County Executive Rob Astorino Endorses John Murtagh
for Yonkers Mayor

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MurtaghCityHall_0029-small YONKERS, NY — Calling him "the one, the only real conservative in the race," Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino today endorsed John Murtagh for Mayor of Yonkers.

"John Murtagh is the kind of conservative reformer Yonkers needs," said Astorino, who made the endorsement with Murtagh present at 11:30 AM today at Cook Field on Cook Avenue in Yonkers.

Astorino, who was elected in a major upset two years ago, added, "Taxpayers have cut corners and made sacrifices to get their families through the current economy, and they want a Mayor like John Murtagh, who will force city government to live within its means."

Astorino applauded Murtagh for his pro-taxpayer record, noting, "John Murtagh set the right tone on day one as a city councilman when he refused a "free" city car. As Mayor, John Murtagh will bring commonsense solutions to the problems facing Yonkers. He's tough, he's fair, and he knows how to get things done. I look forward to working with him as your next mayor."


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eHeziCounty Executive Rob Astorino Endorses John Murtagh
for Yonkers Mayor

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  1. my opinion is my opinion and you are entitled
    to yours.I pick whom I think will be
    able to do the job…and in this case
    the job specs call for mike spano not
    john murtaugh…its about temperament
    and the ability to work with others
    this time around..and oh bye the way
    if you were listening over the past 20 years you will understand that i have always
    been against cross they have come back to bite repubicans in the ass..we should never
    have allowed the tail to wag the dog..but everyone
    has all the answers

  2. just for the record..the definition of lie is when
    you intentionaly tell a falsehood..the definition
    of mistake is when you say something you believe that
    turns out to be wrong…so your statement is based
    on no infomation at all

  3. I am a member of a union and really resent the use of “union thugs”, which is used quite frequently here. I agree that certain union members do act innappropriately but the broad brush is unfair. Why not mention what union’s members are the so called thugs. It would increase posters credibility, and identify the wrongdoers.

  4. To Poster 58: As to the number of posters supporting Spano vs Murtagh, it’s probably because the Murtagh supporters are too busy earning a living rather then spending the whole day on this site posting. The Spano posters on the other hand are the union thugs and friends-and-family in city haul (Deputy City Clerk GED-Vinny Spano, now there’s a brilliant guy! Ha!)that are on this site all day long posting while being paid by the taxpayers. You can expect more of the same if Spano is Mayor. Look for Burns, Levy, John Spano (who is presently unemployed) and a host of nieces, nephews and cousins to be buried in the bowels of city haul.

  5. 60 Years ago today, “the shot heard around the world” when Bobby Thompson hit a three run homer off Mt. Vernons Ralph Branca.In November, John Murtaghs victory in the mayoral race will be the shot heard around Yonkers and Westchester.Stop communist/Democrat crazies by voting locally for Republicans. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  6. 700 arrested in one day and the Obama Democratic press complains about the police using excessive force.This is todays Democratic Party and we all know what the final end game is.Vote Republican in the Yonkers mayoralrace and send a message to the Communist/Democrats. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  7. Jack said: “Spizter, Spitzer, Patterson, Rangel, Spitzer, LBJ, FDR, Spitzer, Biden. Kennedy and Spitzer.
    Fosella, Bruno, Ney, Leibell, Abrahmoff, Foley, Mangone, Bush & Cheney, Jeries, Murphy, Valella and Gordo Cokehead – nah – never heard of them.”

  8. Jack, you must relize that you are THE ONLY person on this blog who writes positively about Murtagh.
    Inquiring minds are bewildred at your fascination with him. It’s almost as if you are brainwashed. You have nothing in common with him.
    Please step back and reevaluate.

  9. Compare the Communist/Democrats to the Tea Party rallies.Ask the NYC police department officers on the scene about the abust they are enduring by the Obama loving mobs.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  10. Why? Because John Murtagh is not anti-union as the Mike Spano campaign has smeared Murtagh with. But I guess you and others are not yet aware that the country went into a great recession since 2007 and city revenues across the country have shrunk and leaders have to adjust as John Murtagh and the democratic governor Andrew Cuomo has and its called being pragmatic.A Mike Spano in the mayors office would put civil service jobs inperil and cost taxpayers huge tax increases.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  11. let’s see Mr. Treacy….I’ll make it real easy for you this time. It would be great if you can answer JUST ONE QUESTION…Why didn’t Murtagh challenge the unions when he ran for re-election in 2007 against dream opponent Mosiello? It would have meant something then, Mr. Treacy, when he actually could have had balls to make this statement during a re-election and take a chance. We already knew then about the OT problem etc., so nobody can plead ignorance of the situation, but he took the easy way out with a dream campaign. I await your response.

