Yonkers Mayor Amicone’s Ineptitude Exposed in Alleged Firefighter’s Theft of Gasoline Inquiry By HEZI ARIS

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<<<Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone, Yonkers Fire Commissioner Anthony Pagano, and Human ResourcesCommissioner Brian Lucyk are on the same page. They want a Yonkers Firefighter alleged to have been involved in the stealing of gasoline approximately 13 months ago to be now fired. The accused individual will in approximately 3 weeks time have completed the required number of years of service on the force to qualify for his pension. TheYonkers Tribune / The Westchester Guardian have learned that the allegation against the accused individual are circumstantial and are not sufficiently solid to prove the allegation of theft despite what Yonkers Fire Commissioner Anthony Pagano advises will be the thrust of the legal actiontaken against this individual. There is a stumbling block before legal remedymay be sought, that is, the individual must go through his union to challenge the allegations made against him within 30 days of the filing and only then, may the administration proceed to prove their case.  

Were the case sufficient to prove the allegation of theft of gasoline, one should expect Yonkers Corporation Counsel to have brought the issue before a court for legal remedy months ago. Commissioner Pagano stipulates the seemingly lengthy time for the investigation to be completed was stymied by rules, regulation, and avoiding incurring overtime.  

In the meanwhile, Amicone, Pagano, and Lucyk instead hope to coerce the accused individual to quit. They would rather deny him an independent arbitrator, as specified under Article 75 of the Civil Service. It would be up to tan independent arbitrator to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to deny this man to be permitted to continue his employment.

Pagano_Anthony The issue at hand is not whether this individual is entitled to his pension earnings. That is a given as far as Commissioner Pagano today stated, but if he indeed was involved in the theft of gasoline, why should he be qualified to receive his pension? Commissioner Pagano >>> rightfully advises that issue is not within his purview.

True to form, Mayor Amicone made a big stink when it was divulged gasoline was found stolen back in 2007-2008. The 2009 incident(s) alleged in the report yet to be publicly noticed, could have been mitigated had Mayor Amicone’s administration chosen to implement the recommendations made April 2, 2009, by then Yonkers Inspector General Philip A. Zisman in the document he issued under the title of “City Fleet Gasoline Usage.” The reality is that Mayor Amicone feigned concern. He had no interest in resolving this issue. Had Mayor Amicone been concerned, subsequent, similarly alleged thefts could have dissuaded some  people from attempting gasoline, or totally stopped it altogether. Instead, the backroom antics of Amicone, Pagano, and Lucyk, as deemed appropriate by Mayor Amicone, are now collectively attempting to demonize an alleged thief by denying him his right to an independent arbitrator. What are they trying to prove?

Are they interested in stopping any and all future gasoline thefts? Why don’t they place a security camera that would be activated when the gasoline pump is turned on? Instead of using the last four digits of an individual’s Social Security number, why do they not demand each person create their own pin number, similarly to the way in which banks have an individual create their own pin numbers for ones’ credit and debit cards. The discovery of Social Security numbers by any Firefighter can likely be accomplished within minutes were that the unlikely intention of any Firefighter. What that proves is how easily the prospect of security, as presently maintained, is prone to continued misuse and likely theft. Many who use these pumps are unaware of the parameters for which they are permitted use of this gasoline. Some people drive cars for both city business and personal business to this day.

Why has the Amicone Administration maintained such lax standards to dissuade theft of services?  Why does this issue come to light three weeks prior to gaining his pension does the Amicone Administration still find itself incapable of proving the alleged theft before a court of law or an independent administrator? Do they want to force this man from his job to validate their ineptitude and premature, and as of yet unproven allegation by fiat? Is it because they believe they have the power to do what they will? Will the Amicone Administration abide by law, rules, and protocol or does that no longer matter? What about protecting the taxpayer’s pocket book? The silence surrounding this yet to be divulged issue proves once again that managing the news, rather than its telling in a timely manner, permits those who disrespect the law and protocol from maintaining an upper hand when their rights are not above the law. The accused could also have brought the Amicone Administration to court for legal remedy. He has not.

This is a dance that is often played in the City of Yonkers. These below standard antics of government are not exclusive to Yonkers; they are prominent in other locales throughout much of Westchester County.

