Financial Times Report Obama Announces Deal on US Debt Limit

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President Barack Obama announced on Sunday night that US Congressional leaders had reached and agreement on a tentative deal that would extend the debt ceiling and avoid a US default, ahead of the opening of Asian markets

He said there was a framework in place to cut spending and guarantee further deficit-reduction steps to “end the crisis that Washington imposed on America”.

He said that the process had “been messy and taken far too long,” leaving him concerned about the impact on business confidence and consumer confidence. The president gave assurances that the deficit cutting “won’t be a drag on a fragile economy”. 



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eHeziFinancial Times Report Obama Announces Deal on US Debt Limit

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  1. The developers provided construction union jobs and increased taxes to the city.Heavily democratic Bronx county has twelve percent unemployment. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  2. Obama sold out the working and middle classes in favor of the rich and the corporations, and this was all done by those scum republicans. Something like Yonkers where Amicone has taken from the poor and middle classes to give to the unions and the rich developers.

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