The General Policy Statement of My Candidacy by CARLO CALVI

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Calvi_Carlo-Standing withstriped white shirt and paisley tie I will identify & eliminate the “systemic waste” in the City and Education budgets by ascertaining non payroll expenditures related to policies, procedures and programs  that are wasteful, inefficient duplicative or below standard. I will implement better, modern and technologically appropriate methods to streamline operations.

By doing so, real estate taxes can and will be reduced within four years and I affirm that I will not seek a second term if I fail.

I will improve the educational quality of our schools, fight crime aggressively and provide more courteous, efficient delivery of services.

The following is a summary of some of the programs and policies which I intend to implement as Mayor of Yonkers to carry out this general policy.

1.      I will bring a New Administration to City Hall and Commissioners will not be paid excessive salaries.

         I intend to install a new slate of Commissioners for most departments as a first order of business.

         On the basis of dealings with different departments, both as an elected official and as a businessman or citizen, it seems to me that many of the departments are in need of new leadership.

         The leader among these is the Building Department. Without fail when mention is made of dealings with this department, virtually every person relates a horror story such s waiting months or even years for permit processing. The current commissioner seems to place obstacles in the way of many applicants and has hurt small business by making it extremely difficult to deal with the department.

In any event, in order to accomplish the elimination of “systemic waste” I will require a fresh, loyal, top notch slate of commissioners. The “public service” attitude is missing in many departments and I will restore it with the best qualified hard working commissioners.

         Commissioners earning $170K will be no more. We’ll pay decent, not excessive salaries.


2.      Incentives for Commissioners & Employees who can save our Money 

         As in the private sector, any commissioner who can operate his or her department below annual budget will be rewarded for saving our tax dollars.

         In addition, any employee who makes a cost saving suggestion that is implemented and which does result in savings will also be rewarded.

         The details of the incentives or rewards will be determined as the policy is developed.

Imagine commissioners pushing employees to find ways to save tax dollars so they could earn their incentive and employees competing to find ways to save money.

  1. Unnecessary Cars, Cell Phones and Gasoline Distribution to be Terminated

When I worked in City Hall, 1975, the only people who had cars were the building inspectors, street inspectors, the Mayor & City Manager. Now almost everyone has a car & a cell phone too.

         Reimbursement on a mileage rate is a better way to go. That’s what I will implement for most employees who use their own vehicle for city work.

         Currently, several vehicles are “taken home” to distances as far as Dutchess County. No city vehicle will be permitted to be taken home, beyond a limited distance and none will be allowed for personal use. GPS monitors will be considered if circumstances require them.

         There will be no more big SUVs or an open gas pump for employees. I happen to like the new Fiat 500 (40mpg or so and it’s a solid car) or something like it, instead of the SUV. This is one way to “go green”.

         Cell phones will be given when it is essential for an employee to have one and personal use will be discouraged.

         Control of the City’s gas pump will be obtained and tight controls implemented.

4.      The City’s Checkbook & Overtime Control

         In my private business, I know where every dime is spent. All invoices are reviewed and verified before paid.

         As Mayor, I will direct our “check writers” – the finance department to obtain my approval before writing checks other than payroll.

With respect to payroll & overtime I will require each commissioner including the finance department to provide a periodic running total of each employee’s wages, to date, and how that compares to their budgeted salary at the time of the report.

By doing so, identification of employees being paid excessive overtime will be obtained and determination made as to the necessity. That’s called “real” overtime contro

5.      Red Light Cameras to be Eliminated- Better Traffic Enforcement

The new red light cameras are aimed at revenue more then enhancing safety. 40,000 tickets were given out in the first two months of the program. I don’t know too many people who haven’t gotten one of these tickets except me (I hope I don’t jinx myself).

         The cameras can also present a danger. Some people may speed up or jam on their brakes to avoid the ticket.  Several states around the country have done just that – eliminated their red light camera programs. My approach to ensure safety at a trouble intersection is old fashioned – greater police presence where necessary.

         Drivers running red lights are not the only dangerous driving habit we experience. Speeding, reckless driving, blowing through stop signs and aggressive driving are very common.