  12. the point about sitting down and negotiating with
    those you have a disagreement with is appropriate..
    there are huge financial issues at stake and the unions
    have to know it…cuomo did it at the state level
    with the biggest public employee union…and the next
    mayor of yonkers is going to have to do it as well..

  13. Oh God Help Yonkers
    There is not a single qualified candidate on board to help Yonkers.
    F*ck Politics: these idiots are useless….

  14. Voting for Murtagh would be a four year continuation of the current administration. Murtagh does not have the ability to sit down and talk with the union leaders, not sure if it is arrogance or cowardice. The current mayor will not meet with us, therefore no communication. When there is no communication there is no resolution. Labor accounts for over 80% of the municipal budget. As mayor you must have the ability to sit down with people you may disagree with on certain topics. Murtagh has never shown that ability and I don’t expect him to change in the future. Mike Spano has shown that he actually respects the work we do and the services we provide. Demonizing union leaders may make for a good sound bite, but it does not move anyone in the direction of problem solving. Mike Spano will not be afforded any more state funding than the current mayor. Spano will be able to sit down with labor, negotiate in good faith, cut wasteful spending, and probably get some concessions. Imagine that, labor gave concessions to the current administration two years ago. What happened when those concessions were agreed upon with the administration. You got it, we were all cut anyway and “City Haul” added staff and perks to the friends and family network. It is no wonder that labor told Amicone and his merrymen of Amakassin forest to kiss off on this last budget. January 1st cannot come fast enough. If you like it the way it is, vote for Murtagh. If you want someone that can actually navigate these tough economic times, vote Spano. It’s your call Yonkers. I know you will do the right thing.

  15. Mr. Treacy…I think that a “mayor murtagh” would more likely bring a prig-matic approach to the 2nd floor, not the pragmatic syle you suggest. Have you ever met Mr. Murtagh?

  16. Jack, please stop calling Murtagh the most qualified candidate for mayor. You know Carlo Calvi and you also know that John can’t shine his shoes, academically, professionally or from a personal or business experience standpoint.

  17. I never pointed my finger at labor and I never turned my back on labor. Andrew Cuomo isn’t called anti-union even though he tells state workers its his way or the highway.You and the local leadership are being taken for a ride to elect Mike Spano mayor and thats what it is all about.The last Democratic Party mayor Terence Zaleski endorsed by the public employees was blasted by the city unions when he was in office.Economic conditions are worsening by the day and electing John Murtagh the most qualified mayoral candidate is in the best interests of the taxpayers and all the city employees.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  18. With all due respect Chief, the Spencer/Amicone (1st half) era took place during an economic uptick and the economy was flush with money. The downturn toward the end of their watch and continued through today. To blame the Democratic machine as the sole cause of this fiasco is foolish. It takes two to tango. The bottom line is Dems. and Reps. have spent OUR money like drunken sailors and caused the economic collapse we are dealing with today. The Rep. response however, is not what can we do to fix this mess, but to point the finger at labor and play the blame game. We didn’t cause this mess Chief and for you to turn a blinds eye to the problem and turn your back on labor is hypocritical. Have a great weekend Jack.

  19. There is no difference in what the repubicans Mayor Amicone and the council members actions and that of the democratic Governor Cuomo who has threatened the unions with mass layoffs if they committ to his concessions.Andrew Cuomo also cut aid to localities putting the onus of cutting public employee salaries, benefits and services onthe local elected officials including Yonkers.Tax revenue shortfalls from a sick economy cannot be overcomed by massive increases in local or state taxes but Mike Spano like Obama is all about being elected not governing.By the way my son on the YPD is out working for Spano,but I’m working on him. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  20. The best contract deals the city unions got were under Republicans Spencer and Amicone and it is the Republicans being thrown under the bus because the Obama economy is draining cities of tax revenue.It is in the best interest of the unions to recognize the falling revenues in the city and elect someone who is qualified and pragmatic.Murtagh has been unfairly labeled by Spano for Mayor as being anti-union.As far as my politics I was anti-Communist Democrats long before Spano decided to run for mayor and long before the city labor unions turned on the Republicans and probably before you ever wore the YFD uniform.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  21. Hey Chief, how come the union was good enough for you when you were on the job? But now that you’re retired you throw the boys under the bus? Classy Chief, classy.

