, President of the Portuguese-American Community Center, to open the center as a cooling center facility tomorrow and Friday between 12pm and 5pm for residents in need of a cool place during the anticipated dangerous heat wave expected to impact our area.

 “Heat is the number one weather-related killer in the U.S and is especially dangerous for our elderly residents and young children,” Assemblyman Mike Spano said. “I encourage all residents and those working outdoors to stay cool and hydrated, and please seek a cool place to rest like the Portuguese-American Community Center if needed.”

Spano said water will also be available for those in need. For more information please contact Fernando Pinho at the Portuguese-American Community Center at 914-924-2892 or Assemblyman Mike Spano’s office at 914-779-8805.

The Portuguese-American Community Center is located at 316 Palisade Avenue in Yonkers.

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eHeziAssemblyman Spano Partners with Yonkers Portuguese-American Community Center to Open Cooling Center During Oppressive Heat Wave

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  1. “Heat is the number one weather-related killer in the U.S”
    More than Katrina? The tornados in the midwest?

  2. When you say you are partnering, is it that you are renting the space and buying the give away water? Is that your money, campaign money or tax money which would make it my money?

  3. “That’s why we vote for you” so true, we republicans voter for mike in his bid to return to the state Assembly.and as fast as the swearing-in in albamy , what did mike do…switch to the Democrats side….knowing he could not win in the future as a republican…well Traitor, I for one will NOT be voting your ass in any election.

  4. Mike – Thank you for looking out for the people. That’s why we vote for you. Please promise to never focus on the “bloggers in underpants.” Let their mothers call them up from the basement when lunch is ready.

  5. 10 minutes after I posted my comment I received another constant contact pander from Mikie again trading on his “partnering” with the Portuguese-American Community center (how exactly do you partner with them to open a cooling center anyway), and now adding “nutrition centers” in Yonkers.
    I am not saying that this information could not be useful to someone, but it would be nice if he expended his apparently limited energy on the big picture issues of the City. He is good with “partnering” and copying Con Ed energy saving sugestions, but there is not an original idea of his own.
    As I wrote earlier expect nothing until after the Primary, but I think anything you hear will be pure Nick Spano, and none of it will be Mikie. look for the hidden earpiece in the debates.

  6. well, it sure beats Murtagh taking credit for leading the charge for the IG to audit the Board of Ed books. Give me a break…he does nothing to call the board out for this repeated failure to comply with a court order, and after he votes for every budget which gives the Board of Ed money, takes credit for the IG’s eventual victory. And you criticize Spano? There is no more hypocritical politician in the history of Yonkers than Mr. Murtagh.

  7. Don’t you know that Mikie is “above the fray.” Let everyone else duke it out, spend their money, and when the dust settles, they can come to face him and the King, Nick Spano.
    You will hear nothing from him other than these little feel good pander stories until after the primaries, just enough to keep his face in.
    After all, he is a true Yonkers “Statesmen.”

  8. Hey Michael,
    How about an idea to save the citizens of Yonkers from the financial heat wave we all are facing. You still have yet to add one meaningful thought to any discussion in regards to the overburdening taxes and underfunded school systems. I don’t know if you have it in your head that you’re going to walk into a democratic primary victory beacuse of your name, but if you do then I can assure you that you are sorely mistaken.

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