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Calvi_Carlo-Standing withstriped white shirt and paisley tie The only thing that is certain from primary night results is that they are uncertain.

When the polls closed that night, we, independently, obtained results from many districts and there are substantial conflict in what the Board of Elections reports and what we obtained.

Remember that the "call in" process of results, which occurs at the end of voting is subject to error, especially with the new voting machines.

Poll workers, who had just finished working a 16 hour day, print out a four foot long tape (looks like an adding machine tape) which contains numerous numbers in different places and repeats candidates names in several locations with different numbers. From that tape, poll workers are asked to quickly ascertain the right numbers and call them into BOE offices.  Most workers, rightfully eager to end their day and go home, completed this process in minutes.

Initial results on primary night seemed to establish a pattern but then, several districts were reported that had Murtagh in the 50 vote range and me and Martinelli at one or two votes each, clearly outside of the trend and pattern.

We could not independently verify, since the numbers are "called out" by the poll worker  reading the tape and our poll watchers are not actually allowed to look at it. We have yet to physically view the tape and won't be able to do so until the recount which starts on September 23.

As far as the Conservative "write in " primary goes, we believe that Martinelli has lost it and some of his supporters just about admit it. In many districts the number of write in votes was much higher than the number of votes cast for Martinelli.

However, we won't know which name was written in until the recount occurs. We put on a campaign for write in votes and know that many conservative voters did write in my name. However, we also know that, Mike Spano had the fire union members (great majority of which are conservatives) write in his name. Parenthetically, it's a bit bizarre that an ultra liberal like Mike Spano  thinks he can legitimize seeking or running as a conservative.

In any event, we are still in the race, proudly on the Independence Party line. We may yet obtain the Conservative line and the Republican primary is uncertain, as far as I am concerned. Murtagh shouldn't be blowing out the candles on the celebratory cake, just yet.

It's estimated that the turnout was approximately 15% of party vote and about 2% of total vote. There is no mandate in any of these results. The election is still up for grabs.

Maybe we should change our campaign theme to one which is growing in popularity around the country, which is "Throw the Bums Out"

Murtagh and Spano both are incumbent office holders looking to perpetuate their political careers. I'm the opposite, a taxpaying professional citizen & businessman, who wants to throw he bums out.

Keep the faith. and we'll keep you updated. Thanks for your help and support. I am forever grateful.


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eHeziPrimary Night Results By CARLO CALVI

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  1. if cross endorsements were not permitted we would
    not be discussing who won the write in vote on
    that line..clearly if there were 550 write in votes
    the person nominated by that party didn’t get any
    of them

  2. Regardless of your political leanings, you have to admit this Conservative Write-in stuff is wild.
    Any enrolled Conservatives on here who can tell us what kind of campaign these candidates really waged to get Write-in votes?
    We’ve all heard that Spano used his muscle with the firefighter’s union to get them to vote for him. Did he do any mail or phone calls to the general audience of Conservative voters?
    What about Calvi and Murtagh? Did they call, mail or ring doorbells of Conservative voters?
    No conjecture, please. What did they really do?

  3. So here’s the story on the Conservative write in.
    Martinelli received approx 200 votes on the machines, but there are about 550 write ins which will be identified on Wed. or Thurs.
    Either Calvi of Spano have taken the line.
    Murtagh’s jumpin up and down over having goten less than half of the rep vote, but can somebody please tell him he got 0.0% of the conservative vote. He lost it in a landslide.
    Quite a showing for the self proclaimed true conservatve in the race.
    Restiano is a huge dunce. Not one of her endorsed candidates survived and she’s lost the mayoral nomination on a write in basis. That is a level of incompetence and stupidity that no other political leader has been able to pull off at any time in the past.

  4. The Spano Republik of Yonkers will resist the tyranny of free elections!
    Without our Great Leader Nick and Dear Leader Mike, chaos would reign.
    Who would decide which members of the Glorious Families are hired for the important positions in Spano, er, City Hall? Without a Spano to guide our lives, anarchy would prevail.

  5. Can someone please take a tape measure to Murtagh’s head. I mean it barely fits in the council chambers as it is, how does he expect to get it into the Mayor’s office?

