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  1. Nope not Cerrato, don’t like him either, just a resident feed up with the lazy, over paid employees we own. As for the teamsters, they have a set on them in numbers and when part of the usual goon squad, on their own they are pussies. And the fact that they can bully their way, shows the sort they really are, and thanks for that clarification.
    As for Murtagh what did he ever do to curb taxes? He caved in on the garbage issue and votes to increase taxes every year on the council. As I previously said, not one in the city with the balls to take on all of the corruption.
    Look at Fill’s legacy, a loser, a grumpy, angry, nasty, vindictive politician who finished off what Spender started.
    There is not one candidate who can or wants to take on all of the corruption in Yonkenrs, not one and that is SAD.

  2. Cahajones/Cerrato
    Your ideas sound wonderful but are oh so simplistic…
    No more OT, for anybody: sure let the fires burn and the animals run amock. No question OT is out of control and must be sharply curtailed. But your comment is overbroad and dangerous.
    Garbage men? Why don’t you say that to their face and see if you do not get a Teamster smackdown.
    Fire dept? What does their contract say? You have to change their contract otherwise it is all bull. It is called contract law Mr. Attorney.
    End patronage jobs, cars and cellphone. Yes of course but thats a tired chestnut. Murtagh will do that, not you. Certainly not Spano or Martinelli.
    Go after illegal apartments? Agree 100%.
    There is lots to be done but the lead will come from the next strong Mayor, and not from a little piddle like you.

  3. We have way more than enough “snow plowing, adequate police/fire protection garbage pick up and emergency services.”
    Someone just needs to take an axe ot the out of control payroll.
    First off:
    No more OT, for anybody.
    Garbage men must work an 8 hr. shift.
    5 day week for all in the fire dept.
    Productivity must increase all round.
    End the 20 patronage jobs in the mayors office.
    No more take home cars or cell phones.
    Make all illegal apartment owners back pay the property taxes they owe? and fine them for all illegal apartments (a small fortune)
    In just 2 minutes I have shaved $50-100 million of the budget, and I haven’t even started.
    Unfortunately for the yonkers resident, there is not one politician in town that has the balls to do one of these things.

  4. Tell that to the poeple in Crestwwod, who live a block from School 15 but cant get there kid in the school and have to have him bussed half way around town. WE should have neighborhood schools….

  5. Like what, street repair, snow plowing, adequate police/fire protection garbage pick up and emergency services…all addressed…But Cerrato understands there are more fundamental issues – like the mess in City Hall, where the real problem lies.. Until we fix that, there is no way to fix the other problems…Thus, Cerrato wins…

  6. Who cares, that is not the Fifth District, he should be concerned about US. We have plenty of issues that need attention that he has never addressed.

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