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Ehezi_charicature The Conservative Party Primary Election took place on September 13, 2011. The Westchester County Board of Election concluded the final count on September 23, 2011. Richard Martinelli, candidate for mayor of Yonkers garnered 202 votes cast by ballot. Those numbers were however deficient in maintaining the designation afforded Mr Martinelli as far back as January 2011.  Minority Leader John Murtagh, vying to gain the designation of the Conservative Party to embellish his designation as the Republican nominee, earned the least number of write-in votes: a dismal 78. Carlo Calvi, the designated Independence Party nominee gained under 200 supporting write-in votes. Eclipsing them all is NYS Assemblyman Mike Spano who received 318 write-in votes capturing the Conservative Party line. This is the first ever situation in which a write-in vote eclipsed the regular vote usurping the intentions of the party heierarchy.

The numbers have elevated Mike Spano’s mayoral candidacy. Mr Spano now holds the Democrat and Conservative lines. Mr Martinelli ‘s last hope for political survival was extinguished. Mr Murtagh, the Republican nominee is hobbled by only having one line. Mr Calvi, sporting the Independence Party nomination will maintain his effort and continue his campaign effort until the conclusion of the General Election being held this November 8, 2011.

Extrapolating what happened is best deciphered by the numbers.

The battle lines that first drew blood date back to the days when former Mayor John Spencer presided over City Hall. Mr Spencer’s close friend and political supporter was Vincent Natrella, chairman of the Westchester County Conservative Committee. Spencer threw down the gauntlet challenging then NYS Senator Nick Spano. The taunting tactics would eventually come to blows. Anthony Auricchio, a political ally of the senator challenged the Natrella faction by exacerbating the ever divided party into its splintering factions. Mr Auricchio succeeded. Mr Spencer’s successor, present Mayor Phil Amicone kept volatile and derisive attacks against Auricchio, but was unsuccessful in removing Mr Auricchio’s hold on the party. In time, Mr Aujricchio was succeeded by his daughter Gail Burns.

Ms Burns was welcomed by the former adversarial Mayor Amicone with a job at City Hall. Despite the seemingly cozy relationship,  Ms Burns was extricated from her employment at City Hall by Mr Amicone’s staff.  Mayor Amicone was perturbed that Ms Burns would endorse then incumbent Westchester County Executive Andy Spano over his opponent Rob Astorino. People did not come out with pitchforks in hand but in sounded as if they had setting the stage for another showdown among disparate conservative factions.

Hugh Fox, long time political associate spurned Ms Burns. Blood was shed over control of the Yonkers City Conservative Party. John Folkerts supported Gail Burns; Vincenza Restiano supported Hugh Fox.  The Folkerts faction held onto the Yonkers City Conservative Party. The challenge to unseat Ms Burns’ controlled  hold failed in Yonkers, but did succeed in wrestling control from her to Mr Fox as the new chairman of the Westchester County Conservative Party. Once ensconced as its chairman, Mr Folkerts’ Yonkers City Conservative Party was stripped of his standings by Mr Fox. No matter the legal wrangling and verbal attacks, the divide among the bickering factions was maintained and continued to simmer without resolution.

The mayoral contest that would pit recent adversaries to a boil. Mr Fox would find employment with the now defunct Mayor Adam Bradley of White Plains administration, thereafter with Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino. About two weeks before the September 13, 2011, Primary Elections, Ms Burns was also hired by Westchester County Board of Legislator Chairman Ken Jenkins.

Ms Burns brought out supporters for Mike Spano’s campaign effort to win in the Conservative Primary Election. With Yonkers City Clerk Vincent Spano, a registered Conservative, boosting the efforts of Ms Burns, the “fix” was in.

County Executive Rob Astorino is shivering in its boots, recognizing at long last that Mr Fox’s Weschester County Conservative Party have been proven to be weak in delivering the vote. Vincenza Restiano has also proven herself impotent in bring out the vote.

What can be said is that the political scams and games meant to diminish the opposition, whomever they were has failed on many fronts. The Conservative party, both in Yonkers and in the County are likely to escalate this skirmish into a battle to decide supremacy.

While deflected from the battles and skirmishes over control of the Yonkers landscape has revealed a new reality.

Mr Martinelli has squandered any hope of resurrecting any political viability over campaign effort mistakes that harkened to his inability to resonate with the public. Mr Murtagh, the Republican nominee is hobbled by not winning the Conservative Party nomination. Despite being a long shot, Mr Calvi’s resolve to maintain his effort will have earned him kudos among supporters and adversaries alike.  

