Yonkers City Council Candidate Stephen Cerrato Comments On Recent Judgment Involving the Yonkers Mayor

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CERRATO_Stephen , NY – Stephen Cerrato, Republican candidate for Yonkers City Council in the 5th District, who has also garnered the endorsement of the Conservative, Independence and Right to Life parties, commented today on the recent decision against Mayor Phil Amicone.  According to the decision, and information pertaining to this case, the total costs to the City could be somewhere over the $2 Million mark.

Cerrato expressed concern over who is responsible for Mayor Amicone’s exorbitant legal fee and the monetary award to the plaintiffs in the case.  “It appears that the City may have to shoulder the burden of paying not only the award, but the Mayor’s legal fees.”  My question is how did the Mayor retain the services of an outside law firm with the expectation that the residents would somehow pay the bill, and better yet, where was the City Council to say, “NO WAY!!”

“This is part of the problem in City Hall, there doesn’t appear to be anyone looking out for The People.  When elected this fall, I can assure you that these antics will not go on, or at the very least, that the exhibited behavior will be exposed at the outset.  How this administration expects the residents in this City to continually foot the bill for their misappropriation of our tax dollars is remarkable, yet that may be the likely outcome here.  Rest assured, as the next 5th District Councilman, and with my legal background, I will take all necessary steps to see that we don’t get stuck with the bill this time.  If the Mayor did something wrong, then he alone should pay.  We should not be penalized for his indiscretions.”

“Now more than ever, we need a real leader who will stand up to this type of behavior and make known to the public exactly what is going on.  Did the City Council ever even ask how the Mayor was paying his legal bills, or how this lawsuit could impact the City and its residents, or why the Corporation Counsel’s office couldn’t defend him?  This type of behavior cannot continue; the City and The People just cannot afford it anymore.  Here is another $2 Million lost.  That money could have gone towards the schools or to needed repairs in the City.  Instead, it will line the pockets of the Mayor’s defense team, and all the while, we are paying for it.”

Learn more from the Committee to Elect Stephen Cerrato, 656 Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704, (914) 220-2536, or www.stephencerrato.com.


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eHeziYonkers City Council Candidate Stephen Cerrato Comments On Recent Judgment Involving the Yonkers Mayor

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  1. True, if you look at BREEN’s campaign disclosure, you will see conributions from the unions as well. Don’t all the candidates get these types of donations… wouldn’t it be in the interest of the unions to support all candidates(even a little bit) just in case that person wins…That would make sense. To say they support one guy (which would make him a bad representativ) and not the other is very misleading…By that comment, Breen would be bad too…

  2. Wow, talk about distorting the facts:
    1. Nothing Cerrato said was false, its all public comments that BREEN actually said;
    2. The fact that Cerrato takes a stance and is willing to critique a fellow Republican for stupid acts is refreshing – Breen would never, ever do that because he is a party puppet;
    3. You dont and cant offer any act that impunes any of the candidates integrity, so not sure why you even say this;
    4. The Fire and Police Union have supported BREEN during his campaign too, so I guess the same holds true for him…
    5. And the real kicker, the very people you condemn here are the same people BREEN has looked to for support…i.e. Breen was a Martinelli supporter, then jumped to Murtagh for convention votes. He then looked to the police and fire for their endorsements…, and he is supported by Nick Spano.. Your attemtps to lump Cerrato in with anyone are plain lies and distortions.. As you say in your comment that you despise lies and pandering, YOU MUST REALLY, REALLY DESPISE YOURSELF…
    The fact that people support Cerrato and not Breen doesnt make him bad. Cerrato has been outspoken on many issues which I am sure some union folk and some republican folk dont like. Truth is, he seems to call it like it is, and YOU DONT LIKE IT….Fortunately, you represent about .05% of the electorate..whew…

  3. To question mark: I despise lying and pandering the lowest level of politics. If someone lies and distorts during a campaign they will do far worse in office. Thus far, Cerrato has done just that. This is not a tv closing argument, it is about imparting the truth to Yonkers Residents and he has failed miserably. As to Amicone. I say to him PAY WHAT YOU OWE he lost. He has to pay He should have and did receive coverage of his legal fees as he would never have been sued but for his position as Mayor and Sam Zerka’s vendetta
    No to Cerrato’s BS and NO to further expenditures by Amicone.
    How about someone with a little integrity instead of the parade of questionable characters we have now.
    To Who is the Union Partner? It is the Fire Union Chief Barry NoGood McGouy His union has supported Cerrato from the get go. They also support Rich Martinelli “through the primary” so they can F**K him and go with Spano. Great company Steve keeps

  4. what is it about Cerrato that you dislike. His comments to date seem to be fair. I am unaware of any Cerrato-Spano connection, but am curious to know which candidate you think is better and why….

  5. In a recent mailing by Mr. Spano pertaining to his “2011 Legislative Review” “Mike Spano passed a new law that will cap property tax increases in Yonkers.” Yonkers being part of the “Big Five” was exempt from the property tax cap. Mr Spano presented an absolute distortion of the facts, deception at its best with his comment and he is just a outright liar and jerkoff.

  6. How many of the workers at Empire City are Yonkers residents-not too many-you see them all getting off the bus from the subway line.

  7. I believe my post said that when the verdict was rendered and punitive damages awarded, at that point, at least, the city should have ceased to expend one more cent on defending a guilty mayor. How much did the city expend getting the damages award lowered – city funds used to lower a punitive damage award which might, ultimately, be paid by the mayor. The citizens of Yonkers are paying to decrease HIS bill for HIS civil rights violations. Just what don’t you get “no vote”?

