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  1. mr. crotty fan…can you please share with us the names of cerrato’s family members supposedly on Yonkers’ tit? (this should be funny)

  2. How many of Breen’s and Cerrato’s family and extended family members are on the Yonkers tit?
    Crotty is the only way to go. Fresh, Young, with ideas, ready to take on all the corruption.

  3. Check out “Politics on the Hudson” big news that Breen will attend debate (of sorts) on Sept. 8th. Really, this required Press coverage..I guess when you refuse over and over and then finally cave to pressure, its worth noting..Very Sad Mr. Breen. Interesting that not one other candidate had to issue one of these saying “Hey, look at me, I am actually going to attend a function where I may have to address voters”…And just 5 days before the election… REAL LEADERSHIP MIKE…..My 8 year old boy has a better understanding of what it means to be a leader than you do….Go away…..please…

  4. that is great..Wonder if he’ll stay awake for the upcoming debate…Love the photo of the young supporters…nothing like lining up your kid with other party leaders kids…Try again Mikey…

  5. This is something for the masses of young voters supposedly backing Mike Breen’s candidacy: Mike’s favorite Green Day song (appropriately) is “Wake me up when September Ends.”

  6. Hey DC Bonkers why were you here?
    You are not missed and not wanted near.
    The many women who “did you”
    Were ugly or fat
    One punch from RC put you down on the mat!

  7. because when you buy an ad on this site you also
    get an ad in the guardian which now has a distribution
    of over 40,000 mostly in yonkers…a good way to
    spend advertising you read it didn’t you

  8. Thats about right….
    As to Issues and Anon – this politics and serious stuff…not childish to call people onto the carpet…Its childish to hide behind the party. I loved the letter Steve and hope you keep doing this after elected…Its nice to know what our leaders (or so-called leaders) are doing and how they are screwing us….Keep up the good work..

  9. Has Breen sent out anything, I haven’t gotten anything from him or Crotty about where they stand on the issues, just Cerrato. I must say, I dont think it is childish at all to expose candidates and leaders who try to hide from the public and think they dont need to be vetted. Not petulence my friend, just the truth it seems…The better question is why this guy Breen is doing this. The time has come for real leaders who are not afraid to point the finger at the problem. And Cerrato, thank God, has the nerve and background to take them on….Good luck to you Mr. Breen… will certainly need it….
    And as an observer, I must add…Cerrato has the very deportment we need….time to clean up this City…

  10. That’s right Foto/Cerrato, your whole campaign has been childish and obnoxious. Your recent letter to homeowners of the 5th District and your Facebook posting this evening were written by a petulent child, not an attorney. Say what you want but you certainly do NOT have the deportment to be a City Councilman and tackle the serious issues that face Yonkers.

  11. Foto – so great to see the SC campaign is focused on real issues. Best of luck on primary day – you’ve lead a really positive campaign. way to focus on the issues… who needs to talk about ridge hill and flood insurance premiums when we can bash photos

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