Mayor Amicone’s Statement Over NYS Supreme Court Ruling Demanding Yonkers Federation of Teachers Comply with Inspector General’s Subpoena

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Amicone_Phil-postulating w hand Yonkers, NY — The following is an official statement by Mayor Phil Amicone regarding the ruling issued on Tuesday, July 26, 2011, by Judge William J. Giacomo of the New York State Supreme Court ordering the Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) Welfare Fund to comply with the Yonkers Inspector General subpoena for documents by this Friday, July 29 at Noon.

"I fully support and am pleased with the court's decision to force the teachers union to do what they should have been doing all along, cooperating with the Inspector General's audit, ensuring transparency and aimed at saving taxpayer money.

"The YFT's leadership has at best been a roadblock every step of the way, and at worse has been deceitful and disingenuous with its public statements and actions. The teachers union has now been ordered three separate times to comply with the Inspector General's request and each time they have refused. They should be ashamed for wasting so much of the

city's time and resources especially considering the current fiscal crisis facing the school district. 

"Unfortunately, this recklessness is nothing new for the leadership of the teachers union. Their same behavior derailed a bipartisan plan to save teachers' jobs and education programs during last month's budget negotiations. Now hundreds have lost their jobs and the students will suffer." 

-Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone

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eHeziMayor Amicone’s Statement Over NYS Supreme Court Ruling Demanding Yonkers Federation of Teachers Comply with Inspector General’s Subpoena

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  1. Teachers need to keep our students challenged and interested in coming to school. Our students are in our schools from 8:30 to 3:00 and sometimes longer if they have targeted instruction. If a teacher can not teach a child to read in a 6 hour day, then we have a problem and it’s not the parents. Our problems are also within the administration and their dysfunctional operation of our school system. The prek-8 configuration has overcrowded our schools. Elimination of reading teachers, lack of early screening of children, incompetent administrators and a superintendent that lacks the knowledge on how to best serve our schools is key to the demise of our schools. Pierorazio is into spinning the truth and shuffling students from one building to another. So you see, the problem is systemic. Pat is just your union leader not the educational leader of the Yonkers Public School System. That person is Pierorazio. Blame him for our problems.

  2. No it’s not stupid. There is an attack on Teachers, Health workers and the like by republicans in this county. These are mainly women, who are been picked on by REPUBLICAN men.
    Now you never see Phil, picking on the DPW, the fore and police like he does on education. It also shows his values. He would rather pick on women and is scared of the men in the other unions.

  3. i wood lyke too tank al my techers inn yonkeers four my edumacation youse maid me da mans dat i am twoday. Youse are da best i hope youse get a raze

  4. Taxpayer, there are a few teachers that just coast and they are the ones who are just there for a check. The majority of teachers do put in the work and give their all to the students. Its hard to get the scores we want when the parents do not put in the effort at home. How is a student supposed to pass when they only show up a couple of times a week? How is a student supposed to pass when their paents dont help with homework or show up for meetings about their child? Think about that before you blame the teachers that do care and do everyting they can for their students. Puleo is only out for herself. She is not a good leader and everytime she opens her mouth she makes the teachers look bad. Stop sticking up for your buddy and realize she is just as corrupt as everone else in Yonkers.

  5. I believe that the BOE also lost it’s case and had to comply with the subpoena from the IG. The only difference here is that Pierorazio does whatever the mayor wants and the mayor wanted the books to be closed to the IG Zissman. Amicone is pissed that the teachers did not bend to his arm twisting and is using Schorr to intimidate teachers. Let him cut City Hall jobs.

  6. The teachers have destroyed the Yonkers Schools with their poor performance The ELA and Math scores will be coming out soon and my guess is that there will be many, many more SINI schools. teachers have to stop putting their feet up They are their own worst enemy. Pat will not give away what has already been negotiated with give backs. Teachers that have lost their jobs need to move on or wait to be called back. Stop whining.

  7. Pat Puleo is just as corrupt as everyone else in Yonkers. She fixed the union election and lies to the YFT membership constantly. She has a had major hand in helping destroy the Yonkers Schools.

  8. This is so lame of Pierorazio/Amicone. It is all about muscling the teachers into giving up their contractual benefits. Dream on……it won’t work. Amicone don ‘t let the door hit you in the a**.

  9. What difference does it matter how the teachers spend their welfare money? The city is going to pay x amount of dollars per teacher each year according to their union contract with the city. Whether they buy eyeglasses or throw huge parties it doesnt matter, its still for the welfare of the teachers.

  10. You can use the same statement to describe the actions of this Mayor and this BOE in regards to then IG Zisman’s attempt to audit the books of the BOE, which the BOE went to court to block, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees. C’mon Amicone, as the most corrupt and volatile do nothing Mayor this city has had in years, people in glass houses should never throw stones. Financial difficulties when the economy was booming, teacher layoffs dating back to 2002, budget shortfalls, there has been no way of balancing budgets except your “one shots” and state bailouts. You have continually underfunded the “children” your entire administration. You are a failure and we say good rid dens in November my friend. Everything is personal to you, remember the “terrorist” monicker towards teachers a few years ago. Phil, you have shown no leadership during these legit tough economic times, but as the boy that cried wolf syndrome the state has finally said NO to bailing out your mismanaged administration. A real leader would have solved this mess, but I will not tip my hand as what I would have done if I was Mayor. I definite would have cut your friends and family network and led by true example, with real sacrifice from everyone. I would certainly have not given a huge raise to the superintendent and then come to the workforce to balance your budget. I also would not have entry level supervisors earning more than 300k in annual salary. So this statement makes me laugh Phil, as do many of yours, but like I said Good Riddance…November will be here soon enough.

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