  8. please help a lost dog???? Who is Cerratos bussiness partner and what does he have to do w the fire department………Thanks

  9. Of course they will compliment each other They were made for each other!!! Legions of graft ahead. As to Lions comment, the punatives are AFTER the fact You can’t assume an adverse verdict and decline coverage. As an attorney Cerrato should know that He is simply playing to the ignorance of most people. Sad if Yonkers ends up with Spano and Cerrato.

  10. agreed, This “NO VOTE” person clearly has one agenda – to attack Cerrato. Based on the posts above, its obvious “NO VOTE” is the only person that feels that the tax payers should be responsible for the Mayor’s actions here. Regardless of legal issues, I have to agree with Cerrato here, this is completely unfair that we have to shell out Millions because the Mayor thought it fitting to steal newpapers.. Ridiculous, and “No Vote” sounds like he could be the Mayor’s buddy, if not, I really dont understand his position on this one.

  11. excuse me “no vote” but doesn’t a verdict awarding PUNITIVE damages indicate an intentional act, in this case, a violation of first amendment rights in the removal of the paper stands? Punitive damage awards, as opposed to compensatory damages, usually remove one from the protection of indemnification, which umbrella this god-awful mayor is hiding under. The city should not have spent one penny more defending this turd once the guilty verdict was put forth and punitive damages awarded.

  12. Reply to GOSH, You are the dope for believing Spano b.s. Brother Nick locked in an agreement that limited the money coming directly to YO @20 mill…Do you realize how much would be coming if that agreement was drafted differently…more like 40, 60 plus mill! Guess what that would settle the city’s current shortfall. This tells me that greater deals were happening between Nick and Rooney families….HMMMMM

  13. I love the poster that says “emire city was a bad deal for yks” lol – so the biggest employer in the city as well as the place that gives us 20 mil in additional money for yks schools (thx to mike spano) in addition to reg aid is somehow bad for yonkers? that person is just a dope lol

  14. Please. Grandstanding by Cerrato. The law states that the public employee (mayor) receives legal services when the ACCUSATIONS are related to duties of the job. That was what was in the suit. If Cerrato bothered to read the papers he would know that. He will pay in the debates for his grandstanding know nothing bulls**t

  15. Right on……Cerrato, you should look into this, being a lawyer yourself.. This cannot go on.
    In response to caractacus, you are completely Right. Why should we no have to pay for this intentional wrongdoing, well outside the scope of his duties…
    Have to agree with Mr. Cerrato here…..I sure dont want to pay for this..I mean 1% tax increase to cover the costs of this…insane… Go get ’em Stephen…

  16. Mr. Cerrato,
    Call for the spineless Inspector General Dan Schorr to do his job and to investigate this outrage.
    We Republicans need to police our own. Amicone has proven to be a rogue. Please do your best to correct this outrage.
    Your future constituent.

  17. A no vote: I’m confused. I suspect you can help me better understand. I’ve been told this mayor ordered policemen to abscond with newspapers from streetside containers so as to prevent citizens of Yonkers from reading them, and was then found guilty of something related to that in a way that involves court costs, penalties, and legal fees. Which part of that story qualifies as, “an act that took place during the course of and as a part of their official duties?” Isn’t violating 1st amendment rights when the message makes you look bad exactly something that would not fall under your legally-covered rubric? How is suppression of bad political news a mayoral official duty? Or, have the reports I’ve read and other folks who have explained it to me gotten the merits wrong? I don’t see how it can be both.

  18. Isn’t Cerrato a lawyer – I am sure he knows more about the law then his opponents, Breen or Crotty put together.
    Also, I think I speak for everyone when I say that if you want to pay (with our tax dollars) for the stupid acts of the Mayor, then you have completely lost touch with reality. Regardless that you apparently dislike Cerrato, you cant argue that he is 100% right on this issue.
    Why is it that the Corp. Counsel’s office (which has like 20 lawyers) couldn’t defend the Mayor, since those lawyers are already on the payroll. Maybe Cerrato can change that law, that says we have to indemnify the Mayor for an INTENTIONAL ACT OF STUPIDITY…
    What is your favorite candidate’s position on this issue…..oh, thats right, he has none…or maybe he needs someone to give him the answer…Sad…You should not even be posting – you embarass yourself.

  19. This demonstrates how unfit Cerrato is to become a councilman. He simply doesn’t know the law. The law REQUIRES the City to defend a public official accused civily of an act that took place during the course of and as a part of their official duties. Also, just because the Guardian (rag that it is) claims that 2 million dollars have been spent is not a fact. Fact is that no where near that amount has been expended. Interested in the amount? FOIL it!
    Cerrato is just blowing smoke and acting like his thug union chief partner.

  20. In reply to you, not only do we need people like Cerrato, we need to defeat Spano (and the Spano committee/Family) from becoming Mayor. if he is our next mayor..in 4 years Yonkers will be on the verge of Bankruptcy. and the only people who will have city jobs, will be the Spano’s…. VOTE MIKE OUT

  21. Your right. But this what has to change, and that is why people like Stephen Cerrato need to be elected. He crotozed the empire city tax break as well. Great letter here Stephen.

  22. Cerrato, you know the way things work in YO. Do you think Spano has looked after Yonkers at the state level….No Way! What has Spano gone to fix the NYS school formula? Nothing… YO has thousands of enrolled students that we get nothing for because NYS averages in the enrollment over a period of years. However, enrollment has continued to rise year after year. Nobody cares about the next generation, except how to pad their own retirements!
    Empire City was another disaster for Yonkers taxpayers!

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