Evan Inlaw Mayoral Candidate in Yonkers; Wife, Tamika Inlaw, Endorses Chuck Lesnick for Mayor By HEZI ARIS

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Inlaw_Evan It’s confusing, but therein lies the fun of Yonkers favorite blood sport – politics.  Evan Inlaw, Esq., is a candidate for Mayor of the City of Yonkers. Who knew? He is the designee of the Working Family Party. Evan inlaw is married to Tamika Inlaw, who, until but a few days ago presided over the Yonkers Chapter of the NAACP as its president. She advised she had to step down in order to afford Chuck Lesnick her endorsement for Mayor of Yonkers in the upcoming Democrat Primary of September 13, 2011. Mr Lesnick, is the president of the Yonkers City Council and is also engaged in a three way Democrat Primary challenge for the Democrat Party’s designation. Mr. Lesnick goes up against Bob Flower, and the Democrat Convention designee and present New York State Assemblyman Mike Spano.

The first thing that comes to mind is there love lost between Tamika and Evan? Very doubtful and one would hope their is nothing but bliss in the Inlaw household. Why has Evan been so quiet about his mayoral aspirations. Since there is hardly a prayer in Hell of ever going anywhere with only the Working Family Party in any general election, is Mr Inlaw simply a place holder for someone else? Yep, that is exactly what it is. And for whom will Mr Inlaw step aside? Once Mr Inlaw does step aside, will he await the promised opportunity to be designated a position on the bench? Fast track that man to a fine tailor for a fitting of black robes. 

Yonkers continues to give and there are so many who are ready to take in the City of Hills where too little is on the level.  The stomach continues to churn. 


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eHeziEvan Inlaw Mayoral Candidate in Yonkers; Wife, Tamika Inlaw, Endorses Chuck Lesnick for Mayor By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Too bad that is not going to happen-Lesnick claims in one of his political fliers that “he” created thousands of jobs on the downtown development and waterfront projects-the question is where are they-talk about deception, mis-leading statements and outright lies-Lesnick takes the cake.

  2. Carlo Calvi may have started out as a placeholder but his ego seems to have got the better of him. He now seems like he is in it to win it.

  3. Evan In-Law would make a fine Judge and I would not be surprised if the next Mayor (Lesnick) appoints him to the next vacancy on the City Bench.

  4. Of course Inlaw is a placeholder so that the WFP can give the line to the winner of the Democratic primary. In that sense he will be helping Lesnick as much as his wife Tanika. Is Carlo a placeholder on the IND line for his cousin Mary Calvi’s husband Mike Spano? Is that a family feud or a family conspiracy?

  5. I don’t know why Lesnick gets blammed for Zisman running for Judge. If McDow and Terrero had kept Zisman as IG he would have never run for judge. Gronowski and Lesnick stood by Zisman and in retrospect he was much better than Dan Schorr. Murtagh was a big Zisman supporter until he decided he needed to support Schorr to get Republican support for Mayor. How is that working out John?

  6. Zisman’s candidacy had nothing to do with Inlaw’s near victory over Cerrato since Inlaw had already defeated Zisman in the Primary and Zisman was supporting Inlaw in the general election. Actually the fact that there was a primary probably helped Inlaw get as close as he did. It had not effect on Daley and Gaffney who won big but have been complaining about Zisman ever since. Actually it was the Republicans who almost cost Cerrato the election and they could have had a crossed endorsed non-election with Cerrato and Daley unopposed nad Gaffney would have won the third seat and Inlaw would not have run.

  7. Like I said before, he might have already BEEN a judge if Chuck hadn’t muddied the judicial race with his instigation and encouragement of Phil Zisman’s candidacy. God, are they all stupid.

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