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  1. This just in?
    In where? Perhaps into your ever increasing dimentia.
    You really should get an exam, Mike. Your behavior is really strange ever since you got that kick in the ass off of News 12. Guess you can’t handle truth and being rejected for being unable to speak it. Then again, that’s the summary of your entire life – twisting the truth and lying to help your political boss friends.
    As in your demented projections, there is no truth – only far out spin and the opinion of a man out of touch with reality.
    Everyone knows what you’re up to. Trying to convince voters that the race is over and Murtagh wins easily.
    Interesting that you aim at Calvi as the low man on the ficticious poll. He’s probably leading in the race and you would like to encourage his voters to abandon him.
    Your motivation is evil since you couldn’t possibly stand to live here (i.e. hastings) any more if a man like Calvi, a good and honest man, took control of City Hall and got rid of the influence of all of your crooked friends – the same influence that will destroy Yonkers, once and for all.

  2. Murtagh is a shameless, wreckless, venomous liar… cannot even bother to check any facts but instead prints whatever pops in his worthless brain about anything and anybody. That is the kind of person you want representing our city? He has no ethics & will will steep to any level in his quest for mayor. Martinelli drove a city car for not even 1 year of his 10 years in office…Murtagh could not even bother to check the facts. Lazy & evil, & I can only imagine the sleezy behavior that we will see if he becomes mayor.

  3. Calvi is Benito Mussolini
    Martinelli was caught running a gamblining operation with his $1000 a ticket raffle, used the Yankees logo without authorization, filed his financial report late, passed out gay-baiting flyers at Churches. Oh, and sued Calvi and lost. Some “Mayor.”
    Who in God’s name would vote for a guy like that? Only someone in a Purple Haze.

  4. Edelman’s numbers in post no. 1 add up to 107% on the high side and only 99% on the low side.
    Therefore we have to assume that the average is the true percentage and that would be a 103% vote total.
    Maybe some people will be allowed to vote twice?
    Excellent analysis from a defunct analyst.

  5. you may be correct that john gets more than 50%
    I am assuming calvi has some token motivated support in his district leftover from his days on the council
    etc..i would have him in the high teens only because
    he is spending some money but the bulk of the republican primary vote is in murtaugh’s home district
    and they will turn out

  6. Wow, great reasoning Edelman. You’re like a 5 year old. Let me guess, you’re reason is “because”. No wonder they canned your ass from News 12. At least Calvi is spending money on the campaign. Richard has pretty much given up all hope.
    Murtagh and Calvi in a close race. Calvi pulls it off. Martinelli is a dead duck.

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