Yonkers Firefighters Union Takes Mayor Amicone and City Council President Chuck Lesnick to Task over Ridge Hill

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  Ridgehill-rendering Letter from Yonkers Firefighters' Local 628's environmental lawyer to Mssrs. Amicone, Lesnick, and Ratner regarding the City's non-action on the Ridge Hill Fire House available herein.

YONKERS, NY — Yonkers Firefighters Union (I.A.F.F. Local 628) has retained the services of legal counsel to represent them and a group of negatively impacted Yonkers residents in seeking to compel the City of Yonkers, Mayor Amicone, City Council President Chuck Lesnick, and Forest City Ratner to live up to the promises and assurances made during the approval of the Ridge Hill Village project.

The City Council was the “Lead Agency” in the State Environmental Quality Review Act (“SEQRA”) for the Ridge Hill Village project and as part of their approvals for the project, the City Council adopted two (2) “Findings” Resolutions mandating, among other things, the establishment of one (1) additional Truck Company for the City of Yonkers (with 35% of the annual costs being attributable to the Ridge Hill Village project and the building of one (1) additional Fire House (with $3,000,000 of the construction costs to be paid for by Forest City Ratner).

“To date, despite the opening of several entertainment and retail stores, and with more stores scheduled to open before September, absolutely nothing has been done to build the new Fire House or staff the Fire Company promised to the citizens of Yonkers” said Barry B. McGoey, president of the Yonkers Firefighter’s Union. “We have raised this issue on numerous occasions for at least the past three (3) years to the Mayor, the City Council President and the entire City Council. We were met with excuses and empty promises with Mayor Amicone blaming the Yonkers City Council for not appropriating money for the purchase of a suitable site for the fire house and the City Council blaming the Mayor for not identifying a parcel of land and negotiating a purchase price. It’s way past time for both the Mayor and the City Council to stop playing the blame game and to do their job.”

In a blistering letter to all of the above parties, the attorney for the Yonkers Firefighters states that all parties involved “have completely and utterly failed to follow through on the necessary measures to ensure that Ridge Hill would not and will not adversely impact the City’s ability to provide adequate fire protection services.” The letter calls upon the City Council to enact legislation requiring: the City to immediately locate and acquire the necessary land for the Fire House; directing the City to commence design and construction of the Fire House as soon as feasible, and requiring Forest City Ratner to immediately fund a $3,000,000 escrow account to cover its share of the costs of that new Fire House. Alternatively, the City Council should revoke or rescind the approvals and zoning changes it made for the project.

Local 628 President McGoey said “I have instructed our attorney to take all steps necessary to ensure that the mitigation measures promised in the SEQRA review and the resulting findings (the construction of a new Fire House and establishment of an additional Truck Company) are implemented and that the City and the developer deliver on the promises and assurances they made when they sought approval of this massive project. We have been joined by numerous residents of the surrounding area who were quite vocal in opposition to the project when it was proposed because of the negative impact it would have on them, including the drain on fire and emergency services. It was because of their legitimate fears that both the City and the developer agreed to provide the area with additional fire protection services. Indeed, the developer agreed to put up $3,000,000 towards the construction of a new Fire House in order to secure a (second) favorable vote from the City Council as Lead Agency.”

McGoey continued, “We are hopeful that Forest City Ratner will join us in requesting that the City live up to the promised additional fire protection, not just for Ridge Hill Village, but also for the neighboring communities. Forest City Ratner has promised $3,000,000 towards the construction of a new Fire House, but it is the City’s obligation to design, plan, and build the Fire House. We expect Forest City Ratner to live up to every promise they made to the citizens of Yonkers, including the one that they would mitigate the negative impacts the project would have on fire protection services for the rest of Yonkers. As good neighbors and responsible developers we expect Forest City Ratner to join us and request that the City of Yonkers implement the mitigation measures outlined in the SEQRA Finding and construct a new Fire House and establish a new Truck Company.”

McGoey concluded, “We are going to hold the City of Yonkers and Forest City Ratner to their promises. To do otherwise would endanger the safety and lives of the citizens of Yonkers and the residents of Ridge Hill, as well as the safety and lives of the Yonkers Firefighters.”

