Mayoral Candidate Calvi’s Letter to Mayor Amicone Regarding Candidate Martinelli’s NY Yankees Raffle

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CALVI_CARLO-Official Amicone_Phil_grave look Amicone_Phil_grave look Carlo Calvi, candidate for Mayor of Yonkers  hand-delivered a letter dated August 2, 2011, yet hand delivered to Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone today, in which the Independence Party designee and Republican Primary  candidate describes  candidate Richard Martinelli’s recently sent political fund raising mailer. The mailer send to benefit Richard Martinelli’s campaign effort, advises that his campaign committee intend to hold a “raffle” of tickets to  a luxury suite to Yankee Stadium for a game on August 14, 2011.  The cost of the raffle is $1,000 per chance and is to be held on August 9th at a downtown / waterfront restaurant. 

The letter continues to advise that the mailer utilized proprietary logo of the New York Yankees. Calvi advises that he has inquired of the New York Yankees organization with respect to its authorization of the use of the logo and whether or not they are a participant in the raffle.

Calvi advises that in New York State, raffles, when they are permitted, ae authorized by the New York State Racing and Wagering Board. The law permits charitable and fraternal type organizations to apply for permits to conduct a raffle subject to strict guidelines. A permit is also required. Neither has been issued any permits for the Martinelli / New York Yankees raffle noted Calvi.

Calvi alleges that “upon information and belief, Richard J. Martinelli, the candidate; Vincent Volino, Esq., the Campaign manager, and Liam McLaughlin, Esq., may possess the pertinent information and facts of the matter.”

The NYS Racing and Wagering Board advise that they do not possess theit own enforcement powers. Rather, all prosecutions of crimes or violations under their jurisdiction must be initiated at the local level. In other words, stressed Calvi, “it is the City’s responsibility to investigate the matter and to refer to the District Attorney, if warranted. Or the Office of the District Attorney may, of course, investigate or prosecute of it’s own initiative.

According, Calvi notes, “It is clearly necessary that you direct the Yonkers Police department to investigate the matter.”

Calvi closes his letter by stating, “ As you know, I am an opposing mayoral candidate. My referral of this matter is only partially motivated on a political basis. Just as significantly, it is my concern that a group of individuals who seek the Mayoralty of Yonkers conduct themselves in flagrant violation of law punishable as a criminal misdemeanor. That’s just bad news for Yonkers. As Mayor, you should order the immediate investigation of this matter. Thank you.

The letter was signed by Calro J. Calvi, Esq., P.E.

A copy of the letter defined herein was copied to Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore, New York State Racing & Wagering Board, New York Yankees, Richard Martinelli, Vincent Colino, Esq., Liam McLaughlin, Esq., Yonkers City Clerk Joan Deierlein, and the Yonkers Police Department.

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eHeziMayoral Candidate Calvi’s Letter to Mayor Amicone Regarding Candidate Martinelli’s NY Yankees Raffle

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  1. Financial disclosure not yet file by Martinelli, which was due, BY LAW, on 8/11/11
    Guess your future Deputy Mayor Liam McLaughlin can’t figure out how to hide all of those illegal $1000 checks for the Yankees raffle.
    It will be interesting to see what they do.
    It will also be intersting to see how many tens of thousands of dollars they wasted on the Calvi ballot challenge.
    Fess up, Richie. You are not above the law, even though your perceived birthright makes you believe it is so.

  2. Why hasn’t Richard Martinelli yet filed his financial disclosure which was due last week?
    Perhaps the brain trust is figuring out to manipulate the figures to cover up the raffle aswellas to hide the enormous legal fees they incurred.

  3. Keep it up Carlo. The way it seems to me (and to the many others I discuss local politics with) you are the only Republican fit for the job

  4. They wouldn’t have to raise taxes if Edelman’s friends would pay the taxes they are suppossed to.
    Go ahead medelman, tell us all how your friends made a mistake and paid for it, so now it’s ok

  5. Obama presented a budget plan to the Democratic Party controlled Senate and they voted it down 97-0 and that included Schumer and Gillibrand..Fourteen million Americans unemployed and that figure is growing,fourteen trillion national debt and growing,sinking bond ratings,entitlements under funded by thirty trillion,energy and food inflation with stagnant wages and no interest income for retirees and you call the Tea Party, radicals? Insane! The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  6. The issue is related to problem solving.
    If Martinelli’s crew, including future deputy mayor Liam Mclaughlin and future corp counsel Volino do not possess the smarts to figure out that the plan was illegal before concoting it, just imagine how miserably they would fail in addressing the much more complex problems facing Yonkers.
    In addition, the attitude of Martineli and company is all about power and money. It’s not about helping people and solving problems.
    So the gross incompetence demonstrated by Martinelli is an issue. Can’t get around it. Besides if a crime has been committed it should be prosecuted. Otherwise any criminal should be entitled to the same excuse.
    Something like, “Oh, I did fire my gun at that guy, but I missed. Now I take it back. Let’s forget everything. O.K.?”