With winners come losers. Among them, count former Mayor Angelo Martinelli, former Mayor John Spencer, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, present Mayor Phil Amicone,  former Minority Leader Liam McLaughlin, Chairman Hugh Fox, and Vincenza Restiano, among others. 

More next week. 


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eHeziAnalysis:The Numbers and What They Say By HEZI ARIS

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  1. you guys just dont get it. martinelli was put up by liam who is close to spano. restiano worked for nick spano after she was fired in city hall so she went along with it. and lets not forget how long hugh fox worked for nicky as well. not to mention that carlo is mikes wifes first cousin. please please please give me a break dont be so naive!!! good move mike i may not like it but i must give you guys credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. John Murtagh never raised taxes,he was one of seven council members with a strong mayor form of government and his one vote was limited to approving or disapproving the city budget.Yonkers tax increases during Murtagh term were small in comparison to huge increases in the market value of homes.Most homeowners today would leap at $500 dollar tax increases with a $25,000 dollar increase home values per year.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  3. What have you done for me lately crowd. Mayors Spencer and Amicone created jobs in Yonkers for construction unions for 16 years by pushing through strong opposition to build;Stew Leonards, Home Depot and Costco.Ridge Hill,Cross County Center and the waterfront.All of these projects are filling the citys finances to keep property taxes down and pay for the citys work force.And a new Republican mayor will keep it going.Don’t increase taxes, increase development, vote Republican.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  4. Mayor Amicone,council members Murtagh, Larkin and Shepherd have never been anti-union. They were all faced and are still faced with falling tax revenue and like a business or family you have to cut expenses or in the cits case turn the government over to an Albany political appointed control board.Mike Spano has a nice personality but no answers.Serving in what Andrew Cuomo called,”The most corrupt and dysfunctional legislature in the country” is not a great resume.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  5. why don’t you sign your name instead of name calling
    it seems you are the one that is self absorbed..
    people want a legitimate discussion of issues…they
    don’t want your garbage personal attacks…

  6. it may come to your mind..but I can assure you
    that name calling is exactly an example of why
    Murtaugh looses big time…the people of yonkers
    and for that matter the people of this nation have
    had it with personal attacks particularly from anonymous bloggers with axes to grind…post your
    name and we can talk about issues and demoographics
    but of course you don’t have the juevos to do that

  7. “there have been dozens of meeting with the unions” ???
    with who ???
    amicone ???
    are you kidding us?
    you have no idea what you are talking about.
    amicone doesn’t meet with anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass and the unions aren’t about to start kissing his ass now. And the unions will never kiss murtagh’s ass either.
    and who cares who or what you want near city hall? get over it. mike spano is the next mayor of yonkers.
    and fox has been out-foxed and will soon be shown the door by astorino. maybe he can be adam bradley’s bodyguard again.

  8. i am retired…so i have no interest in this local
    crap…just making an observation..maybe you ought
    to pay attention..its objective…not biased..
    spano will be mayor whether you like it or not

  9. Mike Spano is what this City needs. A leader that can work with the state and with the cuncil as well as be respected by the unions. geeee we havent had that in a while

  10. Edelman this race has finished you. You have shown yourself to be a political whore and anything you say is worthless.
    You keep talking about how wonderful Mike will be working with the unions. Bullish*t. There have been dozens of meetings with all the unions for months and they have proven that they are unwilling to budge. So unless the Spanos are willing to payoff the union bosses nothing will change. They will not spread their legs just because Mike is there; there has to be something in it for them.
    Mike is not all we will get, we also get Nick Spano, who is not “nice” and has questionable ethics at best. I do not care what “squeeze” he brings, I don’t want him near city hall.

  11. Mike, you’re just sore because the Martinelli regime is officialy ended.
    For more than 30 years it was your only claim to fame.
    You are finished as are the Martinellis.
    Time to shut up and retire. Have a nice life.

  12. it has nothing to do with being pro or anti union
    the overtime issue is a separate issue…and the
    way some governors have tried to break the unions
    has not been helpful..the issue is working with
    the unions to control expenditures..and mike spano
    is far more able to get concessions if he has to than
    someone like murtaugh who has been wildly critical
    and one last observation..unfortunately the conservative party has taken over for the republican
    party..they choose which candidates run..or don’t
    run .they choose which issues candidates have to tow
    the line on. the minor parties have way too much leverage and power and that has to stop..ban cross
    endorsements and you will get a fair two party fight
    new york state is one of only 6 states that permit
    cross endorsements..and there is a very good reason
    its called political extortion

  13. Jack doesn’t have the balls to answer the question about how he can defend the REPUBLICANs Amicone, McLaughlin, Martinelli and MURTAGH who all voted for astronomical tax increases every year they were in office. Taxes went through the roof under the Republican’s watch.