 Click to Download Warren Reiss letter re Ridge Hill 

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eHeziYonkers Firefighters Union Takes Mayor Amicone and City Council President Chuck Lesnick to Task over Ridge Hill

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  1. they’re going to put one ypd e-rig in station 10. this way it only takes them 15 minutes to get to most emergencies.
    barnet ordered a few exotic animals with some grant money.
    plus, they get to slide down the pole like real firemen.
    now they will have 2 ypd/(fire?)houses…..north and south. these guys are afraid to fight crime like the guys on patrol…….I say let them defect to the yfd….that’s what they want to do…..no?

  2. The Yonkers Fire Department has an agreement with PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. We house all kinds of endangered animals, including but not limited to unicorns and dragons. The Commissioner is expected to bring all our exotic animals out for a one time showing this Labor Day. Please call to make arrangements, come one come all. It will truly be the Greatest Show in the YO. Brought to you compliments of the Phil Amicone defense fund.

  3. What is being done about these exotic animals in the firemens station house? Whats next, albino rhinos? Two headed hornets? And by the way, the drager guy is right, he really killed these guys with his volunteer comment, volunteer firemen are a real threat to these union thugs….leave the animals in the rain forest and out of the firehouse!!!

  4. How come no one is addressing the wild animals, and I don’t mean the firemen themselves, that are being kept in these firehouses? What is the commissioner doing? It’s a disgrace.

  5. Sounds like you also failed the entry exam. Sure, every job has some bad apples. Like the PD and dpw, etc. A few fires a year? what are you smoking? Been to a few in a day. By the way, fdny respects Yfd. Why? because they do more with less. Oh, and water tanker. It’s deployed when the water towers have low pressure einstien. Ask new york state who has the most capable fd besides fdny in the state. Sorry to hurt your feelings but its yonkers. I heard their USAR team is going to cover the state in the near future. Once again, sorry you never passed the test and are miserable with your career.

  6. First learn how to spell! Flamible? lol. How about room contents catching fire in these apartments? couches, furniture, etc. Remember, steel even ignites at a certain temperature. How about quick response times for people in need of ems. Dont be a hater. Not my problem you never passed the test. You never know when you may need the FD.

  7. Thank you pockets for enlightening me and all the citizens of Yonkers as to all the equipment our fire department has! I, as many others, did not know how well equipped our department was and now I feel much safer! Praise God that we might not ever need to use some of this equipment but as my Grandpa used to say “it’s better to look at it then look for it”. God bless our men and women in the Yonkers police and fire departments.

  8. When they build this fire hut , it should have a BBQ smoker so the men can see a litte smoke in there day. Plus it would be good for morale.

  9. The real question with the YFD is are they starting up with the exotic animal zoos at the fire houses? This is totally unacceptable. The posters that know are telling you what they are doing! The other stuff is there cover.

  10. The yonkers firefighters are a bunch of unprofessional hacks. In the fire fighting world they are a joke, any member of the FDNY will tell you that.
    It’s no secret that these clowns spend all night in the firehouse drinking and watching porn. There are very few fires in Yonkers each year but yet these morons have 2 complete fleets of trucks. They even have a garage at ridge hill where they store everything but hey they forget to tell you that in the press release don’t they.
    The yfd has a water tanker in a city that has fire hydrant coverage. They have a collapse rig, you know for all the buildings that fall here. They have an urban search and rescue team…… confused ? Yeah me too. Let’s not forget the multiple busses, mobile command center and assorted other toys they have THAT THEY WILL NEVER USE.
    Let’s not forget the fire fighter or firefighters that were stealing gas from the pumps at station 12 and then hid behind the union when the police came to ask questions or the Lt. that stole from his own union coffers.
    These guys are allowed to run amok and nobody stops them… where does it end ?

