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  1. Edelmam the economic expert gave us his advice to buy Citicorp at $4,Citi had a one for ten reverse split and now sells for less than $30.Only 14% of the CNBC poll thinks Obama has done well with the economy, our economic expert supports Obama.Edelmam the Martinelli supporter, wants one of the few breaks the middle class has home mortgage interest eliminated so we can pay for the marxist Obama agenda. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  2. that’s because double agent edelman has a degree
    in economics and doesn’t buy the garbage socialis
    nonsense that you and the tea party are peddling
    to those who have no knowledge about how the economy works at all..all tea party republicans know is to
    cut..they don’t give a damn who it hurts and whether
    it works…tax cuts are the solution to everything
    and they refused to agree to a real solution to the
    long term debt problem just because Obama proposed
    it..we need to cut 4 trillion but we also need to
    increase revenues…and elimination of the tax code
    breaks for special interests including your home
    mortgage deduction if you are a multi millionaire is
    one of them..but you wouldn’t understand that there
    are always two sides to any equation…and that is
    exactly why i will never vote for a jackass like
    rick perry…and as for questions need answering
    I am not a paid martinelli anything…in fact i havent
    spoken to richard in 3 months…you will have to ask
    his “other” advisors whomever they are…as for my
    congressional run… was fun I was 29..
    it made me a very rich man….losing that is..the
    best thing that could have shove it

  3. Double agent Edelman, never talks about the leftwing radicals that put the Supreme Misleader in office.Reducing the national debt,controlling entitlements,reducing spending,cutting taxes and ridding the regulatory agencies of marxist appointees is not extremism.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  4. The math is the math is the math? Is that the best reasoning you could come up with? Pretty childish. That’s like saying coke is better than pepsi just because it is. What is your math based on Mike?
    Also, you never addressed my questions in my previous post. Afraid to? Or just won’t because you’re a paid Martinelli hack who has no real reasons or facts?
    By the way, another question, what happened in your race the one and only time you ran for political office? What was your math in that race? I’m sure you had yourself around 60 or 70%…how did that work out for you? Guess that’s why when you lost so dramatically you were so embarassed and your ego was so deflated you never ran for anything again. Leave this to the big boys Mike, the one’s that aren’t afraid of possibly losing an election. The one’s that don’t become so bitter over a loss that they spend the rest of their lives looking from the outside in and wishing they could truly be involved.

  5. MURTAUGH 43-46%
    MARTINELLI 34-38%
    CALVI 18-20%
    the math is the math is the math…and for the record
    I never publicly supported Obama..but when McCain
    put Palin on the ticket I voted for obama and if
    Perry is the nominee I will vote for Obama again
    barry goldwater would be twisting in his grave if
    he saw what the national republican party has become

  6. Hornsby is a crook, serving time in Federal prison.
    Martinelli was Hornsby’s buddy when he was in Yonkers and pulled off this shady deal for him in 1999
    Calvi fought both Hornsby & Martinelli, tooth and nail. He knew it ws fishy
    What else needs to be said?

  7. Some republican “analyst” you were.
    You publicly supported Barack Obama. What kind of garbage is that from a republican?
    You have no credibility and your job right now (and you are probably being paid for it)is to create n impression that Calvi, who will likely win the primary, has little or no support.
    Go away, Hastings man, and realize that your entire career is a fraud and based on lies and mischarachterization.
    This truly is your last hurrah.
    Why not spend some time advising your boy, Mikey Spano to stop ducking debates.
    He missed hezi’s radio show yesterday.
    Word has it that among the two events scheduled for tonignt and the two scheduled for tomorrow night, he’s chickened out of all of them.

  8. Mr. Edelman, are you or are you not allowed to be on News 12 anymore regardless of whether you’re an employee or a “guest analyst”? Simple question. Is there a court order barring this. Did this court find that you bashed a candidate without disclosing that you were a paid consultant for the opposing candidate? Did you commit this practice for years prior to actually being caught? Do you live in Yonkers? Are your “predictions” based in fact at all or purely conjecture?
    Finally, what is your gripe with Calvi that goes back many years? What particularly has he done that has given him a negative name? Has he ever voted for a tax increase? Has he ever given away a sweetheart deal? Has he ever cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars? Is your bias based on the fact that if elected your political buddies (Spano, Martinelli etc.) Will be out of office and you won’t be able to manipulate their power anymore?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. edelman didn’t have a “job” he was a guest analyst
    calvi won’t break 20%…but if he stays on the IND
    line he will along with martinelli on the conservative
    line prevent a republican from you can
    take the opinion or leave it …it doesn’t matter
    whether the calvi mailer is true or not..his legacy
    in yonkers leaves him with negative name id..

  10. It’s not mud slinging if it’s true. Everything Calvi has said so far is based in pure undisputable fact. What his opponents have said about him however is mud slinging.
    If you don’t agree, please point out one thing Calvi has said that is untrue.
    PS – I wouldn’t rely on Edelman’s opinions. He was thrown off of News 12 for bashing a candidate in a race on the air, calling him a crook, and neglecting to mention that he was being paid by the other candidate. He was sued for this and lost his job.

  11. Hey Mike,
    How do you like the commercial, anyhow?
    Is it factual? Didn’t Richie do all of the things that the commercial says?
    Wasn’t Richie partnered with Federal felon Hornsby to misappropriate millions of tax dollars on this assinine boondoggle deal?
    You used to work at News 12. Thank God, that’s over, but you probably looked at the dump of a building every day for the last 12 years, ever since Richie purchased it as a favor to somebody.
    Didn’t you ever ask yourself what the heck your buddie, Rich, was thinking or doing or how dumb could he possibly be?
    Your lucky one of those racoons, that regularly roam the building and property didn’t bite you in the ankle.
    Get serious, Mike.

