My Campaign Effort to Represent the 3rd Yonkers City Council District By MICHAEL F. MEYER

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Meyer_Michael My name is Michael Francis Meyer. I am a Republican candidate for the 3rd district Yonkers City Council seat. I have entered this race because I care about the city where I was raised and where I am raising my own children. Over the last eight years I have seen the quality of life deteriorate, property taxes skyrocket to fund wasteful spending, crime increase and bogus tax revenue schemes like the red light cameras that let us know that Big Brother is watching us and not the criminals. Our schools are continuing to fail even though the budget is over $19,000.00 per student; just throwing money at the problem is obviously not working.

It came to the point where I could no longer stand by, complain and do nothing. So after I found out the Republican Party was designating a Democrat to run on the Republican line, I realized that there is a lack of leadership in the Republican Party and the City government. So I decided to run for the Council seat. I will be the only real Republican running for the 3rd District Council seat.

Yonkers needs leaders who will lead by example – leaders who will make tough decisions for the benefit of the homeowners and taxpayers of this city. We can no longer have career politicians who only look out for special interest groups.  Taxpayer dollars are sacred and must be treated as such. Elected officials have been entrusted with the ability to tax and spend and they must never waste a nickel of our money. We need real government transparency; I’d like to see the city checkbooks posted on line so that the public can see where their money is going. Unfortunately our government has spent our money like drunken sailors. This pertains to government workers as well. There should be no take home cars, no free gas, and no free cell phones. Government workers should be at their jobs when they are being paid to be there. Anyone caught stealing from the public should be prosecuted and if they are a government worker they must be fired immediately. The government shouldn’t be looking for ways to rip us off and take more of our hard earned money away by raising the Yonkers City income tax, red light cameras and the Yonkers Real Estate Transfer Tax (aka the “hostage tax”). There needs to be a freeze on all taxes and a line-by-line budget review.

In the 3rd district we have three major quality of life issues: crime is increasing, streets are filthy and gangs are increasing in strength and number.  In our district no one should be fearful of walking down to their corner store like our seniors are from Father Finian or the Monastery Manor.

When I coach football there are gang members who sit on the park benches watching our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders play and waiting to recruit them as they leave the field. They are more brazen than ever standing in front of our stores intimidating people. We need to take our city back. We need a better relationship between the community and the police so that together we can stop and prevent crime and get the criminals off the streets.

In my business I have traveled up and down the eastern seaboard, where many cities look like bombed out shells, factories and office buildings - closed because the jobs left for another part of the world. Yonkers, however, is not like other cities. Yonkers has heart and that heart is in all the different communities that make up this city. We are blessed to be located on America’s first great river with spectacular views of the Palisades and beautiful sunsets.

With New York City as our neighbor we have so much to offer. Our elected officials need to start marketing the city the right way. The City of Yonkers is a Corporation and needs to be run as a fiscally responsible business. As any other corporation it needs to advertise its assets to promote both the residential and business opportunities to a regional, national and global market. If elected, I promise to work hard to help Yonkers reach its potential and return Yonkers to the City of Gracious living.   

Learn more about the Michael Francis Meyer campaign effort to represent Yonkers City Council – 3rd District by calling his campaign at (914) 391-0608, or directing email to:


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eHeziMy Campaign Effort to Represent the 3rd Yonkers City Council District By MICHAEL F. MEYER

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  1. good point. I do not know this happy fellow because I moved out of the 3rd several years ago when I was handed my lucrative no-show job in City Hall. I only use my old address for voter registration. Lovin’ Yorktown. The neighbors look just like me.
    Good old coach reminds me of another loudmouth neighborhood organizer Dennis Shepard. A waste of a seat on city council. Never met a free meal or stiff drink that didnt call for another. If Joan’s seat was so wonderfu;, why is she running far away.

  2. If you live in the 3rd and don’t know Mike Meyer, you must be a recluse. Do you know this Dem. they are running? What is his message?
    As far as the Republican Committee goes, it should be called the Republican Employment Agency. It is run by a bunch of hacks who would be on welfare if not for city jobs. Jacono couldn’t lead a one car funeral. The man has to study for a urine test.

  3. The republican party is virtually nonexistent in Yonkers thanks to Jacono, Tubiolo, Volino, McLaughlin and Castro Blanco. The endorsement of the party is about as important as having a small group of friends or family endorse you.
    So in effect, any candidate is a contender, which is a good thing. As in some other states, ballot access is open to all, and the voters, at primary, pick the party nominee.
    On the other hand, it would be helpful to have a strong organization to seek out and promote good candidates. But, not so, under Nick Spano’s plan to wreck the Rep. party through Zehy Jereis and now John Jacono.
    The culmination of the plan comes now when Coconut Head Nick has his sights on City hall, through his turncoat brother, and facing a weak and decimated Rep party.
    Nick knows that the council races are nowhere near as important as the mayoral. So let them squabble.
    Only problem for Nick is that his little bro may not be bright enough to carry the day, depending on who the Rep winner is.
    However, as far as Rep. party organization is concerned, it doesn’t exist, except in the minds of the aforementioned luminaries ???

  4. you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. If you think that trash talking the republican party is a good platform, you’re wrong. Like everybody else in the district, I do not know this guy from Adam. He’s probably a swell guy, but his message won’t get the vote.

  5. wtf? you must be a republican insider to know that Mike did not interview w/Republican City Committee. You also must know that they did not look for a Republican but chose a democrat w/deep pockets. Come primary day Republicans will select a republican to be their candidate.
    Republican ideas spoken by a republican.

  6. As a resident of the 3rd. dist., I was very upset to learn that Joan G. was not going to run for a 2nd term. She is such an exceptional public rep. Now that Mike Myer has gotten into the race I feel really good about it. I have known Mike for many, many years and I know that he will follow in the tradition of Joan. That is, looking out for the folks. Go get’em Mike and godspeed.

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