  11. just because you couldn’t pass the test, don’t be mad at the rest of us. Read a newspaper kid, the feds only found a few minor technical problems in Yonkers, other than that, they left town with nothing so you can say thank god for the feds but all the feds do for you is provide you with a welfare check

  12. The latest story out of Albany is that the State Pension Fund is analyzing cops payroll for the last 4 years, and that any overtime working for Con Ed is not going to be factored into their pensions. The excess pension payments made by the city for this overtime is going to be refunded back to the city.

  13. I thought the animal problem in the firehouses was taken care of years ago. When that guy was bitten by the mongoose I thought they were found out. I guess not, someone should contact the ASPCA. If they get that house at Ridgehill they will run wild.

  14. Wow, I guess the rank n’ file within YFD really don’t think that highly of either Pagano or Fitzpatrick as leaders of YFD. I agree that Lesnik, Amicone, and the City Council are a bunch of political idiots and mislead the citizens of our city.

  15. Actually, it was my union President Barry McGoey who was instrumental in making sure SFC was required to post a bond to secure the new firehouse in the downtown. It’s too bad McGoey wasn’t in office when this administration and Chuck Lesnick were approving Ridge Hill. If he was, then this wouldn’t have had to be such an issue now
    If Pagano and Fitzpatrick had been doing their jobs these past few years they would have made this an issue long ago
    The firefighters union has tried to get this resolved for years. Unfortunately everyone at city hall avoided the issue. With no place left to turn the firefighters have brought the issue to the public. If no action is taken soon you can be sure the matter will be brought before the courts through a lawsuit
    Blame Amicone. Blame Lesnick. Blame Pagano
    The firefighters are in the right and in the end they will prevail

  16. Maybe this will be a “Lessons Learned” exercise. When the New Downtown Development is near completion in a few years, Mr McGoey and the YFD Union should “Make Darn Sure” that the City and the Developer have the New Fire Headquarters, at Nep and New Main built, in place and with the additional fire companies promissed, as part of the development deal, rather than having to have an attorney send out a letter when the development is 90% complete.

  17. Hey Yonkers Wally, Let’s bring Mcguey down to the river and I’ll get Spencer, Spano and Martinelli and we’ll plan a pig roast for our city residents. That’ll really get everyone’s spirits up for our future leaders and their phony political rhetoric!

  18. You misread the blue prints my friend. The “feeding trough” is not for the animals but for the YPD to pick up its Con Ed assignments. Thank God for the Feds.

  19. I am in complete agreement that if the developer promised a new 2 bay fire station then it should be built. But it should be built by negotiations not public fear mongering.
    I wasn’t trying to pit pd vs. fd, I was merely shooting down a stupid comment from the poster lovefiremen.
    I looked at the plans for the new firehouse and I see that the basement is a large open area and the marking said “grazing space”, another said “feeding trough”… is this new fire station to be used as the main petting zoo for the yfd ?

  20. Sadly, I think that this discussion is trending towards a YFD vs. YPD forum and who is better equiped to service the city. IT’S NOT. This discussion is solely based upon a signed agreement for the developer to build a New Fire Station as well as provided annual financial support for the men/women and equipment to run an additional truck company at this fire house. No more, No less

  21. From a practical standpoint, it would make sense, and I believe that the plan for the New Fire Station for Ridge Hill, will be a 2 bay fire station that would house Engine 310 as well as the proposed new Truck Company (Ladder 76 or Ladder 77). However, many do not want to close the historical existing Station 10. Why not use the existing Station 10 and make it the YFD Muesum (since the original plans for the YFD Muesum at the Old Station 8 have been scrapped, due to the structural issues at that site)

  22. McPhouy is a liar and a thug
    His “leadership group” have played this we need a new firehouse game for years when the reality is that there is NO imperical evidence that one is needed.
    HOW MANY FIRES were there last year that needed to be responded to?
    Not how many “runs” every time a cat is in a tree, a little old lady has heartburn or there is a minor fender bender they go on a “run” NOT NEEDED.
    Private ambulances can respond faster and better to such scenes.
    No need for a new firehouse LIARS

  23. The cops want to add a 2 man car up there ? That seems like a pretty reasonable request due to the number of people that will be working/living and recreating there on a daily basis.