  22. not really simpleminded – just someone who for whatever reason, can’t comprehend the blogging concept..,i.e. someone comments and another responds, get it? Not very difficult. It’s an exchange, not a monologue, Jack. Look, any fool who would totally and without any stated exceptions, write off an entire political party, can’t be all there. Moreover, he is given to bashing the Spanos but I never heard a word from him about the Kennedy Dynsasty. I think we all have Jack’s number by now.

  23. Just thought it’s time for me to reveal that Jack is really a bot. Obviously an early generation bot based on his simplistic arguments and failure to respond even in an indirect way to questions.
    Only a bot could extol its undying support for values and integrity and yet support a cokehead for county legislator.
    Simple as that.
    And you thought he was a simple-minded fool living in an alternate universe. Ha!

  24. Jack you come off lik real Jackass. It seems Jack is the only one supporting bobble head in this race.
    Could it be becausenormal people look at th fact that Murtag has raised txes 80%. or maybe ththe doesnt havethe correct attitude to deal with people on all levels to do whats right in yonkers? or maybe its because he voted for every union contract and has run the city the past 8 Years!!!!??
    You aound very dumb speaking about abortion jack being the mayor of yonkers has nothing to do with that issue.
    The fact reains if you like how the city is being run now if you like the mismanagement in the schools the higher taxes and the terrible attitude that makes yonkers look bad than vote for murtag. but if you want a new approach lower txes less goverment more accountavbility for where money is being spent. than you eed to vote for Mike Spano.

  25. Do not even bother going there, look what happened to Martinelli. It is a non issue for a Mayor. Besides, both Murtagh and Spano support Gay Marriage, which happens to be the law in New York. Only Calvi is stuck in the past, and “Mr. etiquette” would prefer to demonize a portion of Yonkers citizens because they are different from him. He is a narrow minded LITTLE man.
    If you are trying to make the claim about Murtagh’s conservative credentials, let us remember that he has always been Pro Life, something Spano certainly cannot claim. mr. Partial birth abortion liberal endorses the Murder of human beings.
    Any more points you want to make? Spano is a liberal who supports murder of the unborn.
    But of course like gay marriage what relevance does it have here?

  26. Jack, did you notice that the Log Cabin Republican organization made a hefty contribution to Murtagh.
    Look at his last disclosure.
    Your kind of guy???

  27. Guess Murty has a magic wand according to Treacy
    Jack, your Irish is showing. You just don’t believe those dumb guineas are good enough to compete with a fine lad like Murty.
    Not even if he’s but a mediocre lawyer who never accomplished anything serious in his lifetime.

  28. Mayor John Murtagh will bring a pragmatic approach to governing Yonkers during these difficult economic times, that will benefit public employee,business and homeowners.Spano has the old Soviet rope a dope five year plan, that never materalizes.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  29. Listen up.
    Calvi is a self made professionsl man, with plenty of $uccess and does not need a job from Spano or any one else.
    On the other hand, both dopey Mikey and Arrogant John desperately need to find a job. If they lose, they lose.
    Calvi can’t be bought. Murtagh, Amicone, Astorino and company can’t stand the fact that he’s so “Independence” (intentionally sic)
    Stop the bullshit, face the facts, Calvi’s the best human being and the most qualified candidate in the race.
    Too bad, you support an incompetent whether it be the Dope of the Asshole.

  30. It’s plain to see that Calvi is shilling for Mike Spano. What were you promised Carlo? City Engineer? Planning Commissioner? And, you tell News12 that you can’t be bought off. BS!

  31. The entire City is flooded after this afternoon deluge.
    Of course it would be good to have the most qualified candidate, John Murtagh as Mayor use his experience as a Civil Engineer and a licensed Professional Engineer figure out why places that never flooded before are now under many feet of water.
    He is the most experienced and qualified candidate, right?
    Or maybe he could ask Carlo Calvi to give him the answer, since Murtagh would be “clueless” about such matters.
    Right, Rita? Right, Jack?
    You dummies got to be kidding to believe that Murtagh would have the first notion of how to run this City.

  32. like I said Mr. Treacy, no one can ever accuse you of letting the truth be included in your observations. You have more ways to elude challenging postings than a kid has excuses for not doing homework. You are a hypocritical parrot.

