John Murtagh Produces Initial Press Release Regarding His 201 Ethics Reform Proposalommittee

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Murtagh_john-headshotNew York Times hyperlink is NOW CORRECTED.

John Murtagh has released a February 28, 2005 press released written on Yonkers City Council stationery divulging John Murtagh's proposal for an ethics committee. It mentions Mr Murtagh's co-sponsors, Richard Martinel'i name is not listed. Read the document: Clic to read the 2005 document issued by Mr. Murtagh, entitled: MURTAGH_Press_Release Ethics_&_Oversight_Comm.

Also included among Mr Murtagh's documentation is the New York Times article dated February 6, 2005. Mr Martinelli was also excluded from mention:,

and read The Journal News article dated February 1 and written by Michael Gannon.


Mr Murtagh advises he would be happy to compare hard drives with Rich to ascertain who wote the legislation.


eHeziJohn Murtagh Produces Initial Press Release Regarding His 201 Ethics Reform Proposalommittee

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  1. yeah officer bolton…imagine that, Murtagh actually did one RIGHT thing somewhat right in 8 years…I guess you want him to get a medal?

  2. I still dont know why , Spano pass a bill for red light cameras on central ave, when the traffic light are not sync anyway…you can wait for a red light to change to green. and when it does, by the time you get to the next light, its changing to red???? all these cameras do, is to increase the rear-end collisions. if this is how Spano take care of the people in yonkers. Who needs him…(hope his car is rear-ended)

  3. Those bullboard temporary constructed campaign signs are a danger during this storm.I can see some 3rd district signs ending up in the 6th district and vice versa.

  4. red light cameras are counterproductive..the lead
    to more rear end collisions…good for personal
    injury lawyers..bad for people…new york city is
    a bad cannot compare a city that large
    with one like yonkers..lights in the city essentially
    control traffic in very very crowded situations..
    people cannot go through red lights without dire
    consequences to pedestrians and to the flow of the city
    yonkers on the other hand should not be using these
    cameras which will only deter people from coming
    to the city to shop and which at 50 dollars a pop
    are punitive as mr calvi pointed out

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