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  1. Thats about right… a page out of Murtagh’s book….Breen’s only appeal is that he has worked in this community (Bville), but that is all I have ever heard from him..Not one thing to say about fixing the problems or standing up against the politicos in office now.. I am getting the sick feeling that he will be know-nothing and say-nothing councilman..Not we need or want.
    “Qualified” is right – if he wants to give back to the community, continue whatever it is your doing now…Don’t run for an office you have no business running for…
    And no, I don’t think he is qualified just because he served on civic asociations…I did for years, but I never ran for office..
    Sorry Mr. Breen, but you are. . . THE WEAKEST LINK…

  2. Hey Breen,
    Stop calling up cops and yelling at them about flooding and police protection. You wouldnt talk to your cop kids like that so dont do it to others while you showboat in front of your neighbors. Your a joke and you dont have a chance.

  3. True, but in a City with almost a BILLION DOLLAR budget, you should have some qualifications…While not the highest office for sure, its unqualified people that have put us in this mess….

  4. Me neither I never heard of him, but it’s sad that only party hacks are allowed to run for council. We need new blood and younger also. I’m sorry but when you get to a certain age, you can no longer learn new tricks.
    Interesting that he has hitched his rope to Murtagh’s wagon, if you look at the posters all over the place.

  5. This is a great example of why good people don’t wnat to get involved in politics. Mr. Breen is running for City Council…not Senator. His record is one of an involved citizen.
    He does not have a long civic record. To me, that means he is a newcomer…and that is refreshing.
    I don’t know Mr. Breen…and I live in another disrict, but for him to be criticized for running for the “high office” of City Council without credentials is a joke.
    He’s as qualified as the next guy.

  6. 1. I don’t believe Mr Breen plays any musical instruments
    2. Just because you have never heard of him doesn’t mean he wasn’t there (not everybody lives for the spotlight). He didn’t win some sort of lottery in order to be SELECTED as the GOP candidate for the 5th. He earned it.
    BTW, WTF. Nice name, but you should clean up your act and pick an intelligent name so we can infer that you actually have some sort of credibility.

  7. I think he is on a watchdog group and coaches little league. He’s also done some nice work handing out palm cards for other candidates and helped get some signatures in past years. I think that more than qaulifies him for the City Council….No?

  8. I think the first poster is right. Where has he been a political leader and where was he out in public beating his drum for the taxpayer of Yonkers? Never heard of him.

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