Yonkers Campaign Trail: Political Strategy to Decide City’s Mayoral Winner By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicature The no-nonsense New York State Supreme Court Justice Joan B. Lefkowitz was witness to the opening salvo of allegations of election fraud from the legal team representing the Yonkers’ mayoral candidacy of Richard Martinelli  against the candidacy of Carlo Calvi, who are both desirous to wrestle a Republican Primary win on September 13, 2011.

The upcoming Republican Primary is being contested by Carlo Calvi , who is also the Independence Party designee; Richard Martinelli, who holds the Conservative Party endorsement; and John Murtagh, the Republican Party designee.  The three way race is almost certain to maintain Murtagh’s designation. The so-called spoiler here is Calvi whose challenge encroaches onto Martinelli’s chances to take the Republican endorsement from Murtagh. The seemingly weakest contender among the three contestants has been judged by the Martinelli campaign effort to be Calvi. Mr Calvi submitted over 1800 petitions to the Westchester County Board of Elections (WCBoE). Of those submitted, the WCBoE validated 1365 signatures. Legal  Counsel Jerry Goldfeder, representing the Martinelli campaign effort yesterday, August 2, 2011, began a legal challenge questioning the veracity of some of the 1365 validated signatures garnered by the Calvi campaign effort. Only 1000 signatures are required to qualify. Goldfeder, representing the Martinelli campaign effort alleges the Calvi campaign effort, specifically in the presence of Carlo Calvi and his wife, Julia Calvi, perpetrated election fraud. That issue may be decided in the Honorable Joan Lefkowitz’s Court today, or within days. In reality, the challenge to the Calvi campaign effort, by attacking the personal integrity of Carlo and Julia Calvi’s conduct in the collection of signatures in the petition process is a thinly veiled attempt by the Martinelli campaign effort to derail Calvi ever being permitted to participate in the Yonkers Republican City Committee Primary Election.

The reason for these cloak and dagger antics exposes Martinelli’s campaign efforts inability to wrestle the present Republican designation from Murtagh. The likely Republican Primary voters reside in the 5th and 6th Yonkers City Council Districts (YCCD) . Calvi lives in the 5th YCCD, and Murtgah resides in and presently represents the 5th YCCD as its Yonkers City Council Minority Leader.

Calvi has a long and respected history as a Yonkers City Councilman, lawyer, and engineer among  these voters.  Murtagh, too, has a strong relationship within the 5th YCCD, although he has exhibited an aloof and condescending demeanor to too many potential voters; even so, Murtagh has strong backing from the Yonkers City Republican Committee heirarchy of ward leaders and district leaders.

The 1365 petiton signatures presented to the Westchester County Board of Elections (WCBoE) were validated under the aegis of WCBoE Democrat Commissioner Reginald Lafayette and WCBoE Republican Commissioner Doug Colety.  The WCBoE  does not have the jurisdiction to ascertain “fraud,” to which legal challenge must be brought before the court to be prove such an allegation. It seems unlikely 366 of those signatures will be found to have been fraudulently attained. Any number below 1000 would disqualify Calvi’s  primary election process before the Yonkers Republican City Committee.

Legal Counsel Jeff Binder represented Calvi before Judge Lefkowitz’s court.

It was disconcerting to have signatories subpoenaed to be present. who were scrutinized by each respective lawyer, in a manner not easily comprehended by these elderly witnesses.  The lawyers were short with them, laughing at their incongruous thought processes and not always lucid responses.  The lack of clarity could have more easily been discerned had each lawyer taken the time to facilitate the respective responses they sought with compassion rather than condescension.  Instead, Goldfeder and Binder were more enamored with their, at times, over the top theatrics than their search for a retelling of happenstance. With one witness, a language problem became evident. The witness was alert but was rattled by questions posed to her in a language pattern she could not easily discern. 

But the events of Tuesday, August 2, 2011, are nothing more than an opaque effort to distance the public from the political game plan.