  7. – We have an S&P downgrade for the US treasury.
    – We have big oil companies with $10 billion per quarter profits and 40 year old tax loopholes.
    – General Electric paid no taxes last year.
    – The City of Yonkers is in a shambles – every year threats about school cuts, taxes that go up annually, closing parks and pools, unfilled potholes on virtually every street in the City, development that makes no sense to any anyone.
    – And what do we want to talk about? A stupid scheme to raise a politician money!!
    Who cares? It was a bad idea and he’s said so. If you don’t like him, don’t vote for him.
    But does anyone have an idea about any real problems and how to solve them?

  8. you are hiding behind the words higher taxes…but fail
    to distinguish between tax rates and loophole closings
    the republicans in the house balked at any change in the tax code that would level the playing field..when
    in fact everyone who understands the issue knows that
    revenues have to be increases…you cannot be serious
    that Obama didn’t have a plan…he had a grand plan
    one that would have satisfied the credit agencies because it would have cut 4 trillion dollars…the tea party wouldn’t budge however because they viewed any
    revenue increases no matter how they were achieved as
    tax increases which they are not because rates would
    not have gone up…but if you recall jack the only
    time the US had a surplus was under president clinton
    when tax rates were slightly higher than they are now
    polling shows that even a majority of republicans believe that you have to increase revenue as well as
    cut spending not to mention the vast majority of
    all voters but the republicans in congress who are
    tea party members aren’t interested in what is good
    for the nation .they are interested in making sure
    they are re elected and not challenged from other
    tea party members in a primary…maybe you should
    turn off rush limbaugh and sean hannity and read
    an economics text…simpson bowles recomnended revenue increases when ronald reagan was in office HE RAISED
    TAXES…when George HW Bush was in office he RAISED
    TAXES…and that is really why clinton had a surplus
    so the republican party doesn’t need “Rhino” anymore
    they will get a long just fine with Rick Perry as
    their nominee..have a ball

  9. all bs- the da should investigate this unless angelo forces her not to. send a letter to the ag as well also send to the police commissionerso that none can point fingers

  10. Out of your political closet finally,Obama will be a one term president.He never presented a budget to the House speaker that didn’t include higher taxes than cuts as specified in the Bowles-Simpson plan.All we heard from Obama and Reid is tax the rich ($200,000) and the those who create jobs during the Obama recession.For the last six months there was not a week that went by that Obama,Schumer and Reid didn’t call for higher taxes.By the way keep those cards and letters coming,of course I can’t get back to all of them because I was laughing so hard about Democrats complaining about higher taxes and higher spending.If the Tea Party controlled the presidency, House and Senate there would be no downgrade and we would have a stronger dollar, less inflation and a strong economic recovery.Yonkers suffers from the leftist Obama beliefs that government creates jobs.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  11. forget for a moment about yonkers..Obama is the one
    who wanted to make the grand 4 trillion dollar bargain
    not the tea party…jack makes up facts as he goes along the tea party would have nothing to do with the
    revenue raises that are required in a 4 trillion dollar
    deal…and we are not talking about tax rates we are talking about closing tax loopholes and modifying entitlements including social security and medicaid
    the tea party would have none of it because they simply
    didn’t want the president to be able to claim that he
    forged the biggest budget cutting deal in history and
    the result jack is the downgrade..the tea party is
    responsible for the fallout from the smaller 2 trillion dollar deal because they are the ones who insist on cutting spending only and there isn’t one
    economist out there republican or democrat or one
    responsible knowledgeable person like simpson and
    bowles that believes that you don’t also have to increase revenues..but the fact is that the blind
    followers of the hard right don’t get the math…
    except of course when its their entitlement that is
    going to be cut

  12. why do you all waste your time responding to this Mr. Treacy? Time and time again he is challenged to answer one, just one, charge against his precious Yonkers Republicans who have ruinited our city, and refuses. Why do you give this hypocritical cryptkeeper any credence. He is in denial and doesn’t care to ever respond at a local level, which is of utmost concern to me – what happens in my CITY. Almost 20 years of raping and pillaging in this city by republicans and Mr. Treacy thinks it’s just peachy keen.

  13. even during good times, Republicans Spencer, Amicone, Martinelli, Murtagh and Mclaughlin have raised spending , taxes and fees – chech your water bill also , at one time it was free in yonkers..

  14. In the words of democrat James carville,”Its the economy stupid”.This is not just about Yonkers,every source of tax revenue for Yonkers, the state and across the country is down and falling more under the Supreme Misleader.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  15. Explain this ? Republicans controlled city hall the last 16 years – spending and taxes SKYROCKETED, UNDER REPUBLICANS.. cmon jack??