  33. are you kidding me Mr. Treacy…”no prisoners taken” re Murtagh??? Actually, he could have taken a number of prisoners had he done any of his due diligence while on the city council. It would really be foolish of me, yet again, to name his infractions while on the city council, because you have yet to answer even one charge. You are truly unique among the posters on this site since you refuse to let facts, LOCAL FACTS, change your incessant chanting about the merits of murtagh and the perils of democrats.
    Mr. Treacy, no one in Yonkers or other government EVER GOES AWAY. Your statement about Murtagh’s potential as a CEO in the private sector is probably THE most assinine thing you have ever said. All of these washed up politicians claim to be the best and the brightest, yet they all end up in yet another politically-connected job when they are either term-limited out of office or not re-elected. They never end up in the private sector because the private sector doesn’t want them, and they don’t want the private sector. They want to continue the friends and family political gigs which are their way of life.
    Mark my words, if Murtagh loses this race, stay tuned on your local Yonkers channel to see him in yet another starring role in a taxpayer funded gig.

  34. Only an absolute horses ass would vote for John “Mr. Potatoe Head” Murtaugh, it’s the size of a hot air balloon, interesting because that’s what he is full of, hot air.

  35. John Murtagh will be Mr. November!If a private $800 million corporation was looking for a new CEO, John Murtagh a lawyer, who served as a councilman in the no prisoners taken Yonkers politics would be the hands down winner of the job as mayor.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  36. Murtagh is an obnoxious scumbag lawyer who thinks he is better than everyone else. Wait till the truth about his *****************
    Editor’s Note: the innuendo noted by the *******, placed by the editor are made to expunge the allegations, that are not proven AND further, I have never heard about and cannot substantiate. The author is asked to reveal the information to the editor by sending an email to: to prove the contention. Kindly, Hezi

  37. Murtagh has reformed our tax bills by 60%. So you are correct in that regard, Rita.
    Calvi’s resume is so extensive that Murtagh would have to live several more lifetimes to come close – Spano an eternity.
    Anyone who could Calvi clueless belongs with Murtgah. We don’t want those kind of people with us.

  38. And you can expect the same from Astorino’s pal John Murtagh if, God forbid, he becomes mayor of Yonkers.
    Murtagh will be a mere extension of the Amicone administration.
    Now ask yourself, folks, are you better off today than you were 8 years ago.
    Murtgah is the status quo. Spano is a step backwards to the regime of Nick, Mangone, Jereis and company.
    Calvi is the only real hope in this election.

  39. Hey Rob – Thanks for bringing Hugh Fox to White Plains with you. What a week that Blockhead had! Another wasted paycheck from the people of Westchester. Fox, Bob & Nancy Meehan, Tubiolo’s, Castro-Blanco are disgusting examples of Astorino’s abuse of the Public Trust.

  40. Since when does the twerp have a clue what a conservative is? I thought the only thing little Robby was good for was handing out patronage jobs on the taxpayer’s dime.

  41. oh yeah, Murtagh’s a real conservative…I guess the criteria is voting every year for a tax increase, never looking to trim political fat or challenge unions until his lame-duck year on the city council when he had nothing to lose; increasing the income tax surcharge, giving away the downtown to the pretty much defunct SFC group; voting on union contracts he now blasts etc. etc. etc. I guess he has redefined what a conservative is. Only in Yonkers, folks.

  42. Jack,
    While you are right in reasoning that Murtagh is more qualified than Spano (which isn’t very hard), that logic clearly doesn’t play in Yonkers elections.
    Flower and Calvi were the most qualified in their respective primaries and both came in 3rd. Qualification means nothing and the voters of Yonkers continue to make their own beds.
    The only candidates who would have done this city any good have already been eliminated from contention, sadly.

  43. Spano is for gay marriage,partial birth abortion, abortion and who knows what else and he is the Conservative Party nominee.Home proices went up over 250 percent including the downturn when Murtagh was just one vote in the council.The economy has changed in Yonkers, the state and country and the CEO of Yonkers has to adjust to the new realities.Astorino has the right just as Cuomo, Schumer,Lowey, Engle and Spano’s president Obama have to come in and endorse.The real question should be who do you want to run this corporation if your a taxpayer or city employee, Murtagh a lawyer and councilman or Mike Spano a member of the most corrupt dysfunctional legislature in the country according to governor Andrew Cuomo?The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  44. Yeah Rob, but he’s increased city real estate taxes by 60% in his 8 years on the council.
    Furthermore he’s in favor of same sex marriage.
    Some conservative.
    Good luck in your re-election
    You guys from Mt. Pleasant should stay out of Yonkers.
    You know who the real conservative in the race really is. Hugh Fox screwed it up.
    Life’s a beach.

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