  6. Murtaugh’s comments Re: Qadaffi nailed it right on the head. The Spano family and their political machine have been in power and screwing the city of Yonkers for far too long. It is time for a refreshing new vision for our city absent of the influence of Spanos, Martinellis, Calvis, McLaughlings and Spencers. The Spano’s know their time is up (any other reason why Mike became a Democrat a WEEK after hosting a REPUBLICAN fundraiser??????) and are scrambling to hold onto the power they are so accustomed to.

  7. Carlo, thank you for being brave and calling out the vast corruption that clearly exists in this election. I look forward to Murtagh’s margin dwindling as you gain more votes. Remember everyone, VOTE CARLO! His experience as a pizza delivery boy, carpenter and smoking cigars while making good conversation makes him the right man for the job!
    Independence line. November 2011

  8. Is anyone surprised, even just a little bit, that Carol Calvi is the one suggesting that there was voter fraud, because I’m not. Carol, did they need to get you a phone book to sit on during the debate on News 12? Just wondering.

  9. Vinnie Restiano the adulteress has by her arrogance and hypocracy potentially done incalculable damage to Yonkers for the next four years. By using the “gay marriage” tired lame excuse for not giving the line to Murtagh, the Conservative line will now likely go to Spano, a liberal pro gay marriage shift-with-the-wind politician who will shower money on the unions to keep their support like Spencer did and turn on the “friends and family club” spigot like Amicone, Spencer and Angelo Martinelli never could.
    The truly sad part will be once Nick goes gets indicted Mike will have no one to tell him what to do and he will collapse as Mayor. He may be a nice guy but he does not have the ability to run the city. He needs Nick to do it.
    And really that is the whole problem. Its Nick.

  10. Reports are that there are more than 550 write in votes on the conservative line, yet to be counted.
    Martinelli got approx 190 on the ballot.
    He’s out.
    Just a matter of whether Calvi or Spano has the conservative line.
    Either way it’s very, very bad news for Murtagh, Martinelli, Restiano & co.
    Never before in history has an endosed candidate been taken out by a “write in’.
    Yonkers conservative leader, Vincenza Restiano will be proven, by her new found God, to be a total ass, if this plays out.
    Richard Martinelli is no conservative.

  11. Westchester bought their voting machines from Dominion (Canadian company) not ES&S, you fucking idiots. NYC bought from ES&S.
    You old complainers don’t know your ass from your old mechanical voting machine.

  12. Murtagh’s comments were awesome!
    Finally — FINALLY — someone has the guts to call the Spanos, the Spencers, the Martinellis et al what they really are.

  13. seems like mr murtaugh may have blown it right out
    of the box…not a very auspicious beginning is it..
    who the hell is advising him ..or is he going rogue?

  14. Murtagh should make an apologize to the Spano family. That was very disrespectful.
    Especially from a man that was a victim of a physco terrorist.
    John, you have proven over and over again how insane, arrogant and unapproachable you really are.
    You will not receive my nor my family’s vote.

  15. yep the machine is broken
    what we really need are all the taxpayers to show up with sledgehammers and sent all the junk to the scrapyard.

  16. murtagh is a big headed obnoxious ass hole and those comments were very unprofessional guy cant even win with class im voting for spano not that egotistical DH!!

  17. Mangone is an equal opportunity political briber with Democrats and Republicans involved with him.Andy Spano and his fellow Democrats are responsible for the election machines.The primary election results are a mess, the general election will be a meltdown.”Republican” Nick Spano,democrat Annabi and republican Jerys had other dealings with Anthony Mangone.And those are facts not opinions. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  18. The curse of Andy Spano stil haunts Westchester.It was the democrat Andy Spano and his fellow democrats on the board of legislators who gave out the contract to ES&S for electronic voting machines.The lobbyist for ES&S was Anthony Mangone a admitted felon amongst his crimes committted was voter fraud.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  19. If you think that the candidates on both sides were viable then your part of the problem why Yonkers is in the shape it’s in.People like you keep voting for the party machine incompetent’s.

