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  1. Endorsewho?–The Republican Party chose poorly, is more like it. My point is that Cerrato gets endorsed by a sleazeball and Mike Breen essentially paid for it. There will be a big surprise on Tuesday, because the endorsement that counts is that of GOP primary voters and many will be surprised when Crotty gets that key endorsement.

  2. and is the because Crotty didnt get any endorsements… Candidates cant help who endorse them..And the fact that other organizations may endorse or support Breen or Cerrato, doesnt make them any less fit for the job. Thats like saying the Republican party endorsed Breen, so he can’t be good. Dumb comment my friend…

  3. Poor Breen paid money to Hezi for advertising, just to see his opponent Cerrato get endorsed by Sam Zherka. This kid Crotty seems to have much better judgment than these two clowns combined.

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