  24. This is just more pathetic fear mongering by the part of the hose draggers. Congrats guys you are now as pathetic as the teachers in this city.
    If it takes engine 10 and 11 six and a half minutes to get to ridge hill then something is wrong because those houses are no more than a 3 minute lights and sirens trip down tuckahoe road.
    As far as the loser who posted as lovefiremen… You say that if someone’s family is crushed in a car, they will be praying that the firemen get there to help them… they won’t have to pray too long because the Yonkers Police ESU unit will already be there getting them out of the car to safety……

  25. I must say that Mr. Amicone can’t be out of office soon enough. The only problem is that we must be sure that Mr. Lesnick doesn’t take his place. This is the same Mr. Lesnick who was against Ridge Hill when he ran for Council President four years ago and the day he was sworn into office he was speaking out of the other side of his assho** and was all for it. I wonder if he got some of the same stuff Annabi got to change her vote for Ridge Hill.
    Also, Forest City promised to build a fire house and they should not be allowed to open until this fire house is built. If it takes ten minute for the fire trucks to get up to Ridge Hill and ten more to return then I hope it’s not my house that needs a fire truck and it burns to the ground because I will be suing the City and Forest City for allowing this to happen. A STOP SHOULD BE PUT OUT THERE NOW AND NO FURTHER STORES SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO OPEN AND THOSE THAT ARE THERE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE IN BUSINESS UNTIL THE FIRE HOUSE IS BUILT!!!! The City, and Mr. Lesnick, have short changed us in this respect and this is not fair.

  26. I think we should move fire headquarters there so if there is a fire Piggy can cry on it. He is the single most effective piece of fire suppresion equipment in the world. And if the heroes must make a high angle rescue, Fatz could act as a giant air bag and break the fall of thousands at once. Come to think of it Piggy could use your not so mobile command center and respond to assignments all over the city, wait all over the county and he could get rid of those evil vollies.

  27. Why not close down that 100 year old firehouse, station 10 which is not suitable for todays equipment. Doesnt the city have station 12 only a couple blocks away. Wouldnt it make sense to stagger equipment a little better than a couple blocks away from each other.

  28. If Murtagh’s head catches foia it would be the equivalent of the Towering Inferno. And if Piggy’s stache goes up it’ll be like the worst forest foia in decades! People-Will-Die!

  29. I agree Tony P., you are not an engineer nor a rocket scientist. Take two seconds right now and look around Mom’s basement and try and pick out all the things that may be combustible (that means “can catch fire, Tony”). Ok? Great. Now think about Dragger’s comment and tell me, does it ring true? If an apartment or store that is built according to code considered fire-proof? Say it with me Tony…Nooooo. Things in said apartment/store can still burn. And what is a by-product of fire Tony? Smoke. Smoke can kill too, little fella. So now that you have gotten a brief lesson in Fire 101, go get YOUR shinebox and join Dragger…

  30. Couldn’t make the cut Dragger? But before you start getting down on yourself again remember whatever you do for a living is important too! You look in the mirror and say “I am somebody”, “I, too, can make a difference”! Feel better buddy? Good! Now go get your shinebox you pathetic little wannabe…

  31. Clothes Pins for everyone, at the Larkin Plaza open sewer opening. Yonkers only has a view. Like prisoners behind bars we can only gaze at the Palisades. Thanks for more sad laughs at the citizens expense

  32. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,etc.and miles to go before I sleep. Wake me up after Amicone is Amigone. Enough already. I mean how low can you go.

  33. Hey Murtaugh…you’re outta of this city for good! Sucker, go back and practice law, and I use the word practice loosely. Ask McLaughlin and Annabi for some good references……

  34. so let me get this straight
    the firemen’s union is trying to get the city and the developer to actually do what they said they were going to do and you call them typical union thugs? you my friend are an ASSHOLE
    yonkers has many more fires than are reported in the journal blues or snooze12 – most of the time the fires are put out by yonkers bravest long before they send a reporter to the scene, so again my friend you are an ASSHOLE
    can’t wait until you mother or child is crushed in a car and is praying to God that the yonkers firemen get there to save their asses despite the fact that you my friend are an ASSHOLE
    that’s the problem with yonkers, too many ASSHOLEs like you and not enough real men like the yonkers firemen

  35. You’re all gonna die! Just ask Magoo and the rest of the heroes. Typical union thug tactics. They have been doing for this years. What is the proper number of firemen for a city our size? 600,700, a thousand. We may as well just start building dorms for these guys or some other form of housing to get enough beds. How many real fires were there last year in Yonkers? I don’t mean how fire trucks went out on runs because it looks like at least three or four go to every fender bender. Way to many of these fakers.

