Inlaw Asserts Lenick’s Team “Invalidates”Spano’s Latest Endorsement

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Lesnick_ChuckMike Spano may have been endorsed by two county-wide organizations, but what they don’t realize is that Chuck has the support of community, here in Yonkers, because of his life long commitment to education, safety, and jobs,” espoused Tanika Inlaw, Senior Advisor of the Chuck Lesnick campaign for mayor and immediate past President of the NAACP.

Tanika Inlaw's husband, Evan Inlaw, Esq., is a candidate for mayor of the City of Yonkers under the Working Family Party.


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eHeziInlaw Asserts Lenick’s Team “Invalidates”Spano’s Latest Endorsement

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  1. These people can’t even spell
    Look at the title of the article
    Inlaw Asserts Lenick’s Tean “Invalidates”Spano’s Latest Endorsement
    How many spelling errors can you find?

  2. I might agree that spano would have a tougher
    race if the conservative party hadn’t decided
    to endorse martinelli over murtaugh thereby making
    it impossible for murtaugh to win in yonkers based
    on the numbers I have seen…the conservative party
    will get between 4-7% as a line not attached to
    another line…martinelli if he does not win the
    primary will not be able to get off that line..
    so the republican/conservative vote will be split
    and in a city with 2.2/1 democratic registration it
    is hard to imagine a republican beating a spano without
    the conservative line..not to mention that the IND
    line will also have a candidate

  3. For me, as an average citizen walking through Riverfest late this afternoon, I felt uneasy when I saw a bunch of thuggish guys all in a group wearing white T shirts – then I read the T shirts, and they were for Spano. These guys were all like a gang around him, It was unsettling. The other candidates didn’t have thuggish characters surrounding them, just ordinary folk with fliers to pass around. But Spano wanted to make WHAT kind of impression?

  4. And Mike is not a political hack Edelman? Come on…Nick Spano is just waiting to get his chubby little fingers on the payroll lists and personnel rosters so he can start doling out jobs…Mikey is a lacky and a tool…Plain and simple. Word is Mary left Mike and is done with him and his “family”…Phalen is pathetic…he thinks he’s getting a promotion out of this endorsement?…The problem with this city is that it’s corrupt…caused by the Spanos for years…Nobody wants them. Only thing is, the Spanos are to conceited to see the handwriting on the wall.

  5. the premise “chuck has the support of the community”
    is fantasy..Chuck has been a huge disappointment as
    city council president..He is not viewed as a leader
    nor as a public official who is transparent..Chuck
    has demonstrated time after time that he is just as
    political and just as self interested as any other
    politician and has absolutely nothing to demonstrate
    his independence nor his ability to come up with unique
    solutions to the city’s problems..He is a get a long
    go along kind of guy…he will lose 58-42

  6. Senior advisor for the Chuck Lesnick campaign? Who the hell are the junior advisors? The freshman freaks from Sarah Lawrence in Bronxvillle(oops, I mean Yonkers)

  7. And I’m sure you have been All over the United States Margret. Thank you for your educated opinion on the campaign strategies from around our great nation.

  8. Yeah, the Minority community is reeling from this apparent travesty! I’m sure this is a major issue to them as opposed to the lack of jobs, abundance of crime, failing schools and total lack of leadership from city haul Including a clueless council president who has no clue about the average Yonkers resident.

  9. It is true that members of the Fire Department are going around in uniform, to residents in Public Housing and banging on their doors. When the tenants ask, “who is it?” they answer, “Fire Department!” and the tenants are fearful of a fire in the building or about an evacuation and they open their doors for the emergency. When they do that, the firemen give them literature for Spano’s election, and they tell the tenants to vote for Spano in the primary and the general election. This is frightening the residents and intimidating them. I am signing my name to this. No candidate can run their campaign this way, I don’t care who you are and who your family is.
    We don’t campaign like this in the United States of America.
    Margaret Setterholm
    Resident of Public Housing

  10. I hear that the firefighters are walking through the housing projects with some BS flyer of Lesnick and a dog. Don’t they realize that residents are intimidated by the knock on their door from someone who identifies themselves as “Fire Department, please open the door.” This is heavy handed and will backfire in the minority community.

  11. I am sure that there is some loophole in the law that the Spano’s have discovered like the one that says that they can collect $7,200 from each of the municipal unions but only spend #2,447 pre-primary. Spano will be controlled by the union and party bosses.

  12. How can the Yonkers Democratic party spend money on a mailing for the primary? Arent they not supposed to spend party money on primary elections?

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