Red Light Cameras in Yonkers

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Red-light-cameras Midland Avenue @ Bronx River Road (near 7-11 toward Fleetwood, Mount Vernon)


CPA NB @ Crisfield Street (Nathan’s Famous)


CPA NB @ Fort Hill Avenue (Oakley’s Car Wash)


CPA NB @ Roxbury Drive (Chase Bank and Luciano's)


CPA NB @ Sadore Lane


CPA NB @ Arlington Street (by Will library)


CPA NB @ Yonkers Avenue (near Yonkers Raceway)


South Broadway @ Ludlow Street


McLean Avenue @ Kimball Avenue (by Kozy Corner Diner and the HSBC bank)


Riverdale Avenue @ Prospect Street (on the way to the Pizza Place near 



Nepperhan Avenue @ Ashburton Avenue


Warburton Avenue @ Ashburton Avenue


McLean Avenue @ Putnam Avenue (near Shell gasoline station before the entrance to the Saw Mill River Parkway South)


Nepperhan Avenue @ Odell Avenue (near A& P)


McLean Avenue @ Park Hill Avenue


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eHeziRed Light Cameras in Yonkers

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  1. I’ll never shop in Yonkers again. The traffic numbers are down on Central Park Avenue due to the unfriendly welcome we are given when we travel to the stores. Ask any of the businesses there. The city is just installing these cameras to steer people over to that Ridge Hill project and to pick your pocket at the same time. I was traveling on Central Park and made a left to get a hot dog and wasn’t going fast enough so I got a 50 dollar ticket. Who ever voted for this program of Robot ticket machines should be voted out. About 10 states already have banned them. The fact is that although side impact crashes are decreased, rear end crashes have increased dramatically. Look up the AAA findings on traffic light cameras. The company that lobbied for these cameras are backed by Goldman Sachs.
    A portion of the ticket you pay goes to them… It’s a money grab. The city is picking your pockets and driving customers away. Look at all of the failing businesses on Central Avenue…

  2. Hartnett wants the public to
    think under his watch that his
    NYC tactics has crime under
    control. He could manipulate
    his CONstat figures in his favor.
    But any cop who works in the YPD
    knows this is a farce.

  3. {osting # 7-Carlo,
    FYI: The “Yonkers Isn’t Safe” page on facebook is good for local crime updates, especially burglaries. Ask the Commissioner why he won’t post all this on the YPD site as is done in many other communities such as orlando and Coral Springs, FL.

  4. actually, like it or not, Spano is the only candidate tht does not have baggage at a local level. Both Lesnick and Murtagh voted for a 14.97% tax increase in 2006 – absolutely unscionable.

  5. Martinelli, are you smoking crack? He was a rubber stamper for developers and allowed the culture of overtime abuse to flourish while in government. He’s the last one we need.

  6. I totally agree with this post, We need to Stop this abuse of OT ,padding their pensions. OT should NOT be included into Pensions. Pensions should be base on “BASE SALARIES ALONE”
    And your Quote about “WE need a Good Mayor to put an end to this nonsense. Unfortunately, I don’t see any candidates who will stop this. the best thing we can hope for, is voting in someone who will curtail this. Spano to me, will GIVE the city away..right now I’m leaning towards Calvi. but would rather see a Martinelli

  7. First things first, stop with the crying about police overtime. Con-Ed can hire who they want and it has been established that the city charges them enough to cover medical and pension costs. If you are so concerned about them padding their pensions then you should call the state comptroller because that will be changed on the state level not the local one.
    Second, I really how the example of why the red light cameras are dangerous is a job because it is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.
    Next, the mayor doesn’t know anything about policing… he thinks he does because he listens to that jerkoff fleming. The mayor doesn’t tell the PC what to do or how to deploy cops, except when he told him to put a car outside his house at contract time.
    Everyone needs to stop crying and get on board to vote these morons out of office in november

  8. Why is Con- Ed back hiring Yonkers Cops on overtime again? More cops padding their pensions again, still. We need a good mayor to put a end to this nonsense. Have Con-Ed hire their own people. All this does is jack up the cost to the taxpayers in higher pensions and electric rates.

  9. You left out the camera at Broadway and Ashburton. The first thing the next administration should do is tear those damn things down. Just another tax inflicted on the voters.

  10. If you get elected the first thing
    you should do is FIRE that blow
    hard police commish Hartnett.
    He sucks and all he is concerned
    about is CONstat. He single handedly
    destroyed the best law enforcment
    job in the country with his nyc b.s.
    Stay away from nyc guys they are cancer.

  11. The red light cameras are just another way to tax the little guy so Amicone can give the store away to the wealthy. A national republican trait.

  12. Won’t work genius, the cameras record short video before and after the light changes, the spray will not overcome video.

  13. You can buy a spray you apply to your license plates that blurs the numbers.Not illegal as far as I know,but if a police car pulls up behind you at night with his headlites on and notices what has been applied to your plates,he may ticket you.

  14. yeah red light, you forgot that Murtagh voted for EVERY property tax increase that came his way. You get burned by a red light just once and you learn a lessen…his tax increases perpetuate…

  15. 40,000 tickets isued in the first two months.
    AT $50 per ticket that’s $2 million in two months – that’s projected to be $12 Million in a year.
    The City’s share is $6,000,000 for the year.
    That’s why it seems to be more about revenue then saftey.
    On the other hand, there has been a recent proliferation of daylight burglaries in east Yonkers. The m.o. is simply to bust down the door and go in, whether or not anyone is at home.
    It happened 3 days ago a few doors from my house. It happened in broad daylight, approx. 12 noon, on the front side of the house facing the street in plain sight of anyone who might have been there – pretty brazen, or desperate for that matter. Two exterior doors were demolished, including the frames, to break in.
    Unfortunately, the police commishoner has not published the fact that this crime wave is occuring.
    The street cops freely reveal how bad the situation is and that these crimes occur regularly at an alarming rate.
    The Mayor should direct the commish to publish the full list of these events, even if they have been reduced to “criminal mischief” for record keeping purposes. That way, if people are aware, hundreds of sets of eyes – the residents of an affected area – will be on the watch for these intruders. They used to call it neighborhood watch.
    In addition, Mayor should direct reassignments to establish more marked car patrols of affected areas.
    Finally, maybe surviellance cameras, throughout the City might go, more efficiently, towards saftey than will the red light cameras.

  16. Dork is correct. The person in front knows the camera is there so they stop earlier in the green light, but the person behind who does not know the camera is there thinks nothing is wrong and keeps on going.
    The irony is the second car is at fault even thought they did not have the knowledge that the first car had, and the first car may have stopped too soon out of excessive caution.
    So the only people who made money now are the body shops.

  17. According to Calvi, one of his relatives stopped at a red light and the car behind rear-ended her.
    So putting in cameras will mean more people stopping at red lights and getting rear-ended.
    Ergo – cameras are dangerous.
    I wish I were BUT I am not making this up.

  18. Carlo Calvi is the only candidate who has freely spoken out against these dangerous cameras in his campaign. I haven’t heard one peep from Murtagh or anyone else and it was in fact Assemblyman Spano who introduced the bill for these cameras. He’s the only man for the job from a fiscal and plain old common sense point of view.
    And even if Murtagh consistenly voted against these cameras he still consistently VOTED FOR tax increases every time without fail.

    Midland Ave & Kimball Ave @ the Mobil Station by the exit from the Cross County.
    Councilmen John Murtagh consistently voted AGAINST the red light cameras.

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