Signatures for Ballot Placement in Upcoming Elections at Beginning Stage of Tabulation

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The deadline for petition gathering ended on July 14, 2011. Some candidates personally handed in their filings with the Westchester County Board of Elections. Despite the deadline date, as long as filings were mailed by the July 14, 2011 deadline, such mailings will be expected to be delivered by early next week.

Yonkers Mayoral Petitions:

D-Assemblyman Mike Spano…..shy of 4,000 signatures

D-City Council President Chuck Lesnick…..not yet divulged

R-Councilman John Murtagh…..not yet divulged

R-former City Council President Richard Martinelli…..over 2,000 signatures

R-Carlo Calvi…..not yet divulged

D-Robert Flower…..not yet divulged

D-Shirley Thompson…..not yet divulged

City Council First District Petitions:

Mark Hynes…..not yet divulged

D-Lawrence Sykes…..not yet divulged

D-Ivy Reeve

D-Christopher Johnson…..not yet divulged

Brian A. Carter…..not yet divulged

City Council Third District Petition:

D-former Councilman Dennis Robertson…..not yet divulged

R-Michael J. Sweeney…..not yet divulged

D-Lamont Badru…..withdrew candidacy

D-Michael Rotanelli…..1,200 plus signatures

D-Michael Sabatino…..600 plus signatures

R-John R. Bryant…..not yet divulged

R-Michael Francis Meyer…..not yet divulged

City Council Fifth District Petitions:

D-Katherine Brezler…..not yet divulged

D-Kathleen Thomas…..not yet divulged

R-Joseph Crotty…..not yet divulged

R-Michael Breen…..not yet divulged

R-Stephen Cerrato…..not yet divulged

eHeziSignatures for Ballot Placement in Upcoming Elections at Beginning Stage of Tabulation

Comments 26

  1. the stronger mike spano gets the worse the haters get in trying to make up baseless allegations. mike just ignore these haters and become our mayor!!!! we have had enough hate!

  2. Did you get a load of Martinelli’s mailer????
    Pics of him from YEARS AGO when the kids were small. (lie re: his age and family status)
    No career polititions?
    He served as City Council Pres and his dad was mayor One of the OLDEST POLITICAL FAMILIES arouond.
    How dumb does he think people are.
    martinelli will lose the primary and get 4% of the general vote.

  3. Martinelli got the most signatures and raised the most money this cycle. He can’t be beat. Murtagh and Calvi should stop fracturing the Republican party, drop out, and support the only candidate who can win in November.

  4. Hezi? Nothing on the mayoral contenders fundraising amounts for the July Cycle? Martinelli killed it with $142,000 with every candidate lagging behind him. Now, that’s a story

  5. Good catch about “Call Pictures”, Never knew that. and since , looking back on some other posting,I see how they manipulating this broad. they are talking out of both sides of the mouth.

  6. It’s funny how the two previous posters have the same “call” picture meaning nothing other than that both these comments were logged from the same computer. I guess that’s typical Spano tactics that can’t keep up with the technology. Pretty desperate move from the almighty Mike…or was it one from his soon to be indicted brother Nick?

  7. I agree with the above poster, there is no place for gutter politics, trying to smear someones good name because you cant get any traction with your campaign. I will be voting for Mike in primary as well as general. It’s time we change the bull shit attitude in this city with this slime ball politics

  8. Some of the ppl on this site that write crap about the spanos are clueless. like them or not they do good for our city and the last thing they are is crooks. but i guess you guys are seeing the same polls numbers that Mike is and it spells doom for anyone that runs against him so you resort to gutter politics, thats too bad

  9. Oh really, …said…
    And what will you do when every Tom, Dick and Harry runs simply because they can pay a fee, or any other simplistic way you suggest to take the place of the petition process. I can just see the padded payrolls of politically-connected Boards of Elections throughout the County. Adding scores of other political hacks to the payroll to handle the “enormous workload” involved with scores of candidates who just want to have their 15-minutes of fame.
    What should be done is the elimination of that aspect of the petition process which allows for a voter to sign only one petition for any given race. One should be able to sign for as many candidates as one would hope to enter the arena to have as many options as possible when voting. This would still require some degree of effort on the part of the candidate, but remove the madness which ensues in the great race to get the first signature. But, this would make too much sense for the powers that be to put into place.

