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CALVI_CARLO-Official Letter to the Editor of the Yonkers Tribune:

            In the “Hezitorial” regarding “Modern Day Serfdom in Yonkers” you ask , “Among those who yearn to serve the City of Yonkers, does any one of them have a plan to contend with the financial reality that has consumed Yonkersites?” Specifically, it is presumed, how will the new leader deal with excessive patronage and the proverbial grip that the “friends and family network” has had on Yonkers for years.

            Here’s my view of these matters. To deny the existence of excessive, unnecessary patronage employment in Yonkers would be the same as arguing that there is no waste in the City budgets. Only the members of the “friends and family” network would deny both.

            Who is the largest employer in the City of Yonkers? It’s probably the City of Yonkers. In fact a few days ago I visited the Yonkers Board of Education website. I was surprised to find that the site boasts that YBOE is the “second largest employer in Westchester County” on page II-3.

YBOE employs about 3400 people. Add the job figures of the other City departments and there sure are a lot of jobs that, in one way or another, can be influenced by some politician. Of course, many jobs are on merit, either by civil service or by professional requirements. In any event, politics plays a role in who gets the job in many instances.

While it is wonderful that these numerous jobs exist, one has to wonder what percentage, if any are “pure” patronage, in that they may be either unnecessary or occupied by individuals who receive excessive pay or demonstrate questionable conduct. A few that come to mind are such as the employment of a mayoral aide with a salary reportedly in excess of $100,000 and whom is reported to have had several conflicts with the Yonkers Police Department. Another is the employment of a person, in an executive position, (probably a six figure job also) who is alleged to have been found swimming naked and drinking beer in a neighbor’s pool a few years ago. How and why did these people get their jobs?  Are these jobs necessary? What is the work product of such individuals? Surely it could be produced in a less costly way.  These types of situations make no sense and seem to me to be a total waste of money. They would not exist in my administration as Mayor.

Let’s face it political patronage always has and always will exist. Jobs need to be performed to run the government. Every appointer of a political patronage job goes to trusted people. My criteria for appointing someone to a necessary position are that the person must be “deserving” and “qualified”. “Deserving “means that the person has made an effort to show loyalty & commitment. “Qualified” means “qualified” for the particular job, period. The “qualified” component is the more important of the two.

I do believe that there are an excessive number of discretionary appointments in City Hall. I will identify that excess and eliminate it appropriately.

That would be only a part of my plan to eliminate the “systemic waste” that exists in the City budget and which represents millions of dollars. In doing so, the expenditure side of the budget could be streamlined as opposed to the tax raising habits of many in the past, including my opponents in this Mayoral race. Taxes can and will be brought under control, even though some patronage will continue to exist.

In my administration, there will be no “free for all” attitude in granting of jobs. I personally am not surrounded by people who need to be given jobs to survive. With the exception of the key roles in the administration, for which I have several eminently qualified people in mind, I may conduct a general outreach to the public for qualified people to assist me in running the City and the Mayor’s office.

People need jobs, but they can’t all come from City Hall. To that end, one of my initiatives will be to establish a liaison between private industry in the region and the work force in the City. In other words, my administration will make hands on, vigorous effort to help people seeking jobs to locate them in the private sector. While we are doing so, we will seek to attract meaningful employers to Yonkers through a demonstration of the existence of a good work force.

Compared to the other Mayoral candidates, I’m a piker when it comes to the concept of need for patronage. The Spanos and Martinellis are world renowned for stuffing government with their friends, family and cronies. Murtagh doesn’t seem to promise any change from the status quo. Lesnick is a politician with higher aspirations and lots of patronage plays well to higher aspirations.

I don’t propose to take the bread off the tables of the many by mass firings. However, unnecessary, do nothing, overpaid jobs or those inhabited by the unqualified will be eliminated or changed. I propose to be fair minded when it comes to hiring, with the taxpayers, always in mind.

The author, Carlo Calvi, is a candidate endorsed for Mayor of Yonkers by the Westchester Independence Party. Mr Calvi is engaged in the Yonkers City Republican Committee primary to take place in Septemeber 2011.

