Murtagh’s Campaign Literature Deceives Voters by Historical Rewrite By HEZI ARIS

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Murtagh_0022-2007-Headshot1 Ehezi_charicature Yonkers City Council Minority Leader and 2011 Republican mayoral candidate John Murtagh in literature dated July 17, 2011, “applauded the recent NYS Supreme Court Ruling that stipulated the Yonkers Inspector General had the right to audit the books and records of the Teacher's Welfare Fund.” So far so good. Murtagh’s perspective becomes “untrue” when it is stated, “Councilman Murtagh has taken the lead on the Council in demanding accountability from the Board of Education and from municipal unions.” [Editor’s Note: If Murtagh “did take a lead,” why did he drop the ball by voting for Mayor Amicone’s Proposed FY 2010-2011 Budget when as he writes, “The so-called Welfare Fund is a discretionary fundmandated by the Teacher's Union contract. The fund costs Yonkers taxpayers millions of dollars annually but operates without any supervision or oversight from City Hall.”] [Another Editor’s Note: That being the case, why has Murtagh not introduced legislation or demand correction prior to the approval of the proposed budget?] Murtagh continues, “Despite being funded by the taxpayers the taxpayers were not permitted to know how the money was being spent.” [Editor’s Note: Duh, the facts were known for months. What did Murtagh do about it? Nothing, zero, nada. Is that the rationale for the historical re-writing now?].

[Editor’s Note: Murtagh did not stand his ground and demand the books to the Teacher’s Welfare Fund be opened to the public prior to his voting for a budget that was based on a lack of information. He chose to vote for the budget despite being ignorant of 55 percent of a budget over which he signed on in approval.]

Murtagh continues his historical rewrite by claiming it was he who encouraged Yonkers Inspector General Dan Schorr to audit “the books of the Fund.” Were Murtagh so proud to encourage the spineless I.G. Schorr, why did he not make his encouragement public? Even if Murtagh’s encouraging words were uttered, what does it say of Murtagh if his skills of encouragement fall on deaf ears. Murtagh must take some responsibility for being ineffectual in his abilities to cajole I.G. Schorr to do the right thing. 

Perhaps Murtagh’s inability to guide I.G. Schorr is indicative of Murtagh pandering to the Republican Party rather than for the benefit of what is proper, right, and beneficial for Yonkersites overall.

When the union known as the Yonkers Federation of Teachers “sued to prevent an audit claiming the taxpayers had no right to review how the taxpayer's money was being used,” did Murtagh have his legal eagle wings clipped and then his beak silenced by Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone? What kept Murtagh silent all this time? Why did Murtagh not convince I.G. Schorr to immediately challenge the YFT convincingly by legal remedy? Was that Murtagh’s deficiency showing or Schorr’s, or both? How long this process have taken. It is now over a year in being discussed and still no books handed over to the Inspector General for audit. Is that because Mayor Amicone doesn’t want the truth exposed about the books under his watch?

"In the case of the Welfare Fund we are talking about millions of taxpayer dollars that go to the school system each year but which never reach the classrooms and never benefit the children," Murtagh stated. "These millions are nothing but a personal benefit for the adults who run the system and add nothing to the students' education.  That in itself makes this a questionable use of taxpayer money.  Then, when union leaders try to hide how that money is being spent, the red flags really go up."

[Editor’s Note: Murtagh is correct, the flags are raised. Mine are still up, why are his now not even flying half-mast? Pure political impotence! Perhaps it is now even too late for the little blue pill.]

"In a system where hundreds are being laid off, vital programs are being cut and nearly 1/3 of the high school students do not graduate in four years, it is shameful that the union leadership and the Trustee's of the welfare fund were even fighting disclosure of how taxpayer money is being spent." [Editor’s Note: Valid issues that should have been expressed within a proper timeframe, that is, before the budget was passed. Instead, Murtagh chose to tow Mayor Amicone’s game plan to mire the public in hocus pocus, and  mindless deceptive discussion of non starter gimmicks to con Albany into accepting another deficit ridden budget that will fail before the year is out. Murtagh could have voted no on the budget and served Yonkersites by awaiting the audit being made public. He chose to kiss *ass instead. Will anyone ever see the fund books? This seems more a game than an interest in righting wrongs. Murtagh’s interest is half-hearted. Were it not, all of Yonkers would have known about it by now!]

