Exclusive: Breaking News – New York State Comptroller’s Review of Yonkers Adopted Budget By HEZI ARIS

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DiNapoli_Thomas YONKERS, NY — July 6, 2011 — It was on July 1, 2011, that New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli addressed a letter to Yonkers Mayor Amicone in which Comptroller DiNaolpi stated, "as Fiscal Agent for the City of Yonkers (City), I have the responsibility for reviewing the 2011-2012 adopted budget of the City to determine compliance with Chapter 488 of the Laws of 1976 (Act) and the ordinances of the City adopted subsequent thereto determining the terms, form and detail of issuance of the City's serial bonds and providing for the rights of the holders of said bonds and other obligations of the City (Ordinances). The City's 2011-2012 adopted budget, along with numerous Justificatio  Deocuments, was filed with me on June 27, 2011."

"Based upon my review, the adopted budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012, together with the Justification Documents, is in material compliance with the requirements of the Act and Ordinances."

The Document was signed for NYS Comptroller DiNapoli by Deputy Comptroller Steven J. Hancox

City Council Members, the Honorable Senators Jeffrey Klein, and Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and the Honorable Assemblymen Thomas Abinanti, J. Gary Pretlow, and Mike Spano received notice and copy of the document noted above and the facsimile below. 

Download Amicone2011-2012 budget

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eHeziExclusive: Breaking News – New York State Comptroller’s Review of Yonkers Adopted Budget By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Hopefully the new Mayor will reduce all the citys non essential personal,and bring the PD FD and DPW Dept. up to adequate staffing levels.Thus reducing the overtime, and allow these departments to operate within there budgets.

  2. Bogus is right,the budget is full of anticipated
    revenue that will never materialize. Its to bad
    the State looks at it from simply an accounting
    standpoint and not a realistic one.

  3. With all the corruption in Yonkers government it’s hard to believe how this Comptroller can allow Yonkers to pass these bogus and porous budgets year in, year out.

  4. I can do you one better, anon…Average Joe would have been MUCH better off if the politicians didn’t give the unions the contracts they now curse, and if this gutless mayor had actually sought to renogitate the contracts before he slithers out of office, instead of leaving it to the next guy.

  5. Thankfully that is over, but the result would have been far better for the average Joe in Yonkers if the unions had not been so selfish about hoarding their benefits in outdated contracts.

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