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eHeziLetter to the Editor By CARLO CALVI

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  1. Politics has always been a corrupt institution, but egotistical morons like Guilio Cavallo have added a new dimension to the institution of corruption. He has done more illegal political dealing than one can imagine. By the way, he never studied in Bologna, Italy, another one of his lies. Cavallo,still living in a house that doesn’t belong to you. How low can you go. I’d say right about now your below the gutter.
    To all the people of Yonkers, his endorsement of Carlo Calvi for mayor of Yonkers is his final means of trying to get his hands in the pot in Yonkers, and a position for his lady friend (shame on YOU). Carmela wake up!!! Since he hasn’t been able to buy the present mayor, and Astorino had the intergity to stand up for his principles, Cavallo naturally had to endorse Calvi. Calvi, will simply become Cavallo’s puppet. We all know that Cavallo, will be telling Calvi what to do since he doesn’t have the capability,nor experience to lead a city as great as Yonkers. Cavallo is again trying to grasp at straws. If he were smart he would pull the many hats he says he wears over his ears and retreat into the abyss never to be heard from again…the Independent Party couldn’t be so lucky. Smarten up people and divorce yourselves from this political whore. Amazing how the authorities haven’t been able to eliminate such a slime like this. It almost makes me lose faith in the system…but one should never give up hope becaue every dirty, slimy, dog has his day…we all hope to see your downfall. REMEMBER, PAY BACK IS A BITCH!!!!

  2. You all crack me up. All politicians are corrupt, from the highest to the lowest. If you take campaign funds you owe someone. Nobody gives for free.You all bicker back and forth and bash each other as the working middle class get squeezed..In Yonkers it always seems to be trying to pick the lesser of the evil’s

  3. Well if you want to speak about families of candidates and not candidates themselves then yes. Many Spano’s have been convicted of crimes.
    Once again, I don’t see how his brother’s problem has anything to do with him. Is his brother involved in his campaign? Has he ever been arrested? Has he ever raised our taxes? Has he ever taken money from taxpayers or been deceitful in his conduct so he could raise taxes after elected? Has his family ever gotten business through lobbying in the family’s name?
    A resounding no. Let’s discuss Nick’s involvement in Ridge Hill or the raceway and Mike’s lobbying involvement in them. That sounds like a conflict of interest. Indictments are coming down for Fatso and Dumbo very soon.

  4. Well your information seems to be flawed FOOL. Carlo’s brother was indicted well before his brother was ever indicted. Further, he never had any involvements in his brother’s dealings. As far as Richard goes, he is about as honest as a possum. He has continued in his father’s footsteps in raising taxes and making this city almost unlivable. I’m sure he’s just doing Daddy;s bidding though. Big Angelo tells Richard to do something and he does it, a real no-brainer. The people of Yonkers are tired of the entire Martinelli clan and their willingness to raise taxes.

  5. Well I for one will be voting for Richard. He is HONEST first of all, something you can not say about a man who had to resign his council seat because his brother whome he had influence to put in that position went to jail for taking a bribe. There is only one reason for this mindless shrimp for being in the race and that is to hurt Richard and help Murtagh. Thats it.
    Lets hope we can rise above and elect an HONEST man not a man whos own brother was convicted of taking kickbacks.

  6. The childish comments on this article are the product of low intelligence and serve no other purpose than slandering candidate’s names, which is the slimiest form of campaigning. Simply put, no candidate has ever been personally convicted of any crime, so any talk about family member’s arrest (Calvi’s brother) or impending indictments on candidates or candidates family members (the rumored case the gov’t is building against the Spano’s) has no place being discussed. Calvi shouldn’t have to answer for anything his brother did just as the Spnao’s shouldn’t have to answer to anything unless indictments actually do come down.
    What should be being discussed by candidates instead is the future of this city and how one plans to fix the damage that has been done. The only candidate that I have seen put out any useful thoughts on these matters is Calvi. Every other candidate has been silent or only talks about issues that have nothing to do with Yonkers whatsoever. Calvi does well in this article to discuss patronage and how it should be handled in the future in a well though out and meaningful matter. That’s what is important. I’m slowly leaning towards changing my support from Murtagh to Calvi as Mr. Murtagh hasn’t added anything meaningful in quite a while and seems only to be concerned with raising money. Not my cup of tea.

  7. the Calvi family is the crew with a history of breaking the public trust. No Martinelli, Murtaugh or Spano has gone to prison. The Calvi’s have a history of ripping off the taxpayer.