  14. Can someone explain this to me? Mike Edelman has been blasting the unions for the last year, yet he is supporting Mike Spano who is pro-union. Jack Treacy spent his entire career as a union member, yet he is supporting John Murtagh who is anti-union. Only in Yonkers folks, only in Yonkers.

  15. You already admitted you support Obama and Mike Spano.What an albatross you are around Spanos neck!The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  16. for about the hundredth time, you old fool, you have ignored a post which challenges, for the hundredth time, your blind following of 16 years of disastrous republican rule in Yonkers. Had you been in Jonestown 32 years ago, you no doubt would have koolaid all over your face.

  17. A real estate agent had a buyer for her house by the name of Federal Governemt, but he didn’t qualify for a mortgage for the following reasons;Although his income was plenty enough, he was spending more than his income and running up 2 trillion in debt on top of the 14 trillion he already had.He would have to borrow from his Chinese friends to get the down payment. His credit rating was just lowered by Standard and Poors.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  18. 318 people is noyt only the teamsters. and i would put johnny folkerts up against fox anytime. the only one out for himself is fox!!!! and as for treacy, you my friend are a jackass. murtagh voted for every union contract and has raised taxes 80% in his time on councl. the only good murtag is a defeated murtag
    also pretty funny that you are the only one in yks that is wh murtag

  19. The other ironical thing is that the teamsters literally stole the primary from Calvi, 28 years ago, for Angelo Martinelli.
    This time the teamsters stole it away from Richard Martinelli. It was their write in votes that gave the cons line to dopey Mikey.
    Life’s a beach.

  20. Not a fox fan at All. But john Folkerts is all about himself. I have worked w Folkerts since he came on our job. And he has done nothing for our job or The conservative party unless he got something out of it for himself. One Way Johnny. Fu k Folkerts.

  21. The irony of all ironies is that Angelo Martinelli spent a small fortune to try to knock Calvi off the ballot by going to court in a case based in idiocy (what else would one expect from brainless trust of Mclaughlin & Volino)
    Thay failed miserably. Calvi is still on the ballot in the Nov election.
    Yet, Angelo’s boy Richie has been given the big kick in the ass. He’s been thrown off the ballot and won’t even get a chance to legitimately say he was ever a candidate for mayor.
    One only becomes a candidate after the primary results are in and they have received a “nomination’. The results are in and Richie’s out as he deserves to be since he never was mayoral timber.
    Arriverdeci, Angelo. Take Mike Edelman with you.

  22. take a look at the FOX NEWS PANAL ripping perry
    a new one…the republicans have no candidate against one they all cansupport…Herman Cain won
    the florida straw poll…he is a disaster..can’t win
    neither can Perry…Romney might have a chance but
    the religious right suspects his christianity..I don;t
    in fact when his father ran it wasnt a topic of discussion which shows you just how far right the party
    has evolved…too far for me…thanks

  23. jack you have once again proved the opposite of
    your point..if municipal governments all over have
    no money..then both murtaugh and spano will have to
    run a lean operation..neither one will be able to
    spend as in the past and so the choice is do we want
    a uniter or a divider…murtaugh has proven himself
    to be a dividerf and a nasty one at that…mike spano
    can appeal to all people in the city particularly if
    there has to be more pain…this is not the time
    for someone who has an ax to grind..sorry jack but
    that;s the way it is

  24. Do you really know what you are talking about? Can we have some more double talk? I think you have some poopie of the brain.
    Can you smell the poopie in my pants?

  25. There was a citywide referendum in the late 1950s calling for a $500 dollar raise ,”For the Boys In Blue” it was overwhelmingly defeated.When the votes were counted the police and fire realized their own relatives voted against the raise.John Murtagh is a realist and all the stupid personal remarks, smiles and hugs,gay marraige and abortion does not change the economic reality all around us that the country is on the verge of a depression not recovery. The only good Democratis a defeated Democrat.

  26. Could you imagine the leftist NYC media response if Tea Party activists were attacking police officers in NYC as the Obama pogrom against capitalism on Wall Street are doing?The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  27. hey Mr. Treacy…you mean these “taxpayers, homeowners” et al will choose Mr. Murtagh because of all of the tax increases he voted for in 8 years – never ONCE voting against a a budget or questioning the plethora of political hacks working on the payroll, which he only now questions? Is it THOSE people who will support Mr. Murtagh?