  12. Is that the best you can do, Mike, now that you were kicked in the butt right out of News 12 because you lied.
    So who’s to believe the liar now and your contrived numbers which are aimed at a futile effort to make the two least desireable in the race seem to be the leaders.
    You have had a venom for Calvi for years based on your alliances with the Spanos, Martinellis and Pirros.
    Calvi is not one of that crowd and never wanted to be. He recognized early on in his career that they were the problem in Yonkers and Westchester politics.
    The fact that Calvi is disassociated with you and your pals makes him the man to vote for since you folks have ruined what was once a beautiful City & County.

  13. anon – what is your prediction for the Dem side of the mayor race??
    a far more civil race than this GOP mud slinging. Regardless of who wins Rep primary, they go into ovember a party shattered.

  14. Actually to set the record straight, Calvi was an extremely popular County Legislator with huge magins of victory. He only left the Board because of it’s dysfunction to run for Mayor against Angelo Martinelli and lost a close race, having only the Conservative line, but garnering the record number of votes citywide by any candidate – ever.
    In winning the council seat he took on Spencer puppet McLaughlin. They launched the whole power of the city against him, but he defeated McL handily. After Spencer’s man in the newspaper, Hartley pounded Calvi, everyday, for two years (even criticized him for trying to help fund the city’s youth associations) he lost in a squeaker having only the Independence line.
    Remember, the Consv. line was controlled by the Spanos who have always tried to keep Calvi down because they can’t deal with an independent who is intelligent and qualified. Even though Calvi was and always has been the true conservative in the city, they gave it to McL who’s about as fiscally conservative as the doubling of the real estate tax that he handed us during his years on the council.
    That’s the politics.
    Now here’s the government.
    Calvi warned, in his two short years on the council, of every mistake that has been made in the last 16 years which have brought the City to the brink of bankruptcy and miserable failure of delivery of services, especially education.
    The prime example may be the $7 Million fiasco of Martinelli and company purchasing the rat and racoon infested building on North Broadway at Executive Blvd.
    Go take a look at it. It’s a joke that could only exist in Yonkers or Al Capone’s Chicago.
    While Martinelli’s man Hornsby lied through his teeth that the place would be made a school within a year, now 12 yeasr later it’s sitting empty. Amicone tried to dump it for $3 Million and no real takers. It’s a dump and a major problem for the city because it’s toxic.
    Calvi’s hunches about Hornsby were right. He turned out to be a crook. Remember what he did with the computers in the schools, giving a contract to friends for units that nobody wanted.
    If that’s obstruction, then we need more of it.
    What will “grind to a halt’ under Mayor Calvi are dopey fiascos like the Hornsby deals – those which stink to high heaven. it’s called – as Calvi puts it – eliminating the systemic waste.

  15. I’m a big Gronowski supporter and would have loved to see her run for Mayor. I was just going back through all the old Tribune articles involving her and was amazed to see how she continually caled out John Murtagh for being the phony and quick to tax-er that he is (unless of course it’s election time, in which he talks about the “fiscal crisis” which he created with a smile)
    Check it out here –
    And there are many more if you search gronowski.
    Another interesting one is how Murtagh always pats himself on the back for refusing a $5,000 salary increase as a minority leader but neglects to mention that he instead accepted a second assistant for that position (which all previous minority leaders have refused) ultimately costing the tax payers money even though he didn’t take the 5k.
    The question of whether that assistant was accepted in order to help with his campaign has to be asked.
    I can’t imagine a single Gronowski supporter would ever vote for Murtgah the Liar.

  16. I would like to know what these candidates feel about the current Yonkers Public School situation and it’s not about lack of money. The schools are failing at a historical rate. Given the current ELA and math scores we have 50% of the schools on the NYSED Schools In Need Of Improvement list. This list will appear shortly and all these school have already met in central office. Does the public know….no. Pierorazio spends most of his time avoiding the news and spinning the poor results. My question is, “What are these politicians going to offer Yonkers in order to bring our schools back to normal”? They all seem clueless, as clueless as our Board of Education. Mark my words. Do not be surprised if the State Ed dept. takes over our schools given their poor performance.
    Forget Hornsby…..what about now!!! What are the candidates going to propose?

  17. You are right. Carlo Calvi was against economic development projects…projects that gave the developers such ridiculous tax breaks that the city made no money off of them (except for the political insiders. Murtagh and Martinelli however supported these deals and tax breaks with a smile. Perhaps their pockets were being lined to?
    Calvi’s attitude is exactly what this city needs and he sure as hell won’t give the farm away like the other run of the mill GOP candidates. I’m sure that under the right circumstances, with the right benefits to the people and the budget he would gladly take on new development projects.
    My vote is for Calvi.

  18. Wow – looks like some has sour grapes. Why don’t you and Hornsby have a talk about Calvi’s “obstructionist” view – by the way Hornsby will be released from The Federal Correctional Institution in 2014

  19. Carlo Calvi can’t work with anyone. That is why he served such a short time on the City Council and the county board.
    The voters overwhelmingly gave him the boot because he was an obstructionist, plain and simple.
    He was against economic development, and wasn’t for anything except inflating his own out of control ego.
    If elected, he would grind this City to a halt.
    He has ZERO chance of winning in November. He is just an old political has-been that pops up every 15 years to make trouble.

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