In the end, nothing will be remedied. The triumvirate, in this case, of Amicone, Pagano, and Lucyk, have allowed the clock to run out; the accused will have earned(?) his pension, while they scream that he committed theft which they alleged but are incapable of verifying before a court of law or an independent arbitrator. Perhaps, when the accused earns his pension, he will be smart enough to sue Amicone, Pagano, and Lucyk for his besmirched reputation by their unproven words.

David Simpson has chosen not to respond to our inquiry. Neither did Commissioner Lucyk.

I humbly suggest Mayor Amicone resign his seat as mayor post haste; and drag some corporation counsel nitwits with him, for their gross ineptitude. Yonkers has lost big time under Amicone’s Administration for circumstances that rarely occurs elsewhere. Yonkersites lose taxpayer money by the thefts that have been perpetrated under their watch. Despite the high salaries afforded Amicone, Pagano, and Lucyk, they have shown themselves unwilling to right the wrongs that could be easily righted.

Mayor Amicone hopes to get his pound of flesh, but will unlikely be able to prove his case specifically because the mitigating modalities recommended by Inspector General Zisman were not implemented, as they should have been. Mayor Amicone, even if he knows what he knows in his heart to be what happened will not be able to prove anything. Yonkersites’ wallets will be exposed to allegedly continuing theft and still Amoicone will have done nothing to take any corrective course to thwart any similarly alleged reoccurrences. 

eHeziYonkers Mayor Amicone’s Ineptitude Exposed in Alleged Firefighter’s Theft of Gasoline Inquiry By HEZI ARIS

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  1. rit…really?? Hearsay- that is what you resort to? Rumors of Pagano not taking the firefighter exam. How about the former Doctor for the fire department? I seem to remember him being a firefighter, being sent to Medical School and then making a hefty 6 figure salary as the department doctor. Maybe Hezi can dig that one up.

  2. If one guy is stealing gas from the city, could there be more? Im sure there are a thousand or two employees city wide that have access to gas pumps, im sure the majority of them use these pumps legitimately, but who is checking in case there are a few who are abusing the system Did any of former IG Zismans reccomendations ever get implemented?

  3. I am a troll for nobody. Just making a casual observation that is impossible to ignore. If the city and its residents believe that living in such filth is business as usual then I must be from another planet. Jeff Meyer

  4. how about a Martinelli cry baby never representing anything but he is in the downtown crying about 100G in student loans
    and doesn’t want to hear about any problems
    and he’s not involved in politics
    maybe he never heard of the debacle of his family or the home news and times
    the newspaper they sold to Sprayreagan
    the real estate they own and sold
    Yeah Yonkers!
    hey you stupid bastard
    a Martinelli shows up downtown and proclaims to be innocent of any wrong doing…………
    hey you dopey bastard you show up downtown and you have no idea what is going on in Yonkers?
    you are either an idiot or a player.
    i suspect both
    oh you fucking

  5. Hey boo hoo, you’d probably cry all the time too if you had such a ridiculous mustache hanging off your face. That thing is hideous. I heard he got it surgically attached to hide a tattoo above his upper lip that misspells his name “Antny.” He got it in reform school and the “y” is backwards!

  6. That dope Piggy is a blubbering cry baby. Every time he talks about “his brothers” in the FD his lower lip starts to quiver. He’s the John Boehner of Yonkers politics. Big stoopid sissy…

  7. “I realize that the COY DPW has been cut to the bone. However, how can a Mayor allow this. Put a few guys on OT and clean it up. Mayor, is this what you want for a legacy.”
    this is what they will have you believe – that they are short staffed. I happen to live across the street from a City sanitation worker. He leaves around 6 am and is home by 11 am most days. on fridays i have seen him there by 10:00 or 10:30. How about we just make them work an extra hour every day – and they would probably still be done in less than 7 hrs.

  8. Maybe if they actually worked an 8 hour day, it could be cleaned up. All government workers need to work harder everyday. Most are over paid and under worked, especially the DPW.
    You must be a troll for the DPW.

