Mayor Amicone Maintains Silence Over Men’s Shelter to be Built Near McLean Avenue By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicature Bronx Borough President Diaz Requests Federal Intervention Over Muller Center Dispute

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., addressed a letter to federal authorities in which he asserts New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has blatantly sidestepped standard protocol to determine the adaptive reuse for the now vacant Muller Army Reserve Center in the Wakefield section of The Bronx abutting the southern border of the City of Yonkers. At issue is Diaz’s allegation that Bloomberg is promoting his own agenda by the creation of a 200-bed men’s homeless shelter at the center.

Based upon President Diaz’s characterization of disregard of public sentiment by Mayor Bloomberg, President Diaz asked the two agencies with purview over approving the Muller Center plan, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEM), to reject Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to use the facility for a men’s homeless shelter. President Diaz also asked the two agencies to "convene a meeting amongst the parties to determine how, if possible, a conforming submission could still be provided."

If this doesn't happen, Diaz says, "I will have no choice but to pursue legal action."

Yonkers Mayor Philip Amicone sent a letter to Mayor Bloomberg urging his administration to reconsider its "seriously flawed" shelter plan because of the negative impact it would have on Yonkers. The Muller Center is located approximately 82 yards south of The Bronx/ Yonkers border. “

“Astonishingly," Mayor Amicone writes, the mayor's plan "makes no mention of the proposed facility's possible effects on our City nor our residents. For this reason alone, the plan to locate a homeless shelter at the Muller facility is seriously flawed and should be reconsidered."

Notice of Mayor Bloomberg’s plans for a homeless shelter near The Bronx/ Yonkers border has been kept under wraps by Yonkers Mayor Amicone, by Yonkers City Councilman Dennis Shepherd of the 4th District, and Justin Tubiolo, just one of many prominent vocal members of The Hyatt Neighborhood Association.

When is Yonkers supposed to learn about this situation? After it’s a done deal?

Must Yonkers be kept ignorant of the prospect of a men’s homeless shelter only yards from one of our must lucrative business and residential districts by Mayor Amicone, Councilman Shepherd, and The Hyatt Neighborhood Association. One would have thought Mayor Amicone would have come to our defense, but no, he impotently takes a swing at Mayor Bloomberg and retreats from the scene, keeping Yonkers in the dark. Following orders from Mayor Amicone, Councilman Shepherd does likewise. The Hyatt Neighborhood Association has likewise revealed its impotence by saying nothing? 

President Ruben Diaz, Jr. has shown himself the defender of Yonkers’ concerns better than Mayor Amicone.

Yonkers City Hall has chosen not to respond to our inquiry.

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eHeziMayor Amicone Maintains Silence Over Men’s Shelter to be Built Near McLean Avenue By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Because the only thing this vintage robot can shove down our throats is his “dead democratic” tag line. He isn’t at all challenged to respond to his questionable rhetoric. Just ignore him. He obviously is afraid to answer to his own statements which simply makes him a pitiable relic.

  2. Hey Jack – who caused the disaster in Yonkers?
    Hitler, Stalin, Barney Frank or Andrew Cuomo?
    Once again, you retreat to your fantasy world when it comes to the situation in Yonkers.
    And once again, in one paragraph, you contradict yourself. Why don’t you ever read what you write before you post it?

  3. The Democratic Party ,created the “Homeless Shelters” by ending the treatment in mental institutions for those who cannot function in society for themselves.The Democratic Party, created the crime conditions in low-income public housuing by ending all screening of applicants and ending evictions for families of criminals in the projects.In the world of common sense families that are renting are responsible for the actions of all its family members. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  4. The Hyatt Association has been in the forefront of maintaining, enhancing and yes, defending our community for over a quarter of a century. The responder who made reference to the “jerks of the Hyatt Association” is entitled to express his/her opinion regardless of the lack of a factual basis for this pejorative remark. This person is equally entitled to display a lack of maturity, a lack of eloquence, a lack of good vocabulary and a lack of good judgment.
    However, Mr. Aziz is supposed to be a professional journalist. Apparently, Hezi either forgot or never learned in Journalism 101 that a fundamental tenet of professional journalism is to check “facts”, confirm the “facts” before printing a story. Hezi’s withering ignorance of the numerous measures of opposition that the Hyatt Association has implemented to the saturation of the neighboring Wakefield Community with homeless shelters is shameful. These measures are listed in the response of Larry Wilson, President of the Hyatt Association. In closing, Hezi’s ignorance embodies a disappointing and totally unacceptable lack of professionalism.

  5. Jack, to change your depends and try and come up with an actual answer, sans “the only good democrat is a defeated Democrat”, to answer the throngs who have tried, in vain, to get you to address one, just one, challenge to the Republicans who have destroyed the City of Hills.

  6. Bush’s 2001 & 2003 tax cuts are the second major cause of the deficit. The recession that started because of his policies during his tenure are the first.
    During Bush’s tenure job creation was minimal.
    His own director of the CBO said that the Bush tax cuts did not create jobs and disproportionally benefited the rich.
    You are so blind that you can’t see that the GOP controlled the whole country for 6 straight years and yet somehow couldn’t fix anything that your made-up bogeyman Andrew Cuomo did.
    In Yonkers we’ve had 16 years of your heroes running the government and killing the city.
    I know – I know – it’s FDR and Hitler and Stalin to blame for Yonkers’ problems – poor Spencer/Amicone.