  20. making a reference to a mass murderer..someone who
    acknowledged responsibility for bringing down an
    aircraft killing all aboard over Lockerbee Scotland
    as even remotely similar to an american public official
    is not only strange and offensive but reveals a larger
    problem which, if that person ever became the chief executive of a large city, would bode poorly for all
    because it indicates an inante insensibility…kind of
    like those in the tea party debate who cheered when
    wolf blitzer asked Ron Paul if somone 30 who had no
    health insurance should get medical treatment or die
    part of the republican party is loosing its Lincoln
    roots..and adopting Ayn Rand…not a good sign

  21. I loved the Khadaffi comment. These families — Spano, Calvi, Martinelli, Spencer — have used the city of Yonkers as their own little employment agency for decades.
    Glad someone like Murtagh had the guts to say it.

  22. ummm – carlo was a distant third not even close, what is the above poster smoking? i want some. Murtagh kicked his ass – get on board now and be a loyal republican

  23. I want to walk into that warehouse on Saw Mill River Rd tomorrow and get some answers tomorrow. Carlo – please organize a time to show a sign of force. Enough is enough!!! Please do not let them steal the election from you. Yonkers needs you!
    How does 11am sound?

  24. I am a republican and I do respect the Spano family however my thought wasto be a loyal republican and vote for Murtagh. That thought changed as soon as i heard murtaghs remarks. This republican will be voting for Mike Spano. The last thing we need is that terrible attitude of Murtagh in city hall.

  25. i am totally offended by murtaugh and the hate mail that i recieved from him about carlo and his family. I am not a spano fan but i DO NOT LIKE murtaugh at all. I voted for martinelli. I hope the “families” of yonkers (code for mob) dont forget the damage he tried to inflict on good families. like them or not they are respected members of our community and i will not forget his comments. I may not even vote now but murtaugh is a dangerous pyschopath.

  26. why should ANYONE be surprised at Murtagh’s Khadafy comments. Anyone who truly knows him knows that it is in keeping with the kind of person he is – a priggish, elitist prig who is never happier than when he is getting a laugh at someone else’s expense. God, I would love to be his psychiatrist if he ever gets the help he needs. I would make a fortune. Must have been the object of many school yard beatings.

  27. Jack,
    You’ve always ben percieved as a reasonable person.
    However your gung ho comments in support of Murtagh, even when he is so crass, and over the top, as far as comparing others to third world dictators is contrary to your percieved level headedness.
    We are not Spano supporters. However, you should not be a Murtagh guy. You’re too smart and level headed to be one.
    Hope it’s not the irish thing. You’re better than that.

  28. Hey I don’t think the comparison with a dictator
    was the right thing to do …it shows a lack of
    perspective…this is not the middle east and mike
    spano or any one else is not a tyrant..that kind of
    comparison has no place in US politics…so I will
    not be supporting Mr. Murtaugh this year..

  29. the votes are counted..they may vary slightly but
    there has NEVER been a case where a candidate who
    came in third in a threeway race with low twenty’s
    on recount took the lead…NEVER

  30. GOP, we know you are a pauper having lived off the crumbs that the spano’s fed you over the years.
    Try not to be jealous of the fact that Calvi has his own money to spend and didn’t shake down anyone, as perhaps your gang does.
    No financial harm done to Calvi. You would probabaly be jumping out a window by now.
    Besides the votes are not counted yet.

  31. Was this as ungracious as Murtagh using the Khadaffy comparison ?
    You are an assole. Then again, you’ve proven that over the years, Mike.

  32. I will agree with Carlo on one point: it is outrageous how long it is taking for them to caount the votes. I thought these new machines were going to make things “better.”

  33. that’s about one of the more ungracious statements
    i have ever read..regardless of whether some districts
    misreported, the idea that calvi is anywhere near
    close to murtaugh is absurd…the vote was a random
    sample and as such although it might be subject to
    some change for calvi to pick up enough votes to
    basically double the amount he got according to the
    board of elections is mathmatically impossible..and
    demonstrates that if he can’t count votes and understand sampling he certainly can’t be mayor

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