  16. The leftist Democrats have kicked the debt can down the road and now the can is kicking back.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  17. Standard and Poor just downgraded Americas longterm debt.Obama administration blames Standard and Poor,the Tea Party, George W. Bush and mayor Amicone. If the leftist administration backed the four trillion cut over ten years that the Tea Party wanted Standard and Poor would not have made the downgrade and that also gives a ‘negative outlook’.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  18. the polling is scientifically based on a random
    sample of voters and is accurate plus or minus 4
    Obama will win the election because it is unlikely
    that republicans will be smart enough to nominate
    mitt romney and if they do conservative evangelical
    christians who are suspicious of the mormon religion
    will stay home

  19. Must have been the ladies tee at the minature golf.”If they had asked”,you had a duty to the News 12 viewers to volunteer that disclaimer before commenting on the race.News 12 had the responsibility to disclose your relationship with a candidate if they had that knowledge.The Martinelli campaign picked a winner before the raffle drawing, it was Zehy Jereis.

  20. Agreed, 100%.
    Calvi’s the only one who is believable when the claim is made that he wants to eliminate waste and cut taxes.
    Look at his record. Then look at Murtagh and Martinelli. Those guys never voted against a tax increase. They have cost us plenty.

  21. lighten up, Happy…I in no way indicated that this complaint was an issue for the Fair Campaign practices committee..I only referenced THEIR policy of disallowing complainants to publicize the complaint until after their decision is made. I don’t care what body receives this complaint….it’s too bad none of you have gotten this riled up when these bozos voted for all these tax increases through the years, every damn one of them, to a man. THAT, Happy, is the real crime.

  22. This is not a Fair Campaign Practices complaint.
    This is a complaint to the Yonkers Police Dept through it’s boss, Amicone, to conduct a CRIMINAL investigation of a possible misdemeanor by a person who wants to be Mayor of Yonkers and those who will run City Hall if he’s elected.
    That is the way that violations of running an illegal “game of chance” are prosecuted.
    IN any event it shouldn’t be a secret. the press should be aware of it just as the voters should be.

  23. Calvi may very well have submitted this complaint to the Fair Campaign Practices offshoot of the League of Women Voters. Their regulations mandate that the complainant NOT notify the media of the complaint submission, of the complaint will be null and void, if I remember correctly. Thus, Carlo would not have included that body in his press release reference all of the groups to which he has submited complaints.

  24. I never “worked” for news 12 I was a guest only..
    that means I owed no one any explanation of who
    my clients knew going in that i was a paid
    political consultant for someone..having said that
    with the exception of the putnam sheriff’s race I always disclosed who i worked for if I was asked to
    comment on the race….as for rob astorino I was always
    extremely supportive of him both as a candidate and
    after he won…go review the tapes…and finally
    carlo calvi won’t get more than 14% of the vote in
    the yonkers republican primary…but he will get enough
    votes to prenvent martinelli from winning..and martinelli will be stuck on the conservative line which
    will prevent murtaugh from winning and you can take
    that to the bank

  25. Personally I think Newspolitical commentary is a fraud….All the while anon presents abstract problems without ever living here…

  26. Good for you Carlo
    Screw the usual players in Yonkers
    but you are a player of Yonkers Politics as well….
    so no i don’t trust your motives.
    Calvi if you are playing politics: the people of Yonkers will be pissed.
    Personally I think News xx political commentary is a fraud.
    I don’t believe they know enough about local events to even have the basis of an opinion.
    or they are deliberately bias.
    All the while anon presents abstract problems without ever living here.
    very much the expert…
    maybe he should take up golf…..
    this could be just another vocal prick looking for a political favor, in my humble opinion.
    I wonder: When was the last time News 12 bothered to actually interview someone from downtown Yonkers (someone who is invested in this place as an ordinary citizen or business) to discuss this so called *Vision*…*Renaissance*…or whatever you want to call this cluster fuck?
    I doubt these “professionals” have the courage
    Not one of these so called Mayoral Candidates even bothers to touch this subject of the debacle of downtown.
    our City Council Rep McDow has been MIA for her entire tenure.
    And Not One of the current candidates has my Vote.
    All Bastards who have sold this place down the river.
    Change you can count on.
    Just my opinion mind you……..

  27. Hey Mike E, is it true that you no longer work for News 12? If so, can you please explain to the voters in Yonkers why?
    I think it would be interesting information with respect to your incessant pumping of Martinelli.

  28. Not disclosing your financial interests in a candidate while you were on News 12 for twenty years making political comments on races that your clients were involved in and now you are pontificating on election fair practices.How many clients did you collect checks from in those years?What did you get paid for sticking the political knife into the back of Rob Astorino? The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  29. A “small” time tort “lawyer” using the term “disingenuous” (almost spelling it right too)! That my friends is true irony! Go find your shine box Mikey!

  30. Mr. Edelman, once again you fail to think before you speak. Did you read the end of the editorial that says the letter was also sent to the district attorney, racing and wagering board, police commissioner and the New York Yankees?
    Do you still work at News 12?

  31. calvi is disingenous..if martinelli violated the
    election law calvi can lodge his own complaint
    with the fair campaign practices commission and with
    the da..if it is a crime yonkers and the mayor
    1. have no jurisdiction 2. are not involved
    3. have nothing to say about the matter
    calvi demonstrates once again that his campaign
    is a vendetta….like the old mustachio petes
    if you have a colarable claim…bring it to the
    appropriate authorities

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