  10. The Federal Government does not work on timelines like low level prosecutors. Unfortunately they don’t care if the indictments come down before or after the mayoral election, what they do care about is that they have an air tight case when it does come down. Precisely why the Federal government has a 99% conviction rate. They’re currently getting all their ducks in a row. Truth is, there is no way the wave of public corruption defendants in the past year plead guilty and got reduced sentence without spilling the beans. The Feds don’t take guilty pleas for reduced sentences unless it comes with info regarding a bigger indictment. Their cases are built so well that they only plea bargain when it comes to getting a “bigger fish”, in this case the Spano boys. Rest assured Preet Baharra is a bulldog and will not let the most corrupt family in Westchesteer county walk away. Whether it’s before or after the election no one knows. It would be nice if it was before so we don’t have to deal with a huge mess if Mike wins and is then indicted.

  11. Why is it taking so long to investigate the Spano family. I cant believe that this family is clean. to me they are the most corrupt, arrogant, family living in Yonkers. The whole family thinks they are above the law.
    I think it time for the office of “ATTORNEY GENERAL” bring this case to light before next years election.


  13. When you only focus on the fact that Calvi is short, you overlook the fact that he’s an arrogant prick. Look at the big picture, please.
    He’s the one with a family history of breaking public trust.

  14. Why were Nicholas and Mike Spano called before a grand jury in regards to the Ridge Hill corruption case?
    Why did The Friends of Nick Spano committee — still spending money four years after he got his ass beat by Stewart-Cousins — pay $27,815 to a criminal defense law firm?
    Are we expected to believe that Nick Spano was not involed in the corruption when his puppet and former chief of staff Anthony Mangone was indicted for it? Surely, it had to be Nick directing Mangone on what to do.
    You can bet that Anthony and Sandy are singing like canaries right now and the Spano’s boys don’t sleep well nights waiting for the impending day when the feds kick down the doors.
    But hey you gotta stay positive, at least the stripes would help to hide some of Nick’s fat.

  15. Mike Spano, when running for re-election in the assembly must of had at lease 10 fund raises. and so far, the run for Mayor he has 3 fund raises.
    The Last fund raiser (BBQ at his brothers house) didn’t have many people attending?
    How much money can he ask for his supporter to give?.. also question? Is mike using the money he raise for his assembly re-election. for his Mayor Campaign?

  16. Mayoral sigs are as follows:
    Martinelli: 2030
    Murtagh: 1940
    Calvi; 1840
    Who knows if they surplus (above 1000 min) for each of them consist of good signatures or those obtained at pool parties and supermarkets.
    Martinelli had the Teamsters & Fireman working for him.
    There is no more Rep party organization. All three got their sigs on their own. Blame Jacono for being Nick Spano’s puppet.
    Then again, Jacono has a primary of his own for district leader. Let’s see if he truly has the support of the rank & file reps.
    He struts around as if he’s a powerhouse and delegates to his two minnions. Murtagh will cost him dearly.

  17. Also important are the July filing reports for the candidates for mayor:
    Spano- $57,647 Raised; $48,465 On hand
    Murtagh- $52,931 Raised; $15,529 on hand
    Flower- $34,5100 Raised; $16,684 on hand
    Lesnick, Calvi, Martinelli, and Thompson have yet to be released.
    Great news for Murtagh, he didn’t do that terrible. Terrible numbers for Spano, he is supposed to do great fund raising!

  18. Murtagh is just shy of 2,000 signatures. Calvi is in the area of 1600 signatures. For someone with the Republican nomination, to be beaten by a former elected official, Martinelli, shows how lazy Murtagh is.

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