The game plan is to find whatever mechanisms are possible to thwart, dissuade, or neuter any effort by Calvi to maintain his effort in the Republican Primary. This is because Martinelli cannot win a three-way race against both Calvi and Murtagh.  Without the Republican endorsement, Martinelli’s hopes for the mayoralty are dashed. Were Martinelli to maintain his effort beyond the Republican Primary through to the General Election without the Republican endorsement, Martinelli will find it an impossibility to win the prize with only the support of the Conservative Party. Further, Murtagh is unlikely to make it to the finish line without the Conservative Party backing or the Independence Party line.

As it sits now, Martinelli’s prospects for wrestling the Republican Party designation from Murtagh is minimal.

Dr. Giulio Cavallo, Westchester Conservative Party Chairman was present at the Tuesday hearing. His presence was inappropriate. He has endorsed the Calvi campaign. At issue for the Independence Party is whether their endorsement of Calvi has been perceived by the public to be passive support of Mike Spano’s mayoral campaign effort in the Democrat Primary, also being held on September 13, 2011. Spano is the Democrat Party designee.

The Conservative Party is stuck with having endorsed the Martinelli campaign effort. The Independence Party has a few more options at their disposal. As an employee of the New York State Democrats, Dr. Cavallo, Chairman of the Independence Party can in time suggest Calvi pull out of the race by nominating him to a position of judge. Were that to happen, Cavallo could then designate another candidate with the support of the Independence Party designation. The cascade of circumstances described have been adamantly refuted by Calvi to not be his goal. Calvi is focused on winning the General Election in November 2011. He has no interest in being nominated to a judgeship.


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eHeziYonkers Campaign Trail: Political Strategy to Decide City’s Mayoral Winner By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Martineli lost on all accounts. Period.
    First he spent tens of thousands on a Wall street lawyer accusing Calvi, his wife an his son of forging hundreds of signatures on petiions.
    Most of Martinelli’s subpoenead witnesss testified in Calvi’s behalf. As a result, Richie lost at the Supreme Court level.
    Then he put legal eagles Mclaughlin & Volino to work to appeal.
    Perhaps not such great lawyers, they lost unanimously before five judges inthe appelate court.
    Now what ? Richie can’t have the election decided by judges in a frivolous court case. He’s left with facing the voters.
    Considering the Martinelli legacy of the collonades, the real estate transfer tax, the income tax surcharge and Andre Hornsby, Richie cannot be feeling too good right now.
    He will never be mayor of Yonkers, even though he thinks it’s his birthright.

  2. Calvi won the case against Martinelli’s Wall Street lawyer. Period.
    Amazing that Richie and his dad spent close to $50,000 to defeat Calvi and they lost.
    One of many losses to come.

  3. If you had a law LICENSE then you would probably know it’s spelt license and not “licence”. No. instead you are certainly a Martinelli troll who had his tail put between his legs after being scorned by Hon. Leftowitz for bringing a frivolous suit. there was no fraud and no grievance committee will even look at this case. Further, there was not one piece of testimony or evidence in this entire case that led the court to deem a single signature fraudulent. So where exactly are you coming up with your opinion? Were you listening to to the same testimony as the rest of us? Or were you sleeping in the back because you didn’t understand the big words being used in the Court room? This cheap tactic by Martinelli to waste time and resources will come back to bite him in the ass tenfold. It’s already cost him at least $50,000 and now he’s guaranteed himself that if by some miracle he wins a Republican primary, Carlo will be staying in to make sure he loses a general, can’t blame the guy there. and I applaud Hezi for calling both him and Murtagh out for being the dirty and useless career politicians that they are.
    What I do think that a grievance committe will find interesting however is a candidate for mayor committing a misdemeanor. I anxiously await the outcome of that. Next story on that please Hezi.

  4. listening to court teatimony – calvi clearly committed candidate fraud – i cant wait till the nys grievance committee reads the testimony also..

