Yonkers Federation Of Teachers Denounce the False and Inflammatory Statements Made by Yonkers Mayor Amicone Regarding Judge Giacomo’s Recent Court Ruling

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Puleo_pat YONKERS, NY — Yonkers Federation of Teachers President Pat Puleo said, “As usual Mayor Amicone has his facts wrong. The teachers union had little to nothing to do with the recent court ruling; the issue was between Office of Inspector General Dan Schorr and the YFT Welfare Fund. The Welfare Fund is a totally separate entity from the union. The YFT Welfare Fund is comprised of teacher representatives, administrator representatives, and a representative of the Yonkers Board of Education Trustee. [Editor’s Note: The Yonkers Board of Education Trustee is an appointment made by Mayor Phil Amicone.]

The Welfare Fund was delighted to see Judge William J. Giacomo’s ruling ordering the Inspector General of Yonkers not to use or disclose to any third party or make public disclosure of the health information provided by the Welfare Fund to the IG. He went on to say, “…use the information only for the audit for which such information was requested.” “The issue was always about the proper use of people’s private health information,” continued Ms Puleo.

“The Mayor of Yonkers went on in his statement to malign the leadership of the union, when the fact is, he can thank his poor handling of this year’s entire budget process for the school district’s financial problems.,” said Ms. Puleo. “He and only he stopped the Transitional Finance Authority (TFA) from going to the state in a timely manner. It was his decision to pull the application for the TFA after the state returned the application requiring changes to be made. The teachers of Yonkers assisted the district by agreeing to concessions worth more than $5 million for this coming school year. At the same time they face a wage freeze this coming school year. Yet no teachers have been rehired,” continued Ms. Puleo. “The students suffer because of the mayor’s management style,” concluded YFT President Puleo.

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eHeziYonkers Federation Of Teachers Denounce the False and Inflammatory Statements Made by Yonkers Mayor Amicone Regarding Judge Giacomo’s Recent Court Ruling

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  1. a typical response, don’t answer the points I made, just attack my grammer because you can’t argue with my points…. pathetic

  2. Where did you go to school? Did they teach writing mechanics? Maybe the union rep in your district didn’t request highly qualified teachers.

  3. We pay half a BILLION dollars a year and for what ? When I went to school there were no school nurses, doctors, shrinks, etc… there were no classroom aides, or paid lunch women, they were all volunteers. There certainly were no parent/teacher liasons. THESE POSITIONS ARE ALL WASTED MONEY. The YPS are not turning out mensa candidates, they are turning out legions of kids who can’t read and write.
    Look at the teachers, they are mostly young women who want the summer off and can care less about the kids except when they are in front of a news 12 camera, then it’s all about the kids. Then you can hit any given bar in yonkers on a friday afternoon and see how the teachers really act.
    Pat puleo is a useless leader. This audit will be the undoing of her and the teachers union. I can’t wait to say good riddance to her and amicone.
    It’s time for an elected school board

  4. Teachers union may not be creating programs but they aren’t graduating students at any great rate either.
    Oh heck, what do you want for $500 million.

  5. Amicone is a witless douchebag. How the people of Yonkers elected Spencer and Amicone for the last 16 years boggles my mind.

  6. I am sick of Phil Amicone’s lying scumbag ways. You, Phil, and you alone are responsible for the state of Public Education in Yonkers. I can’t wait until you are gone. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, you maladjusted piece of garbage.

  7. Ask your superintendent to do that. He makes those decisions. He gives and takes away. Unions do not create programs.

  8. Point is that she wants more, more, more.
    Keep throwing good money after bad.
    It’s a joke.
    Where’s my bang for my buck?
    At 25K PER student per year we should see success not failure.
    Open the books.

  9. Pat has nothing to do with the budget. The person you should be asking those questions to is Pierorazio. That’s the problem with teachers. They don’t have a clue!!!!!

  10. Keep up the good work Pat. These idiots think they can run you out of town. No one knows more than you what you are working with when it comes to Pierorazio/Amincone. stay strong.

  11. I think one thing is certain. No matter who becomes the next Mayor, they will do whatever they can to kick Puleo’s fat ass to the curb.
    Time to go…

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