  36. The Yonkers firefighters and their leaders are the only ones in the City of Yonkers to tell the truth without giving a damn about who doesn’t like to hear the truth. Got to give these Yonkers firefighters a lot of credit on this issue and just about every other issue. They are the only “real” men in Yonkers. The others are afraid to say anything or offend anyone. God Bless the Yonkers firemen.

  37. McGoey, It’s evident that the leaders of Yonkers don’t care about fire, police safety or education. Look at the teacher staffing levels that are 200 less than when Amicone took office. It’s a shame that nothing can eliminate political malfeasance. Spano or Martinelli won’t do much better.

  38. Hey Tony P you are an ASSHOLE,whats your problem did you lose your bean counting job. When all you white collar guys were making the big bucks you didnt care about civil servents, now that the economy went south you start to attack the working guy. You dont have the BALLS to do there job so shove your head back up your ASS.

  39. I agree Dragger. These thugs are going to start with their age old tactic that “people are going to die”. Give it a rest. They are so overstaffed it’s a joke. How many do they need to be sleeping at night all around the city? That’s why they are trying to replace Empress, to justify their numbers. And be sure they’ll be demanding more guys to sleep at night. They’ll need bunk beds they’ll be so many of the phonies/heroes. And the fire potential up there must be close to zero. I’m not an engineer but I would bet that the way things are built today they are damn near fire proof, with the materials and built in supression. Come on Mr. McGooy, please give it a rest. You’re starting to sound like Piggy, are you going to start crying next?

  40. These were assurances that were made by both the City Council and the Mayor to obtain the necessary votes. If you read the FEIS, and (yes, I have a copy)the concern of the citizenry was that a “city within a city” would draw essential services away from other sectors. They have gone back on their word on more than one item.
    Chuck Lesnick was supposed to find an alternate route to ease traffic congestion on Tuckahoe Road, for which Forest Ratner placed 10 million dollars in escrow. There was an end date which has passed and no one seems to know where the money went. Surprise, suprise!
    Also, take a look at the artist’s rendering in this article. Lovely plaza isn’t it? Events were supposed to take place there. It doesn’t exist. When did this happen? Again, no one knows.

  41. You got to be kidding me. Are any of the buildings up there even built with wood or anything else that is flamible? A new fire house up there would be a joke. Have some Volunteer Firemen patrol that area, that is all that is needed. Next thing you know, the cops will want a whole new station house up there too. Should Ride Hill also get their own DPW, library, parking authority, and parks department? Whats this new firehouse going to be built out of? Gold? These guys really are union thugs!

  42. It’s about time someone made the developers make good on their promises to Yonkers. I agree with a previous poster this McGooey guy should be running for mayor. We need more leaders like him.

  43. The blame for this fiasco belongs to City Council President Chuck Lesnick, Mayor Amicone and the entire City Council.
    Chuck Lesnick has been an incompetent City Council President for the past 6 years and totally dropped the ball on this issue and most others.
    Phil Amicone has been a disappointment and a failure for the past 8 years.
    And the entire City Council (past but especially the present one) is a total waste of time, money and energy. It’s time to re-think the structure of our City governance and come up with a better model. This one is broken and missing several pieces.
    God help Yonkers! It’ll take a generation to recover from the damage caused by Amicone and Lesnick. Their collective departure can’t come soon enough.

  44. The mayor and council dont care, they were also promised a new fire HQ at N main/Nepperhan to be built by Capelli and company, and a shovel has never even touched the ground on that project and probably never will.

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