  28. NYC Police being attacked by anti-capitalist Obama mobs.80 leftist extremists arrested.ABC and MSNBC along with NYC radio outlets doing their usual leftist propaganda of accusing the police of using too much violence.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  29. the only good jack treacy is a quiet jack treacy
    jack, why don’t you just shut the hell up? you really make yourself look so ignorant when you rant about things you have no comprehension of. c’mon, jack. stop embarassing yourself.

  30. Wait a minute for the facts, Murtagh has been attacked for voting for past lucrative city employee contracts and now he is being attacked for being anti-union.The economy is in a Obama death spiral drying up state and local tax revenues and John Murtagh realizes this having to ask unions to reopen their contracts which they refused leaving not only Murtagh but the mayor and Democrats on the council no choice but to make cuts.Citizens don’t pay too much attention when home prices are rising 6% a year but when they are falling 6% a year, year after year for the last four years city spending and taxes get their attention.Local governments all across the country have no printing presses and no China to buy their debt.If I see Mike Spano walking across the Hudson, I will believe he will restore city services without a major increase to Yonkers taxpayers and we all will live happily ever after.I for one would never vote for anyone anti-union but I have seen before so-called “Friends of Labor” who turned out to be all about their own personal political ambitions.Its hypocritical of Edelman calling Murtagh anti-union, when for the last two years he has been blasting the police and fire unions.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  31. The above poster is correct. Murtagh has raised taxes 80% in his 7 and half year in office. Yonkers is thway it is right now under his watch.

  32. Jack,
    Don’t you understand that Murtagh’s time on the council raised your taxes by 60%.
    Go back and look at your 2003 tax bill and look at your latest. Thank 60% Johnny for reaching into your wallet.
    Besides, he’s arrogant, condescending, rude and pompous. Hope your not connected to him solely for ethnic reasons.
    Somethimes you do make sense, Jack, but on Murtagh being tax wise and conservative your as blind as a bat.
    Hope you don’t get the chance to see how right this statement is, if Murtgah wins. He’ll murder us with tax increases.
    The only real conservative in the race, both morally and fiscally is Calvi. BTW, how do you justify Murtagh’s position on same sex marriage.

  33. jack you don’t really understand demographics..
    Murtaugh will not get the votes of working class blue
    collar democrats..his anti union rants have made him
    a pariah for that segment of the population…democrats
    would hardly be shooting themselves in the wallet because they have already paid the money under a republcian administration…mike can and will make
    an effective argument that as a member of the state
    legislature he can get more from albany..mike may not
    be appreciated by some republicans who are upset that
    he left the party..but that only means he looses those
    republicans who are so partisan like jack that they
    vote against democrats a a matter of course..the rest
    of the republicans even in murtaugh’s home district still like and respect mike and will vote for him..
    and the democrats will swamp the republican ticket
    with huge turnout as a result of the perez alvorado
    race…when you additionally add in the conservative
    line for mike which he took away from martinelli in
    a write in, you have the perfect storm for his election
    SPANO 58
    CALVI 6

  34. You got it backwards,it will be Murtagh in a landslide victory.What you are missing is registered Democrats who are taxpayers,homeowners, co-op owners and business people are not going to shoot themselves in the wallet voting for Mike Spano. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  35. whether or not fox wants to realize it
    Johnny Folkers is the Yonkers conservative chairperson and he along with all the Spanos showed that are the power of the Yonkers Conservative partys rank and file.
    Folkerts for county chair

  36. That’s correct, Astorino hired Hugh Fox so that he could help Astorino with his re-election campaign. The only problem is that Fox is a liability to Astorino and will help ensure that Rob is a one-termer.
    Fox lied to Rob about a lot of things and boasted about how powerful and influential he was. Well, Rob is seeing what the rest of us already knew. Fox is full of sheeet.
    See ya Robbie…………or should I say Hear ya Robbie?…..back on the catholic channel.

  37. Hezi-Astorino did not hire Gail Burns, Ken Jenkins did.
    Editor’s Note: You are correct. I have corrected my error so as not to permit my error to be replicated by some who may not have known. Thank you for advising me.

  38. There’s only one problem with your assessment “anon” and that is if the Conservative Endorsement (of Foxy Prune Juice) went to Murtagh he would have lost by a bigger magin than Martinelli did.
    Murtagh would have received the 75 or so votes he got in the write-in and Spano would have gotten the 300 he got in the write-in and the 200 or so that Martinelli got on the ballot. Calvi would have remained the same.
    So Spano would have gotten 500 conservative votes to Murtagh’s 75.
    The problem is not Restiano it is Murtagh – he is hated and will be CRUSHED in the general election.
    Supporters and contributors will never materialize for Murtagh now and he will have not money or machine for the general election.
    Spano can start thinking about 2015 because this race is over – the Republicans have forfeited the race by going with Murtagh.