  5. Who are the Yonkers Republican District Leaders Loyal to? To the Ward Leaders?? Ward Leaders who abstain from nominating a mayoral candidate or who blind-side their own party by “throwing their hat in the ring” as a mayoral candidate??? HAHA
    A majority of Yonkers Republican District Leaders sit at home during the petition process and do not even know they are District Leaders. I applaud anyone who steps up and is willing to shake up the so called Yonkers Republican Party. Whoever that individual or team of people that may be.

  6. The only people that can run a legal raffle is a 501(c)3 not for profit. Maybe Martinelli can become a 501(z)3 under the waste of time & energy organization.

  7. Well we can all thank God, that he’s not selling tickets to the black sox at the never built chicken island baseball stadium.

  8. i did the same online research that you did..but
    I am asking a different question…what distinguishes
    this raffle for yankee tickets from the usual political
    fundraising raffle albeit the price is greater..I doubt
    that the martinelli political committee is violating
    the law…

  9. In response to Mr. Edelman regarding the illegal raffle. New york State Law clearly states that there are only a few orginazations that can hold a raffle legally. A political committee is not one of those orginazations. Further, if Mr. Martinelli was deemed to be a proper organization to be eligible to hold raffle he would have to apply for a permit with the City Clerk to be allowed to hold a raffle. The City Clerk has stated that no permit was issued. As such, under the statute, holding such a raffle ilegally is a misdemeanor. Further, Mr. Martinelli’s mailer illegally used the New York Yankee logo in violation of copyright and trademark laws. Hopefully the authorities fully investigate this matter instead of letting it fall by the wayside.
    A little legal research goes a long way Mr. Edelman.

  10. I’m not sure who is giving Martinelli political advice. Dragging into court people who are not willing to testify that Calvi committed a fraud was a complete waste of time. He would have been better off spending that money on another mailer to the Republican base.
    When Martinelli didn’t get the Republican nod at the convention he should have stepped out of the race. Calvi would have gotten the Conservative & Independence line. Beating Murtagh in the Republican primary would have given Calvi three lines against Mikey which would have made a clean fight.
    Martinelli listened to Spencer/Liam and now unless someone has a better idea just opens the door for Spano to win. Liam is playing both ends against the middle, he deals with the Spano’s through Gail Burns & Vinnie Spano and has Martinelli thinking he’s the next Mayor.
    Astorino should have gotten Murtagh out of the race. If Murtagh wins because Calvi & Martinelli split the Italian vote then there will be a four way race. Murtagh,Calvi,Martinelli & Spano, my advice would be not have an election and just go straight to the swaering in for Mikey, who will sign his oath of office with a crayon.

  11. So because you find Martinelli’s tactics to be inexcusable, you drop your reluctant support for Murtagh.
    That is a total non-sequitur.

  12. the new york post article was nonsense..the man got
    what he was told he would get…close to 5000..he happened to owe money for medical liens…settlements
    are settlements if he owed money that’s his problem
    not the law firm’s…in the meantime there would have
    been no money at all for anyone had the firm not taken
    the case..a total of close to 800 million was recovered
    the legal fee was cut substantially by the court and
    the monies are being distributed based mostly upon
    respiratory illnesses..cancers could not and can not
    be proven to have resulted from 9/11 exposure and in
    fact there was an article in the new york times just
    the other day about just that…the judge told the
    lawyers the cancer claims would have been thrown out
    and finally an independent auditing firm not the lawfirm is in charge of making sure that each client
    gets exactly what he is legally entitled to..maybe
    you should stop reading susan edelman in the post..
    and in light of the phone hacking controversy maybe
    you shouldn’t even read the post itself…but you
    read scandal sheets and you quote from them..no other
    media outlet would write the story because they knew
    it was garbage..
    as for the republicans in the race in yonkers Hezi
    has it just right..the conervative party and HUGH FOX
    made sure no republican can win the mayoralt…Murtaugh
    cannot win wihtout the consv line..and martinelli
    has no way to get off that line since he is not an
    attorney..the independence line is irrelevant when
    it is not attached to a major party..so in order for
    the republicans to keep either mike spano or chucky
    out of office is to vote for martinelli in the primary

  13. i was reluctantly supporting murtaugh but when martinelli challenged the loyal district leaders and is obviously conducting an illegal raffle for 1000. a ticket my support now goes to calvi. i dont know much about calvi but he seems like a down to earth common sense candidate. he will have my vote.