  7. Let me repeat the facts:The lowering of credit standards for home mortgages started in 1996 under Clinton/Rubin,Andrew Cuomo and that created the housing bubble that led to the present crash and unemployment.George W. bush and Cheney savedthe countrys economy after the 9/11 attacks that crippled all airline travel.Herbert Hoover was not responsible for the 1929 crash and FDR did not get us out of the depression.The war started by the German socialist leader Adolph Hitler and the marxist USSR Stalin ended the depression.Those are the facts, but leftists never let facts get in the way of their anti-capitalist propaganda.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  8. Hey Jack – at least you are consistent. Whenever someone points out that you misconstrued history, you rant and rave and make inane remarks that have no place in a logical discussion.
    But most consistent of all is that you run away over and over refusing to answer questions.
    The fact that the GOP ran our country (into the ground) for almost six years and that the president at that time was a Republican (Bush 43)somehow gets obliterated from your memory banks. You are not only a coward – you are blind.

  9. Councilman Shepherd attends all Hyatt Community meetings. As our councilman, we ask him for updates on all issues and he takes questions from the floor. Since all of the decision making on this proposal takes place in New York City, we share information, as we always have.
    Thanks for your interest
    Larry Wilson
    Hyatt Association

  10. Hey Jack – look at what you wrote about the homeless. It is made up history. When challenged, you start ranting about something else.
    Look up Hoovervilles.
    What were they?
    Who was president?
    Man up for one second if that is at all possible.

  11. It was the reckless credit of the Roaring Twenties that created the Great Depression ,not Herbert Hoover.It was Adolp Hitler and his communist allies invading Poland that drove the money wealth and intellectual wealth of Europe to America, that ended the American depression and not the than six years in office of the FDR central planners.Where are the work for food demonstrators with two years of nine percent unemployment and growing, under the supreme misleader?The leftist work for food demonstrators were out in full force during the first Bill Clinton campaign with lower unemployment than we have today.Perhaps the leftist party publications The NYTimes and JNews might want to investigate.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  12. Thank you for your coverage of the proposed 200 bed homeless shelters planned for the Muller Army Reserve Center, and directly across the street at 4380 Bronx Blvd.(100 beds). As you know, these shelters are a few hundred yards from our neighborhood and are a major threat to the well being of our community.
    The Hyatt Association of southeast Yonkers has had Community meetings about this issue since November of 2009. Hyatt volunteers, along with volunteers from the Woodlawn Taxpayers Association and the Wakefield Taxpayers Association began circulating petitions to oppose these shelters in early 2010. Fox 5 New York ran coverage on this back on October 1, 2010, and the volunteers of the Hyatt Association have corresponded with every elected official on the horizon to examine how we can stop this plan. Congressman Engel, Senator Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Spano addressed 120 attendees of the Hyatt Community meeting on this subject on October 21, 2010.
    Although there has been extensive media coverage from Bronx based news outlets on this issue, we regret that there has been little coverage in the press on this side of the border. The Hyatt Association has identified this issue as a one of epic proportions in terms of negative impacts on our community. We welcome any coverage that we can get on this, but have no control over editorial decisions regarding coverage by the media. We continue our community work as volunteers to protect our neighborhood, any coverage that you could provide would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Larry Wilson
    Hyatt Association

  13. This country spends billions of dollars for the care of combat veterans in hospitals and nursing/rehab homes along with military disability pensions.”there has been talk”,Give us the names of those officials and the amount of disabled combat veterans in that area who would be served and why they are not being served by the Veterans Administration.Yes I am a veteran(korean) along with my late father(WW11),my brother in Vietnam and one of my sons.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  14. Jack – it must be great living in a world where you can make up your own history.
    Have you ever heard of Hoovervilles?

  15. Mr. Treacy there has been talk that the Army Reserve Center would house specifically veteran’s-you know about the effects of combat on our men and women-don’t you Treacy.

  16. Another point of interest is that the bldg directly across the street from the center the City of New York wants to house another 100 homless people and on E.232nd St between White Plains Rd and Carpenter Ave they want to house another 60 or so homeless people . The City of New York also wants to construct an HIV housing facilty in the area of E. 242nst St & White Plains Rd-most of this information has been news for the past several years-then again you jerks in the Hyatt Association voted for this incompetent Councilman.

  17. The leftist agenda created the “homeless” population.The “homeless” are a population of people that should be confined to an upstate rural institution, until they can be cured of what ails them which is usually drugs and alchohol.The homeless shelters are populated with drug addicts with long criminal records who are a danger to shoppers,small store owners and residents.New York didn’t have a homeless problem until the 1960s leftists closed up the mental institutions, with the absurd reasoning if people are not a danger to themselves or others they must be released and than taken care of with shelter,food and medicine where ever they end up in the cities.There should be also a mental facility for the looney left who advocate this insanity.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  18. It is not even possible to have it in Yonkers. It is a property in NYC. It’s amazing to me that we can be in court for years, by another municipality, if we try to open a supermarket but NYC can open a homeless shelter and we have no say?

  19. It is not even possible to have it in Yonkers. It is a property in NYC. It’s amazing to me that we can be in court for years, by another municipality, if we try to open a supermarket but NYC can open a homeless shelter and we have no say?

  20. It is not even possible to have it in Yonkers. It is a property in NYC. It’s amazing to me that we can be in court for years, by another municipality, if we try to open a supermarket but NYC can open a homeless shelter and we have no say?

  21. This facility is across a long bridge with very little foot traffic. Hyatt should be grateful it’s not in Woodlawn. This neighborhood has double police coverage, NYPD and YPD. It’s better than having it in Yonkers.

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