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MikeFinal-9 I am running to represent you and our neighbors on the City Council. I remember when Yonkers was accurately called the “City of Gracious Living” and I’m disgusted with what is now going on at City Hall.

I’ve lived here since I was a small child. As a proud graduate of Yonkers schools, including Lincoln High School, I have been passionately involved in our community.

I’m not a lawyer or a professional politician and I do not participate in political games. My main goal in running for office is to repair the damage that was caused by decades of politics as usual. Like you, I’m tired of the mismanagement of funds. I am fed up with frivolous spending. I am a small business owner. I have owned and operated Transit Towing and Auto Body right here in Yonkers for 43 years. I believe government should make operating a business easier. Instead, they are making it more difficult.

I’m proud that I designed the successful impound towing program that has become a model for other cities. I have given back to the community by supporting programs to prevent domestic violence and child abuse, to mentor students and to raise funds to fight breast cancer.

The folks at City Hall like to call Yonkers a “City of Vision”. I say we have been blinded by mismanagement, poor accountability of our taxpayer’s money, and personal agendas. My top priority is to be your voice and I will work hard to restore Yonkers as the “City of Gracious Living” — where families lived healthy, prosperous and safe lives enjoying a wonderful quality of life.

I know it will take work but I would rather try hard than never have tried at all.

I hope I can have your vote on Tuesday, September 13th.

Learn more at www.MichaelRotanelli.com

Michael Rotanelli will be vying to gain the designation to represent the 3rd Yonkers City Council District in the September 13th Democrat Party Primary. 

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eHeziEnough Is Enough By MICHAEL ROTANELLI

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  1. Clearly this man is qualified,after all he sought out and found that suit from the only Robert Hall’s left. If, and only if,( but the picure does not tell) if he purchased his shoes from Buster Brown’s then he is clearly qualified to be the next DPW commissioner

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