Flower Criticizes Burns Appointment and Spano Run as Conservative as Examples of How Politics as Usual Impedes Progress in Yonkers

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FLOWER_BOB BURNS_Gail YONKERS, NY —  "The recent hiring of long-time conservative activist Gail Burns as a County Board of Legislators administrative aide and the expectation that this will lead to write-in votes on the Conservative line for Mike Spano as Mayor of Yonkers  is one more example of the backroom politics that has hindered  progress in the city," said Democratic Mayoral candidate Bob Flower today.

“It’s a commitment to the same-old, same-old  politics that keeps those responsible for Yonkers’ problems in positions of executive and legislative responsibility,” Flower declared.  “How can residents of Yonkers break free of this bondage if the same people who brought the city to its current state of disrepute continue to shape its future.

"The lifelong resident of Yonkers is basing his campaign on an “after all the politicians, it’s time for competence” theme and is calling for someone with executive, rather than legislative, experience to head City Hall.

The city needs new ideas and executive skills, not the failed policies and leadership of the past,” concluded Bob Flower.


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eHeziFlower Criticizes Burns Appointment and Spano Run as Conservative as Examples of How Politics as Usual Impedes Progress in Yonkers

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  1. Leave Gail alone if you are on this site you are just another political cronie..Hey Mike will take care of her then you will be pissed…..The real issue is that creep fireman that has a huge pension and is again on the taxrolls Astorino is a hyprocrit. That is truly a travesty. The county executive will have to work wih Mike weather he likes it or not.

  2. Flower is a dirtbag. From the crap he pulled in the downtown backing that clown from CH Martin to his steadfast refusal to clean up his violations on his parcels, this putz is just another creep who thinks he’s above the law and who stonewalls enforcement agents for the city. He should shut up, clean up his own house and get lost.

  3. I agree with the above posters. politicians are the last people that shld be telling a women what they can and cant do.and guess what yonkers mayor has no say about those social issues anyway.

  4. Hey Pal, If people want to get abortions it is their bodies not yours. Mind your phucking Business. Politicians do not make our decisions this is America, if you dont like freedom move to country that makes all decisions for you.

  5. Mike Spano supports partial birth abortion, gay marriage, has never been a fiscal conservative and is a republican turncoat in a party switch fueled by a last dash power grab effort by big brother Nick who pulls all the strings.
    Mike never gets the conservative line, just like Martinelli should have never gotten it.

  6. Ultra Liberal Jenkins hiring the old bag Burns who supported the super ultra liberal Andy Spano, the dried up prune Restiano selling out Murtagh, and the Archie Bunker Mike Long who would rather see pro gay marriage democrats elected “on principal” over pro gay marriage fiscally conservative Republicans simply shows how TOTALLY USELESS AND BANKRUPT THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY IS.
    Anyone who actually votes that line is an antedeluvian imbecile who needs to crawl under a rock.

  7. Wasn’t it Astorino that got Fox in his sweet political spot? Must be another thank you from the Astorino camp. See, even the county is as f..k.d up as Yonkers is and the mayoral race of deceitful and self-indulging candidates…..No hope even with prez. bama

  8. If the Meehans can steal over $300,000 annually from the county, Gail Burns can certainly be a low paid part-time clerk.
    Astorino is the biggest offender, yet cries the loudest.

  9. WHITE PLAINS — It pays to be Conservative.
    The former head of Westchester County’s Conservative Party is working for the Board of Legislators, The Journal News has learned.
    Gail Burns, who was in the middle of a 2009 firestorm after the party endorsed then-County Executive Andrew Spano over his Republican — and arguably more conservative — challenger Rob Astorino, is now working for the county board, which has a supermajority of Democrats.
    She started last week.
    “We’re trying to make sure the business of the legislature moves forward,” Chairman Ken Jenkins, D-Yonkers, said recently. “(We) have positions that are necessary to be filled.”
    As part of the arrangement, Burns, of Yonkers, will work roughly 14 hours a week until Dec. 31 and will earn $15,000. There are no health or retirement benefits, he said.
    Jenkins said he chose a part-timer to help cover administrative responsibilities of several staffers who have left for other work or retired.
    But there is much speculation that the post is simply a patronage job to hold Burns over until the Yonkers mayoral races pan out in November. Burns had worked for former state Sen. Nick Spano for years and is an ally of Mike Spano, who is running for mayor.
    The county board is currently made up of 12 Democrats and five Republicans; all 17 legislators are up for election in November, though Jenkins has no opposition.
    Legislators were not informed of the hiring before it happened, and several said that responsibility falls on the chairman. There was an internal shakeup within the Conservative Party last year after the endorsement went to a Democrat. That spat included several lawsuits and allegations that backing Andrew Spano was part of a “back room deal.”
    Hugh Fox Jr. was chosen by members as the party chairman in December.
    A few months earlier in September, however, Astorino hired Fox to a $92,470-a-year labor specialist post.
    Astorino, through his political spokesman, declined to comment for this article.
    These hires by both branches show that Conservatives appear to be doing well in county government, said Legislator John Nonna, D-Pleasantville.
    Though both the county executive and the chairman can hire whom they choose, government shouldn’t be adding these jobs as they scale back on others, he said.
    “It looks like a patronage feast for the Conservatives,” he said.

  10. “Undecided” was hardly undecided. Lesnick and Flower have been talking about those issues for months so the fact that they both pick up on the Journal News story which outed Mike is not a reason to drop support of one of them.

  11. with crime murders taxes and our schools all a mess — this is what is important for chuck and bob??? are you kidding me??? you both made my mind up im voting for mike

  12. The ironic thing is that Spano is a pro gay marriage liberal so why would ANY conservative vote for him?
    Murtagh is also pro gay marriage, but he has always been 100% Pro Life and is the designated Republican candidate. And no matter what the peanut gallery on YT will tell you, (the Lion will roar about 10 seconds after I post this), he is fiscally conservative. You KNOW Spano won’t be – not with Nicky’s fat hands on the purse strings.
    As far as Gail Burns is concerned, she and Restiano deserve each other – on a very small, very desolate lonely deserted island.

  13. It’s up to Lesnick & Flower to let the Democrats know that Spano is going after the pro-life anti gay marriage Converative line.
    Sounds like more poltical advice from his brother.

  14. She is all things wrong and evil with politics. A symbol of the never ending tentacles of Nick Spano. He now has his most loyal servant next to the Westchester BOL Chairman every day while he and his puppet brother take power in Yonkers. Sad sad sad.

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