  8. The Federal Government does not work on timelines like low level prosecutors. Unfortunately they don’t care if the indictments come down before or after the mayoral election, what they do care about is that they have an air tight case when it does come down. Precisely why the Federal government has a 99% conviction rate. They’re currently getting all their ducks in a row. Truth is, there is no way the wave of public corruption defendants in the past year plead guilty and got reduced sentence without spilling the beans. The Feds don’t take guilty pleas for reduced sentences unless it comes with info regarding a bigger indictment. Their cases are built so well that they only plea bargain when it comes to getting a “bigger fish”, in this case the Spano boys. Rest assured Preet Baharra is a bulldog and will not let the most corrupt family in Westchesteer county walk away. Whether it’s before or after the election no one knows. It would be nice if it was before so we don’t have to deal with a huge mess if Mike wins and is then indicted.

  9. Why is it taking so long to investigate the Spano family. I cant believe that this family is clean. to me they are the most corrupt, arrogant, family living in Yonkers. The whole family thinks they are above the law.
    I think it time for the office of “ATTORNEY GENERAL” bring this case to light before next years election.

  10. Why were Nicholas and Mike Spano called before a grand jury in regards to the Ridge Hill corruption case?
    Why did The Friends of Nick Spano committee — still spending money four years after he got his ass beat by Stewart-Cousins — pay $27,815 to a criminal defense law firm?
    Are we expected to believe that Nick Spano was not involed in the corruption when his puppet and former chief of staff Anthony Mangone was indicted for it?
    You can bet that Anthony and Sandy are singing like canaries right now and the Spano’s boys don’t sleep well nights waiting for the impending day when the feds kick down the doors.
    But hey you gotta stay positive, at least the stripes would help to hide some of Nick’s fat.

  11. Carlo,
    Were you working for the City as an engineer when your brother was taking the kickbacks?
    No patronage there, I’m sure that you were simply the best.

  12. These comments are more like 3rd graders arguing over the Yankees vs the Mets. A ton of comments and not one factual or intuitive statment in all of that.

  13. Your voting for Rich and that is your right. However, that is no reason to engage in slandering other candidates. You sound very childish. You have that typical Yonkers “my gang can beat your gang mentality” which has caused this city to deteriorate.

  14. What the heck does his brother’s problem have to do with him. That’s like blaming Richard for the clock and many, many other things that went down under his father’s stewardship.
    P.S. How about the Chamber deal with Jeris? Should we blame Richard for that?

  15. First Carlo is in bed with the Spano’s now he receives contracts from Phil???
    Sounds like typical scumbag political manuevers. Classic.

  16. Carlo owns a real estate business, what contracts would he receive through Phil my pcokets?
    I await the FOIL’s even though I’m extremely confident that they don’t exist. HEZI CAN YOU SHED LIGHT ONTO THESE SO CALLED FOIL’s and perhaps remove these egregious and false claims when they are proven to be untrue?
    Typical Spano/Martinelli Moves

  17. this is the same councilman calvi thats brother was pic ked up and sent to prison for taking a bribe. please we dont need ur family in charge crooks!!!
    Richard is a hard working dedicated and HONEST man. I vote for rich

  18. Amicone feeds Carlo’s business more contracts than any city worker’s salary. Calvi is a snake that whored himself out for the Independence Party line.
    Carlo will come clean about his company doing business with Yonkers under Amicone. FOILs are on their way!

  19. Great work Mr. Calvi. Don’t listen to the haters. Just scared people worried about losing their cushy patronage jobs by sucking WE THE PEOPLE’S TIT. I’m glad a candidate finally had the balls to call them out on it and not put out phony press releases about nonsense.

  20. With the large salaries mentioned in
    these comments. One has to wonder if
    Phil has not been taking care of his
    people secretly while crying poverty
    to the Unions. Some have now gone three
    years without a contract.

  21. From April 2007 Hezi article:
    This is why we can’t have Spano or Martinelli!
    Unsuspectingly, Yonkers was soon to be roused from its revelry by a week-long dissemination of Jereis’ recent employment at the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce (YCoC) by its President, Kevin Cacace, who made public Jereis’ $100,000 a year salary with the YCoC. Before anyone could take a second breath, the revelation took on legs. Former Senator Nick Spano was “outed” for delivering $175,000 of “pork” as a grant. When questioned about the grant, former Senator Spano disassociated any knowledge of how the funds would be spent by the YCoC. It was revealed within days that former Senator Spano had indeed specified the grant be used to pay the salary of Jereis, and also to partially pay the salary and the benefits package of Jeanne Martinelli, wife of the Honorable Yonkers City Court Chief Justice Michael Martinelli, and daughter-in-law of former Mayor Angelo Martinelli.