  39. The “Conservative” party should be renamed the “Childrens” Party. It is the most dysfunctional phony baloney bunch of losers.
    On one hand you have Mike Long screaming about purity and never endorsing candidates who are for Gay Marriage or who are not Pro Life, yet who are the two most recent prominent Conservative Party candidates:
    Andy Spano – Liberal Democrat
    Mike Spano – Liberal Democrat
    Hezi left out a very important part of the story. The endorsement of the Conservative Party should have gone to Murtagh, but it was blocked by Vinnie Restiano. The Vinnie Restiano who lives the “Conservative Lifestyle” of living in sin for 20 years and breaking up a marriage.
    So this dried up nasty bitter prune made a decision that could potentially give the election to Nick Spano and the Spano Machine.
    Her. Alone. Vinnie Resitano. The Hypocrite.
    In January when Nick Spano, Mike Spano and Vinnie Spano start doling out patronage jobs, just remember:
    Vinnie Restiano and the “Pro Abortion Spano Conservatives.”

  40. Republican cannibals have done their job. In a time of unprecedented opportunity, the Yonkers Republican Party, like a pack of rabid crazed monkeys has managed to eat its young and turn on itself. The former alpha males, John Spencer, Angelo Martinelli, Phil Amicone, and Carlo Calvi caught the disease that caused them to cast out the first of the rabid alpha males, Nick Spano. The disease is delusions of grandeur coupled with a desire for absolute unwavering obedience from all around them. Spencer and his lap dog Liam along with the oldest former alpha Angelo brought out the reluctant son Richie only to watch him devoured first in the Rep. convention and then in the Rep primary and finally standing idly as his bones were picked clean in the con. primary. The Martinelli, Murtagh and Calvi camps, like angry monkeys hurled feces at each other in the hopes of intimidating and fouling their opponents. The feces splattered and stuck to every part of the cave. As the hurling ended, all that was left were tired and spent chimps, covered in filth with no energy or ability to fight off the nurtured and protected predator that waits just outside the cave. Full of energy and chomping at the bit, ready to devour the hapless remaining monkeys sits Mike Spano. He, the young pampered soon to be alpha dog, fed the milk of union money and personnel, brought tender meat in the form of the Dem line by his feral outcast brother and finally, shown the direction to the cave by his loathsome pack of bedraggled brethren, he waits with sharpened teeth. .Such is the wild kingdom of Yonkers Politics, where the monkeys have never evolved. They play in the trees, anger each other, fight needlessly and remain an easy meal for the dogs. Time for the few scattered remaining simians to evolve and learn to use tools. Failure to adapt means extinction.

  41. Mike Spano would have won the election with just the Democratic Line.
    Martinelli didn’t even really want to run. He had his Daddy, Spencer, McLaughlin, Tvert, and others pushing him to run so Daddy could be proud and the others would have jobs.
    Calvi is an egotistical maniac with a Napoleonic complex who couldn’t have beat Denis Shepperd for the City Council race, never mind actually win a city-wide race for mayor. Never was a contender.
    Murtagh would have needed the Republican, Conservative, Independence AND Democratic and Working Families lines to even have a chance. And he would still have lost the general election to a write-in campaign from someone like Sam Zerka. He never had a chance. Plus, his head’s too big to be Mayor.
    With the Democratic and Conservative lines Mike Spano is not only going to beat Murtagh, he is going to crush him and embarass him and the Republican party. Wait until the Working Families Party give Mike Spano that line too. There’s also a possibility that Calvi may want to keep from getting embarrassed too and decides to get off the Independence line so that can go to Mike Spano too.
    It’ll be nice seeing the moving trucks in front of Murtagh’s house soon after the election. He’s never going to want to show his face in Yonkers again when he gets beat and gets less than 30% of the vote on his useless Republican line.

  42. Mike Spano owes Carlo Calvi the election.
    Carlo created the write-in primary by his petition effort, and made it possible for Mike to steal the Conservative line by a stealthy use of the firefighter’s union.
    Way to go, Carlo!

  43. Hugh Fox got it shoved right up his other face.
    If Astorino had a brain he would send Fox packing and distance himself from him. Fox is an embarrassment and he will soon be a major embarrassment and liability for Astorino.
    Good job by Folkerts and the firefighters for smacking Fox in the face and proving that he is nothing more than an empty bag of hot air. Always has been full of sheet and always will be.

  44. Lesnick predicted that this would happen in his e-blast a few weeks ago when Jenkins hired Gail Bunrs to work part time for the his growing empire at the County BOL. The real question now is whether the Working Familes Party has the courage to keep Mike of of their line since he took the Conservative line.

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