  14. How about Martinelli forcing primaries against long time district leaders? He filed his petitions at the last minute and then when he got caught, swore up and down he didn’t know anything about it and promised the GOP leadership that he would have the paperwork rescinded. Well, he lied. What a shock! Martinelli is in Spano’s pocket. Elections have consequences, Richie.

  15. Good story. It definitely smells like election time in Yonkers again. Dirty politics coming from Martinelli (via this story and an illegal raffle) and Murtagh (via his inaccurate mailers and completely false letter to district leadrs). I don’t agree with you Hezi on writing Carlo off as a block for Martinelli from winning. I think Calvi has a real shot here if the campaign is run right. People hate Murtagh and are sick of the Martinelli name and what goes along with it. Whatever may happen, Richard definitely shot himself in the foot with this waste of time lawsuit because 1) it made him look extremely foolish and incompetent and 2) there is no way Carlo will bow out if Martinelli wins the primary now. As it is, Richard just cost himself whatever pipe dream of being the next mayor that existed. He is truly a clown.

  16. It has nothing to do with Hezi’s story, just like the “law firm” of Canwe, Cheetem and Howe had nothing to do with defending the sick and dying from 9/11 other then to line their own pockets with blood money!

  17. Where’s Mike? Ground Zero Worker: I Received No Compensation For Throat Cancer
    First Posted: 8/2/11 12:39 PM ET Updated: 8/3/11 03:06 PM ET
    A father of two who developed throat cancer after spending 16 hours a day for six months removing toxic debris from buildings next to Ground Zero claims that he received a check for $0 to compensate him for his work-related injuries.
    Soon after he finished working on the site, Edgar Galvis, 51, developed sleeping problems as well as chronic rhinosinusitis, which is a combination of rhinitis and sinusitis.
    Galvis then filed a claim against Merrill Lynch, the company for which he removed the debris, seeking compensation for his medical treatments after a friend connected him with the law firm Worby, Groner, Edelman & Napoli Bern, which was helping many other 9/11 workers get compensation for their injuries, reports the Daily Mail.
    An attorney from the firm paid him an encouraging visit at his home, he told the Mail.
    “The man told me that more than likely I will get sick and I would get 60 per cent of whatever he won. He even mentioned the words ‘millions of dollars'”
    Just four months after receiving a $10,000 offer, Galvis found out he had throat cancer but, according to the firm, it was too late for him to add that malady to his claim.
    Despite the setback, Galvis was “relieved” to receive his settlement check in the mail since he was already sinking under $30,000 of debt, reports News.com.
    However, relief quickly turned to shock when he realized the check was for a grand total of $0.00.
    Where did it all of the money go? The New York Post did the math:
    “His award had been $10,005, but his lawyers at the firm Worby, Groner, Edelman & Napoli Bern lopped off $2,579 for unitemized legal expenses.
    Then they took a 33.3 percent fee of $2,124.
    They also subtracted $352, a fee to the lawyer who referred him.
    The remaining $4,950 was withheld for unspecified “liens,” the letter says.”
    “I have hit rock bottom,” Mr Galvis told the Daily Mail. “I was expecting a check, and you can imagine how I felt when I opened it. I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was a joke.”
    In an email to the Post, attorney Paul Napoli said that Galvis had already gotten “tens of thousands of dollars” in other claims, but Galvis maintains that he has not received a “single dollar” from the firm.

  18. Martinelli should be more concerned about the possibly illegal gambling operation he is running with the $1000 raffle tickets for a Yankees box. Not to mention the use of copyrighted Yankees logos.

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