         We could apply more police resources to traffic enforcement to deal with all of these dangers, remove bad drivers from the road or straighten them out, and perhaps also generate the revenue associated with fines for those serious violations.

6.      Education

         I’d like to explore dividing the City into four quadrants – four sub-school districts with their own school boards, but one central office reporting to the Mayor for budget purposes.

         This could provide more localized control, more involvement of parents in their local, smaller school district. More people would be involved simply through the appointment of more individuals to the sub district school boards. Those people might be able to better control the effort to save money and to get more of the $20,000 per student into the classrooms. More eyes on the goal line could get us there quicker.

         The State school aid formula might change favorably since some of the sub districts might qualify for greater state aid since they might not be considered “wealthy” districts as the overall City is now.

         In addition, this might provide us the benefits of “neighborhood schools” and potentially millions of dollars in busing costs could be eliminated.

         I’ve heard too many stories from teachers who are forced to buy their own classroom supplies while we spend $20,000 per pupil. We also need to identify & remove non-resident students from the system. I have a plan for that.


7.      Crime & Police

         After eliminating enough “systemic waste”, I’d like to hire at least 100 new cops to fight crime aggressively.

        My offer is to hire at NYPD starting salaries of about $44,000 as opposed to the current $57,000 YPD starting salary. No existing officers would be hurt by this & there’s sure to be plenty of job seekers.

         After January 1, 2012, the new Police Commissioner would be expected to quickly devise a deployment plan that gets more cops on the streets to establish a greater police presence.

         I would also direct that an outbreak of crimes or attempts in any area of the City be disclosed to the residents. Awareness would breed vigilance and help the P.D. deter and apprehend. Currently, there seems a greater administrative interest in making crime statistics seem low, by non disclosure or under-reporting or misclassification of events.

8.      Code of Etiquette for City Employees

While we have many courteous workers in this City, some of our “public servants” may have forgotten that they serve the public.

         There is no need or excuse for rudeness from a City employee.

         We’ll develop and implement vigorous guidelines for proper interaction with citizens

9.      Environmental & Energy Matters

         We will study and implement, where practical, solar energy systems in public buildings.

         I also will examine the cost effectiveness of installing energy saving bulbs in streetlights and in all public buildings. The determining factors as we compare new energy saving bulbs to incandescent bulbs would include quality of light and safety as well as cost effectiveness.

         Perhaps, this could be accomplished with grants or agreements with manufacturers, suppliers or installers to reduce the cost of investment.

10.    Snow Removal

         I have done snow removal work, myself. I know what is involved and the best ways to accomplish it.

         We do have some good hard workers in DPW who would be glad (perhaps even proud) to accomplish a better snow removal effort. Working hand in hand with the DPW Commissioner, a better system can be developed.

         A snow melting furnace, ala Rudy Giuliani’s New York City plan for commercial areas might be a good idea. In any event, retail and commercial neighborhoods should be cleaned “curb to curb”.

         Snow removal work cannot stop after one pass on the day of the storm. It should continue after the storm and remain a priority until streets and sidewalks are as clean as possible.

Carlo Calvi is  candidate for mayor of the City of Yonkers vying for the Republican Party designation in the Republican Party Primary and also vying for the Conservative Party designation through a Write-In effort in the Conservative Party Primary. All primary contests are to be held on September 13, 2011.

Learn more by visiting the Carlo Calvi for Mayor of Yonkers Internet address:

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eHeziThe General Policy Statement of My Candidacy by CARLO CALVI

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  1. first of all you need a lot of money when you are not known. Murtagh is a current city councilmember. Fortunately for him, is has name recognition and is not a returnee to politics. UNFORTUNATELY for us, not many pay that much attention to what he has done and has not done for eight years and may only take note of his political rhetoric, stealing platform ideas form his colleagues who hae already introduced the concepts he now espouses but never supported while they sat in various city council committees or while hey came up at committee meetings. This is the truly sad part of politics in Yonkers.