  9. Pagano is just a former Union Schill, now acting in a political filled position as Fire Commissioner. This Firefighter is a quilty as can be, but nothing gets done. Why? Pagano protecting him? The Union Protecting him? Fitzpatrick sits in his bunker down on Axmintster and says nothing. No one within the Fire Fighting ranks says anything (protecting one of their own), but how can they justify robbing taxpaying dollars on free gasoline. Maybe this jerk should be punished by having to pump gasoline into all city own TRUCKS and clean out the insides of all City Garbage Trucks with a Toothbrush for the next 3 years as punishment.

  10. I don’t live in the city of Yonkers. However, I am quite often in the south end where the city looks like a third world nation. The amount of garbage and debris piled up on the sidewalks is a disgrace. Case in point, Bruce Ave. The same sofa and mattress has been on the curb for two months. I realize that the COY DPW has been cut to the bone. However, how can a Mayor allow this. Put a few guys on OT and clean it up. Mayor, is this what you want for a legacy. Take a walk down Bruce Ave, Saratoga and Lawrence St. On your watch you have allowed sections of Yonkers to decay into disgust. At least make attempt to keep your city clean. Hire more DPW workers or give them OT to do the job. As a young man I lived in Haiti for a year. I would prefer those living conditions to those of south Yonkers. Jeff Meyer Tuckahoe,NY

  11. A vote for Murtagh is a vote for another 4 years of PHIL-MY-POCKETS. Murtagh is a pompous prick that admires Phil’s administration and will bring nothing but the same to the table

  12. This is not about personalities, its about whats right for the taxpayers of this city. There is probably a little larceny in all of us, and if someone was offered a promotion, and they passed the required tests, who cares? Why has nothing ever been done to safeguard city property (gas) in the first place? If some sort of monitoring was going on, we wouldnt be talking about this today.

  13. Pigano could not shine Tommy Flynns shoes, as i said before you must be one of his two friends, or this must be pigano writing this crap. Also there are MANY college grads who came on the job with their diplomas, so stop the bull about getting their education on the cities time. That uneducated jerk according to certain people, never passed the exam to get on the JOB.

  14. fire fighters are thieves ? And who is this a suprise to ? Has anyone ever wondered why they have pockets in their coats and pants ? Ask anyone who has ever been a fire victim in yonkers and afterward finds that their belongings have been gone through …..

  15. What a joke. Let’s see how many firefighters have a GED diploma. Better yet let’s see how many went to law school or earned an education on the city’s dime!!
    Union President to Commissioner big Deal. The only people who care are the jealous officers who were passed up by Tony. Don’t worry Fire Officers, you’ll have your $120k pensions.
    I admire people who tell you how it is, agree with them or not. I disagree in the deals Tony got for the fire fighters but I give the man credit for laying his cards on the table.
    If you are a fire fighter then you have nothing to cry about. Your white collar salary was provided by the hard work of Anthony Pagano. Don’t forget that

  16. Hey Pagano, how about being a real boss for once and making a decision ? You aint got a clue on how to be a boss. The cops and Lucyk have to do your dirty work? What a joke you are. Stop crying everytime someone puts a microphone near your mouth and make a decision, the men will never give you the approval you are looking for because we know the truth about you.

  17. 40 hr work week Tom Flynn, training days done for free Pagano. Raises , evey union president. Manipulation and lying, Pagano

  18. It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! I’m sure you had joy writing this article. Thanks for posting.

  19. Get real you have got to be kidding Pigano used his union position to become commish, he told the membership he would never take the job. He also has a ged diploma and cant even write a letter,the man is a vindictive piece of sh#t, he would sell his soul to the devil. How come he does not come to any yfd functions, you want to know why because he is hated by the men.Get you facts together, you must be one of his two friends

  20. Its not just pagano. Doesnt DPW purchase the gas, and is responsible for all its use. It just goes to prove that there is no accountability in this city, starting from the mayor down.

  21. Whats th deal with this article??? Did anyone read this before you posted it??? The grammar and lack of punctuation really just shows how bush league your tribune is… Just rush it out right?????