Murtagh concluded, "I applaud the Court for having the wisdom to see through this charade and I applaud our Inspector General for insisting on his right to protect the taxpayer' money.  The good, hardworking teachers who really do want to make a difference, the parents who want the best for their kids and the students themselves deserve nothing less." [Editor’s Note: In reality, Murtagh should be applauding former Inspector General Phil Zisman who initiated the challenge. I.G. Schorr succeeded Zisman. The court ruled in favor of Zisman’s challenge. All Schorr had to do was receive the books. Schorr personally advised me in July of 2010 that he would receive the books in August of 2010. It is now mid July 2011 and he still has not gotten the books in question. The reality is that Schorr is a scam; so is Mayor Phil Amicone a scam artist. They are both waiting for time to run out on the Amicone’s administration’s clock. 

[Editor’s Note: Yonkersites demand and need resolutions and solutions to issues that plague our ability to move forward. More platitudes offered inept department heads are a waste of time and garner no accolades for those applauded inappropriately and are of little value for those who make believe they are worthy of notice for their ineptitude.] 

Yonkersites want the truth not another fairy tale.

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eHeziMurtagh’s Campaign Literature Deceives Voters by Historical Rewrite By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Murtagh is not Mayoral material, neither is Martinelli. Martinelli’s biggest negative is the obvious fact that Liam Mclaughlin will be deputy mayor or play some other major role in the mayor’s office.
    Once that gets around, Richie is finished once and for all.
    That’s not to forget that Kathy Spring & Johhny Spender will have the heys to City Hall again.

  2. calvi hasn’t even complied with the new york state
    election law in terms of filing his campaign statements
    talk about a lack of transparency? Martinelli has
    raised 142,000 that is a lot of primary money..the
    problem for him is that Murtaugh appears to be the
    choice of the party regulars..unless martinelli can
    convince them that the only way for a republican
    to win is for martinelli to win the republican primary
    because he will be the only one with the conservative
    party line…something that in yonkers is absolutely
    essnential for a republican to have to win…then
    mr spano is your next mayor…and other than press
    releases from martinelli bragging about his fund
    raising prowess I see nothing to indicate that
    he is making the only political argument that can
    win him the primary election..he needs to get on

  3. hahaha! Murtagh kick anybody’s ass? That’ll be the day…he is the epitome of a candyass…to put it bluntly, he is “bitchy”.

  4. Hezi doesn’t work for any political candidate. That’s what makes this site so great. He calls it as he sees it. The fact that he has the balls to expose a person trying to take credit for things he has never done or be involved with is why I follow it.
    The truth is, while Murtagh tries to play the martyr of being a good, “honest” politician he has increase our taxes over 50% during his time on the council. The man doesn’t have brains enough to think of alternative ways to raise funds for the city other than taxing the common man. He is Phil’s puppet and if elected will continue completely in Phil’s footsteps.
    For me, the only candidate on the Republican line is Carlo Calvi. He is the only one with a record of voting against tax increases. Murtagh is a ditbag liar and his mailer makes that evident, as Hezi pointed out. And Martinelli follows suit coming from a family of career politicians that have done nothiong but raise taxes as well. Not to mention he also blatantly lies in his mailers, but Hezi will expose that soon enough. Including Richard himself voting for every tax increase in his time on the council and as city council president.
    Now I’m sure that you have been promised a sweetheart job by Murtagh and that’s why you post such untrue and egregious claims here, to try and fool people, but WE THE TAXPAYERS are sick of this nonsense and all of the politicians that talk out of both side of their mouths.
    My vote’s for Calvi

  5. Oh Liam, stop bashing Murtagh just because he kicked your ass at every turn. Same group of haters who muddied up the race and cut deals wt the Spanos.
    Liars and scallywags!