  2. Since no one in Yonkers politics seems to want to discuss financial filings for the GOP mayoral race I’ll post the numbers
    Balance before last filing – $15,529.52
    Contributions this period – $2,420
    Expenditures this period – $5,697.97
    TOTAL CASH – $11,981.55
    Interesting to note that most of Mr. Murtagh’s donations for this period came from individuals who don’t even reside in Yonkers.
    Balance before last filing – $0
    Contributions this period – $1,831.30
    Contribution on his own behalf – $100,020.00
    Expenditures this period – $11,360.32
    TOTAL CASH – $90,490.98
    Like that he put his own money in. Shows that there are no ties to please people who made contributions if he gets in.
    Balance before last filing – $70,885.43
    Interesting to note he put $50k of his own in last filing period. Like that as well
    Contributions this period – $3,100
    Expenditures this period – $19,735
    TOTAL CASH – $54,250.43
    Also interesting to note he didn’t disclose how much was paid to the lawyers in the Calvi challenge. Wonder who footed the bill there.
    Just thought I’d share, looks like Murtagh is out of steam (money) and it may be an all Italian GOP battle. I hope either Martinelli or Calvi wins, there is no way Murtagh has any shot in a general election with that little money and his apparent inability to raise money or contribute on his own behalf.
    We shall see

  3. Nothing illegal under Public Officers Law, General Municipal Law or Second Class Cities Law with respect to Calvi’s plan.
    Then again would not expect either of the legal crews on the other sides, especially Mclaughlin, to even know where to look.
    Each proposal is permissible under contractual provisions.
    Do you really think that either a commissioner appointed by Calvi, a non-affiliated employee or a union would turn down this opportunity.
    Then again, on the basis of the established records of both Murtagh and Martinelli, they’d rather keep wasting money as opposed to giving incentives to save it or eliminate waste.
    So your argument is to knock Calvi’s positive proposal, without proper authority, in favor of keeping the City on it’s eventual path to bankruptcy – unless Calvi is our next Mayor.
    Mayor Carlo Calvi – can’t wait till they paint it in gold leaf (artificial of course) on the door to the office.

  4. Think you are kind of missing the point here.
    1) If you have read any of his literature or listened to the radio interviews you would know that he has defined the “systemic waste” to the tee
    2) This is more about getting commissioners to save money or else they’re GONE like so many comissioners should be
    3) Cut all the gas and cell phones out of the budget only takes out 40k?? Really? Try 4 or 5 million when all city cars, cell phones and gas are eliminated. Why should we pay gas for all these foiafightas to drive back upstate? Billion dollar budget or not (and it can clearly be much less under Calvi’s control) saving a couple million is nothing to bat your lashes at
    4) I’m assuming that you’re a Martinelli supporter and/or campaigner. Well next time you see Richard ask him two questions. First, how much money did he raise last month? Second, how did it feel to blow $100k plus in legal fees on a miserably failed frivolous legal suit? (this will hurt even more if this poster is Liam, which I assume it is, since he was personally shot down unanimously by the Appellate Division)
    Clearly richard just resorting to dirty politics since he can’t hang with the big boys.

  5. “I will identify & eliminate the “systemic waste”
    Question Why haven’t you identified this “systematic waste” already?
    “any commissioner who can operate his or her department below annual budget will be rewarded for saving our tax dollars.”
    Hey Dummy, It is ILLEGAL to tie benefits(bonus) for savings in the Public Sector – DUH
    Cut gas and Cell phones – wow, save at least $40,000 (out of a Billion Dollar Budget)
    Carlo, you are SO far OVER YOUR HEAD (not meant as a height joke) that it isn’t funny.
    Pandering and platitudes are the refuge of those with no real plan. Well done Carlo. You have brought nothing to the table. Makes me want to vote for Lesnick!!!

  6. Why doesn’t Martinelli or Murtagh have any signs up? I have seen zero Martinelli signs and only 3 or 4 Murtagh signs. What about fund raising? I heard Richard raised only 2000 dollars last month. Is this true? How much did Murtagh raise? Very curious.

  7. Very nice. Richard is saying many similar things. After watching the debate I’m just going to assume he’s trying to steal your platform. It’s evident he isn’t capable of composing a single logical thought.
    Where are the mailers though?

  8. The best thing he said
    was after January 1st THE NEW
    police commissioner. Thank God
    we finally get rid of that clown
    Hartnet! Good riddance and take
    your CONstat with you!

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