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  1. Sign, aka Steve Cerrato
    It is sooo obvious when you post Steve.You think you are being cute when you are not.
    If you feel signs are being damaged, you should file a police report and call the Board of Elections. I travel the District a lot and see plenty of your signs, none of them damaged. I have seen a lot of Breen and Crotty signs that have dissappeared. Many have been stolen or taken off their steel frames and thrown in the grass. How could that happen Steve?
    Now Steve, is it tue you were outside of Church campaigning on 9/11? If so, that is truly DISGUSTING and demonstrates what a self-centered low life you are. All the candidates for Mayor agreed to suspend campaigning on 9/11 out of respect. ARE YOU BETTER THAN THEM.
    You have shown up on Sunday at Church in the past and put yourself in the front row with Cerrato for Council T shirts on (so much for a nice Sunday suit), and you put a huge campaign sign on Church property that suddenly dissappears as soon as the service is over.
    HOW GUTTER LOW CLASS ARE YOU. Come to Church dressed like a slob and campaign in front of Christ.
    But yesterday is the last straw. You disrespected the dead and are only concerned with yourself. You do not deserve to be running for dog catcher.
    Save face and withdraw now.

  2. Not so much interesting as a testament to how people feel about Cerrato and his family. Today they were campaigning outside of church… on September 11!!! Was anyone really surprised though? Sadly no.

  3. That is a shame. So many CERRATO signs were spray painted and even torn down and destroyed. I wonder who would do such a thing. Thankfully, all the Breen signs are intact…..interesting…

  4. Arrggg and Onestleee–
    Breen is. Limping into this thing. Everyone would agree with that. Cerrato, no one has endorsement envy. It’s just incredible that one week after Hoffa is calling for the “SOB’s” of the Tea Party to be wiped out by Obama’s Army that you would be so stupid as to seek and accept CASH from these thugs. You have no political sense. Oh, and your signs are pissing people off. Oh, and another thing…tell your thugs to stop spraypainting signs on people’s PRIVATE PROPERTY. A good Democrat (in elephant’s clothing) is a defeated Democrat.

  5. He’s a Lawyer stupid, isn’t that what all lawyers are, egomaniacs. “Read my lips, no new taxes”, now who was the famous asshole who said that? Ah yes, another republican POS, Daddy Bush.

  6. Agreed. If you go to the NYS Board of Elections you can check out Breen’s financials and SUPRISE – you will see many contributions from many unions, including the POLICE (his kids are cops)….What Hipocracy..Its terrible for Cerrato to get donations, but they leave out Breen also gets them….This is the kind of slight of hand and trasparency we have know and it stinks..This poster is just part of the problem…Anything to demonize Cerrato…
    As for last night, how is Breen a wounded man and what attack are you referring to?
    My personal favorite – the boob who asked about Cerrato’s affiliation with the YFD’s union president. This guy couldnt wait to get out of the room after Cerrato put him in his place…that was too funny..that guy was the joke of the night…
    Cerrato won the debate hands down. Breen was awful and Crotty was like a lost puppy, way out of place. Now we know why Breen refused to show up at so many of these…Better for him to avoid these than show how bad he really is….

  7. You have stated several times that he takes “thousands in union dollars.” That is a very serious charge and as an attorney could get him into a lot of trouble. I suggest that if you are going to cast aspersions like that, which go far beyond the usual political back and forth that we all revel in on YT, that you present proof here and to the District Attorney, or to be fair to everyone concerned, SHUT UP.

  8. After seeing this creep lose his top last night and continually attack a wounded man (Breen) over and over again, I am certain this guy is the wrong candidate for the 5th. This guy is trying to come off as being to the right of Rush, but takes thousands in union dollars.

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