  22. I bet all of the above posts are from probies who are clueless or Yonkers Firefighters who forgot what Pagano did for them over the past 25 years. Pagano got you all raises when YOU deserved nothing. How do you white collar public employees think you got your 4 day work week? Who got you all of your training days paid and minimum manning that allows you all so much overtime. If Pagano is to be faulted it is because he gave you disloyal hacks the contracts of a lifetime. $76k straight out of the academy?!?!?! Get real. How about an investigation into all the porn being viewed on city television sets in 90% of firehouses across Yonkers.


  24. ugh…john murtagh is running his mayoral camapaign, and I paraphrase, to continue the work of Mayor Amicone. UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH

  25. Pagano was appointed by Spencer as a political payback. LOL Even Spencer hates him now. But don’t worry,Pagano is trying to smooze the Spano’s now

  26. The “Commissioner” thinks he is going to get paid for 8 years of unused vacation pay when he leaves office with Amicone on December 31st.
    He says he only took about 1 week of vacation each year when he was allocated 4 weeks of vacation each year.
    Unbelievable as it may seem, he earns about $150,000 per year. That comes down to about $575 per day or $2,875 per week. Three weeks of usued vacation each year equals $8,625 per year times 8 years equals $69,000.
    If he is paid more than one year’s worth of vacation time when he resigns (or is fired) there will be a class action lawsuit filed against the City.
    And he wants to bring theft charges against someone else? Only in Yonkers. Only in Yonkers.

  27. Ask pigano where he gets the gas for his vehicle when he takes his wife to the city on weekends,also ask him about the strong rumors about him not taking the test to go on the fire dept that someone took it for him. he is a piece of s#it and is hated by the firefighters, like his old saying what goes around comes around well pig ass its coming your way.

  28. Was not Pagano the Firefighters Union President before he was appointed the Commish? Now that should be investigated.

  29. Other than being a back-stabbing egomaniacal lying ass kisser, what has Pagano accomplished in his over 8 years as Commissioner?
    Not one single accomplishment. The only thing he did was promote himself at the expense of everyone else. Everyone who ever knew him hates him, except for the “few” ass-kissers that kiss his ring in the hopes of getting over on the system.
    I don’t know who’s worse Amicone or Pagano. They have one thing in common and that’s the “n” and the “o” in theie last names. Can’t wait for Amigone and Pagone are both adios, but no amigos.

  30. “Commissioner Pagano stipulates the seemingly lengthy time for the investigation to be completed was stymied by rules, regulation, and avoiding incurring overtime” How about Pagano’s own blatant incompetence. He will blame everyone else for what he should have done when the alleged theft first took place.

  31. Mayor Amicone should fire Pagano and Lucyk and then he should resign himself.
    These 3 stooges are an embarassment to the City of Yonkers. They have wasted millions and millions of the taxpayers money over the last 8 years. Now all of a sudden we are to believe that they are looking out for the City’s assets? If you believe that I have some baseball tickets to sell you.
    There’s nothing left. Amicone and his cohorts have destroyed Yonkers and they are trying to deflect attention away from their incompetence.
    Resign now Amicone! But before you do, fire Pagano and Lucyk. At least then you would have done SOMETHING good during your term in office.

  32. January 1st can’t come soon enough. The whole Amicone Administration has been an absolute failure from day 1 and they will continue to fail up until their final hours on day 2920.
    Anthony Pagano was a garbage man before becoming a firefighter and he will always be trash. Pagano is an uneducated bully who has no business pretending to be the Commissioner of one of the largest fire departments in the country. He ineptitude is well known throughout the ranks of the Yonkers Fire Department and his days in office, like Amicone’s, are drawing to a close. January 1 can’t come soon enough.
    With someone like Pagano running the fire department Amicone has proven that he is an amateur and never deserved to be Mayor in the first place. Smart leaders surround themselves with smart people. Amicone and Pagano together couldn’t figure out how to put Mr. Potato back together if their lives depended on it. And we expect them to run a Department and a City?
    The accused will have his day in court. And so will Amicone, Pagano and Lucyk, except these three and the City of Yonkers will be defendants themselves. Oh how sweet is is. Justice is sweet, and in this case it may be quite swift.
    Maybe Pagano can get Amicone and Lucyk a ride to court in a garbage truck. But not a Yonkers garbage truck because the teamster’s hate these three losers too.

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