Robertson’s Candidacy Resuscitated at Urging of Party By HEZI ARIS

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Robertson_dennis Dennis Robertson, the former Yonkers City Councilman representing the 3rd District, succeeded by present incumbent Councilwoman Joan Gronowski, will re-enter the race. His initial announcement was peppered with exuberance and confidence in his abilities and his concern for Yonkersites drove him to return to the political fold upon his learning that Councilwoman Gronowski would comply with her promise to serve but one term in office. It seems ever since Robertson initially departed the political scene, there was an ever-growing insistence that he return to political office. The outcry for his return to office was insistent.

Bolstering his resolve was the Yonkers City Democratic Committee hierarchy. Once his mind was set, he was totally immersed in launching his campaign effort; and he did. Yet one day, it all came to a screeching halt. It was a shock. Why? Truth be told, Robertson was concerned he would have to satisfy the powers behind the men running for mayor rather than serve the people of Yonkers as equitably as possible.  He chose to depart the scene. It turned out his resolve to serve was too compelling. He will maintain his candidacy and seek the endorsement of the Democratic Party through the primary election process.

This news is only now filtering to the man and woman on the Yonkers street. Michael Rotanelli and Michale Sabatino have learned of late of the changing demeanor among the party hierarchy. They too will maintain their effort to gain support from the Democratic Party through the primary election held in Septemeber and thereafter into the November elections.

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eHeziRobertson’s Candidacy Resuscitated at Urging of Party By HEZI ARIS

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  1. more garbge from the recyling bin-sad commentary for Yonkers when the best it can do is field a reject posing as a candidate.

  2. The demeanor of Denis , the indecisive decisionmaker, does not bode well in the search for a dedicated and determined council-member to replace the very special incumbent, Joan Gronowski. The leadership of the party ought not give credibility to the candidacy of former Council-Member Flip-Flop who alternates between being a John Spencer Republican and a pseudo-Democrat pandering to the clueless Chair of the party.

  3. he was the party’s nominee and the party carries for its candidates. His name was already on the petitions, along with the entire slate, when he withdrew his name. The petions were still circulated, hence, he is still in the race. He and all candidates would have had a certain amount of time to sign a notice declining the nomination, after the petitions are certified by the board of elections.

  4. Let me ask a stupid question.
    We just completed the petition process to get on the ballot. Dennis conveniently waits to that is over to suddenly announce that he is back in?
    How can he get on the ballot with no petitions?
    What is the point of the petition process if he can run without having collected his own petitions? Even if he is the candidate of the Toilet Bowl Cleaner Party, he still did not earn his place on the ballot like everyone else.
    I mean if thats the case I am announcing my candidacy for Mayor on the Taxes are Too Damn High Party line!

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