  22. Really, you really are on target. Carlo Calvi warned about this financial mess when he was on the CC. No one listened. The same thugs that are throwing stones then, are at it again.

  23. Really, you really are on target. Carlo Calvi warned about this financial mess when he was on the CC. No one listened. The same thugs that are throwing stones then, are at it again.

  24. Really, you really are on target. Carlo Calvi warned about this financial mess when he was on the CC. No one listened. The same thugs that are throwing stones then, are at it again.

  25. BTW, if you have been following this site for any time you would know that it’s “city haul” Why do you think it’s in quotes? Are you claiming to have a degree in psychiatry? Notice you did not deny being a “city haul” parasite.

  26. If that’s a definition that fits Carlo then this is a perfect one for Mike “The Puppet” Spano.
    Definition: GED stands for General Educational Development.
    You may have heard people refer to the GED as the General Educational Diploma or the General Equivalency Diploma, but these are incorrect. GED is actually the process of earning the equivalent of your high school diploma, which is called a GED certificate or credential.
    Say NO to SpaNO if you’re sick of city HAUL

  27. its silly season in Yonkers again
    the goons and players are out again………
    Just wait till September…..
    When do we get real candidates to take us out of this 50 year nasty morass?
    yes its spelled CITY HAUL

  28. Just because calvi has engineering and legal degrees does not mean he cannot have a Napoleon Complex. One has nothing to do with the other.
    And by the way, City Haul is spelled City H A L L genius.

  29. Calvi is Spano’s spoiler. Jam up the GOP and the contracts will keep flowing. The same business that Amicone keeps kicking Carlo.
    He ain’t little, he’s a Spano Brother. Follow the money trail.

  30. Hey Carlo, you also have to make them work for their money. No 3 hour days like the Garbage men, or work 2 days off 5 like the firefighters.
    It’s time to roll up those sleeves and work.

  31. Carlo may be short in stature, but your short on brains. Carlo is an engineer and lawyer while you are most likely a “city haul” hack.

  32. Really? Where has any candidate been in the past 10 years?
    John Murtagh – Raising your Taxes
    Richard Martinelli – Not one peep nor one Republican convention attended
    Obviously when people take a leave of abence from public life, they desire a time to enjoy their personal time and not be involved in politics and rightfully so. So consider all 3 candidates and ask the same question. Obviously a mayoral candidtae will speak his mind because exactly that, he is a mayoral candidate. What would a press release from private citizen Carlo Calvi have done in the last 10 years and who would have published it? No one.
    My suggestion is that fi you like Joan that much then Carlo is your man. Same values, principles and beliefs.

  33. If Mike is elected Mayor, he will help solve the unemployment in Yonkers. He will make sure his Family is 100% employed. working for the City of Yonkers. and us poor taxpayers, will be footing the bill…
    enough with the Spanos

  34. It’s hilarious how the Spano supporters have nothing meaningful to offer to any conversation regarding the future and finances of this city other than comments about Carlo’s height or John Murtagh’s head. Nothing but goons, which in essence reveals the character of the Spano themselves who will shortly be indicted by the Federal government. What will the cronies do then?
    FED up with the Spano tactics

  35. Another shameful b.s. postion is held by ex Judge Fitzgerald for $175K or so performing “Special Projects” for the Yonkers PD while the manpower remains dangerously short in the entire east side. Another favor granted by John Spencer, another needless position.
    Carlo: When you worked for the Yonkers Building Dept way, way back, was your position advertised for the general public to apply ????
    And FYI: The One Stop Center already engages in job placement for the non city hall unemployed.
    Off Topic: Which crack head editor from the Journal news wrote the pro-Schwartz editorial today??? Could not beleive what I was reading, the newspaper has hit a new low in endorsing this guy.

  36. tough talk from a guy that’s in Dr Cavallo’s shirt pocket. who the hell is he trying to fool!?!?
    show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Calvi’s in bed with the bottom of the barrel.

  37. Thanks for the site to check salaries.
    Phil’s chief of staff, Lisa Mrijaj makes more money per year than he does??? And this makes sense how?
    But hold on – we have a new leader of the pack, John Meyer makes $170,000 per year
    Let’s have a contest, winner is the person who finds and posts the highest paid employee in City HAUL. Meyer is currently top on the list.

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