  6. Hezi,
    How about this direct quote from Murtagh’s facebook.
    “For over a year I’ve been insisting on the right of our City Inspector General to audit the Teacher’s Union “Welfare fund”. The union sued but yesterday the court ruled in our favor saying the taxpayer’s had a right to know how their money was spent. We need to keep pushing this agenda of open, honest, transparent government but we need your help! Please consider a donation by clicking the link now.”
    It’s amazing how this guy can just pander and try to take credit for other people’s work while of course never forgetting to mention the word Donate. Too many politicians are concerned with raising their own funds and not the issues. Precisely why this mayoral race is such a mess right now.
    Perhaps Mr. Murtagh would be wise to heed the advice that the GOP has been directing towards him which is simply…get out, you can’t win. Must really hurt when your own party doesn’t believe in you.

  7. excuse me, but what don’t you get about the analyis of the hypocrisy of Murtagh’s boasting of having taken the lead in this issue? Exactly how do you take the lead when you vote on every budget that comes before you and say nothing when things are heating up? Your statement clearly says that a phony and fruad is better than someone saying nothing. Typical Murtagh supporter.

  8. Spanos and Martinellis are families tied to massive corruption, graft criminal activity and bad government. Anyone but those 2!!!

  9. Say what you want about Murtagh, but since this is the political season:
    Wat has Lesnick done about this problem – absoluely nothing. The same smarmy rudderless leadership as always.
    What have we heard from Martinelli to specifically address this? Nothing.
    Calvi? Who cares. Looks and acts like a toad.
    Sapno? Too busy partnering with cooling centers and avoiding saying anything so how would we know what Nick wants him to say?
    So you may not like what Murtagh has said, and naturally Hezi’s analysis is always 100% correct (unlikely), but at least there is SOMETHING on the record. Agree or not, up to you..

  10. I may be wrong, but if the YFT contract with the city states the city must pay x amount of money per teacher into the union welfare fund, each year, then why does it matter how the union spends the money. They could take every union member to Disneyland for all I care, it does not change how much money the city is contributing. If the IG were to audit the books of the BOE, which spends city funding, then that is a different matter.

  11. Wow 24 hours without another useless Mike Spano press release and another NON solution puff piece from Martinelli and Calvi.
    I may have to support Lesnick.
    he may pander but he does so transparantly and he doesn’t have a big family (or family business) to reward.
    Sad sad Yonkers!!

  12. Nothing new here. Same old Murtagh. Same old politician. He’s a lawyer and therefore he thinks he’s smarter than the rest of us. Let’s all not forget that he will be remembered for saying that nobody sends their kids to public school in his district so the education issue is not relevant to him. He’s so clever he’s not going to be the next Mayor.
    His duplicity and smugness which have brought him down.
    The greatest part about his position is that he is admitting that he did not do his due dillegence oon the budget, and therefore could be taken to court by the taxpayer for this fraud. No point in closing the gate when the horse has bolted, and this has been this guy’s MO form day one. The only one on the council that has not left themselves open to legal challenge on the budget is Joan.
    The saddest comment on this election, is that there is not one of the horses that you can put your monry on. They are all $hit. Everyone of them. Pandering ot the police and fire and deamonizing the schools, whinh none of them send their kids to.
    Different day, same old $hit.

  13. Martinelli takes support from the Fire Union and the teamsters who promissed support “through the primaries!!!!
    DUMMY-they go for Mike Spano immediately after and leave you like a former virgin on prom night.
    F$^&ed and confused after the uarterback left to drink with his friends at the beach.
    Martinelli = Union’s bitch!

  14. You want deceptive, take a look at Martinelli’s mailer.
    Looks like his kids are still little – LIE
    Says no career polititions – He was Council Pres and his Dad was Mayor Couldn’t get a family more immersed in Yonkers Politics other than the Spanos!! LIES
    Lies about his professional accomplishments.
    Lies about his “vision” of the future.
    He even stole Murtagh’s logo!
    Martinelli = lies and old time bad politics!!

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