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  1. I love how you keep referring to me as if I am Cerrato, in an attempt to make him look bad to all 15 people who post on this site. I quite honestly enjoy your reactions. You obvioulsy take everything way to serious, so here is a serious comment for you:
    You are really a sad person. You have posted nothing (and I checked) positive about Cerrato, only Breen. It is clear you are a Breen supporter, which is fine, since I prefer Cerrato.
    Now, here is the reality: Cerrato has the education and background to be a good councilman, far superior than Mike Breen or Joe Crotty.
    Cerrato has 2 business here in Yonkers and Breen has one, so they are both businessmen and know how to operate one.
    Both Cerrato and Breen have received contributions from Unions, so its a non-issue
    Cerrato may have a business/social relationship with the YFD union president, but Breen has 2 kids on the YPD, so I think if thee is any favortism, it goes to the family members before a friend..I am sure you would disagree.
    Cerrato is an accountant and Lawyer with experience in Finance. Breen has none of these qualities, while Crotty has 2 years worth of some agricultural finance, whatever that is.
    Cerrato is not beholden to the party or its leaders. Breen has been in the party for so long, he cant be independent. Crotty is so young, he is easily manipulated, no matter what you may say.
    Breen has been more active in the community, that is true, but he is like 60 years old. Cerrato and Crotty are half his age, so that is not a really fair argument. I suppose in 30 years, the both Cerrato and Crotty could argue they served the party well and are now entitled to some political office, but I doubt you would hear that from those two guys, as they have a little more dignity than that.
    Cerrato – tried several times to involve all candidates in Town Halls, but Breen refused repeatedly to participate (so says the blogasphere). That in and of itself is sad. Breen tries to argue the town halls or debates woudl be unfair, but it was okay for Cerrato to field questions from Breen people last night, and may I had put them right in their place. As Breen finished in last place (definitely no dispute there), it is obvious to all why he avoided these types of debates in the past.
    Is this serious enough for you. Its all true and factual. So, what we are left with is what we had months ago. Who is the best candidate for the 5th District. And while we may joke around from time to time, when push comes to shove, there is no debate. CERRATO has better education, better work history, real experience and background. While he may lack the many years Breen has as an activist (again he is twice his age); CERRATO is the best choice, hands down.

  2. endorseee
    I may be a joke, but anyone who posts the following with the intent of making fun of someones physical characteristics is such a low life piece of garbage…well, you figure it out…
    Breen’s shirt – $12.99
    Breen’s tie – $9.99
    Breen’s suit – $99.99
    Is that the best you can do.
    You are acting like a six year old. And you want to be our Councilman???????

  3. I get a lot of long winded letters from this guy. He seemed like a good candidate, but now I see he’s just a puppet of the local unions that are laughing their ass off as I struggle to put food on my table. Take a close look at that picture. He kinda looks like a thug.

  4. Breen’s shirt – $12.99
    Breen’s tie – $9.99
    Breen’s suit – $99.99
    Breen begging and pleading for the Conservative, Independence and Right to Life party endorsements and paying for ads in the Guardian only to have Cerrato get all the endorsemetns and Breen get none – PRICELESS..
    The reality seems that no matter what Cerrato does, or who endorses him, he is bad. How can someone so bad be endorsed by so many…
    Again, actions speak louder than words…..and the Actions say – Cerrato is the man….Sorry Patty.
    p.s. I meant YPD…..and as said before, the cops dont even support Breen…go figure…and maybe thats because he is Breen’s hand puppet, which now trnaslates to Cerrato being a step below Murtagh…
    Fact check – you Anon, are a joke…

  5. First of all moron Breen kids are in the POLICE department, not the Fire department,, another example of how out of touch you are with the Fifth District Stevie.
    The Independence and Right to Life Parties, how many people will actuall show up to the polls, perhaps 100 voters? Woo hoo.
    As far as those perhaps 200 hard core Archie Bunker conservatives who “maybe” show up at the primary, well we will see about that.
    All in all sounds nice, doesn’t mean spit.
    Personally, I would never accept an endorsement from a paper owned by zerka; do I HAVE to go go into his history? Do you really think the educated people on the East Side of Yonkers really appreciate the fact that you are edorsed by the likes of him? I do not think so.
    The reality that is obvious to anyone of any intelligence and class Mr. Cerrato is that you are nothing more than a school yard bully, and your actions since day one both in your personal deportment, your obnoxious Facebook postings and your comments here, make you totally unfit to be our councilman, no matter what your policies are. You are are such a step down from Murtagh that the Fifth District deserves better.

  6. uhmmm….Stephen is the only candidate with endorsements – i.e the Conservative Party, Indpendence Party and Right to Life Party, and now the very same local newspaper that Mr. breen took out ads in (which apparently was good enough for Mike, but now is demonized for backing Cerrato (funny how that works). But really, C’mon…. come up with a good crtique if your gonna say something. This seems very petty and I sense some jealousy that Breen or Crotty have no other endorsements. He’s got 2 kids on the YFD and they dont even support him…. Actions speak louder than words…..and from what I see, everyone’s action say Breen is not the right choice…

  7. Friends of Stephen Cerrato
    This is a perfect example of why this guy should not be elected. First his total disrespect of you, the voter by not taking the time to proofread his campaign material. The “GURDIAN?” is this how he prepares his legal briefs?
    Second, I would be ASHAMED to be endorsed by the GUARDIAN, GURDIAN, whatever. But then, when you have no endorsements I guess it is better than nothing.

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