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  1. only in Yonkers, indeed. The Fifth District may actually go Democratic. Further, I think Michael Meyer has an excellent chance in the Third, causing a loss of a Democratic seat.

  2. Cerrato, if he has any class and judgment, will take a judicial nomination in the bronx or brooklyn and get off the line, thereby allowing Breen to have the Conservative line. If not, Vinny should send a letter to her conservatives saying Vote for Breen as our candidate is DONE

  3. The question is who does Cerrato endorse for mayor. I and others have always thought he is a Spano mole.
    Hopefully that is wrong, but if not he will never get elected to sewer cleaner in the 5th District.

  4. With the new slate coming into Yonkers, I wouldn’t blame anyone for leaving this City. You will see a mass exodus within the next 5 years, mark my words.. Yonkers will be just like Mt. Vernon very soon. That is a shame.

  5. Death and moving out of Yonkers are the two viable options. How likely is he to choose the right one?
    Get serious. The 5th district has intelligent people. They will vote Breen in November, and they will remember that Crotty ran a good, honorable campaign, while Cerrato and his sleazy family stooped to new lows that are shocking even in Yonkers.
    Good luck to Crotty, who really impressed me.

  6. Anon…something tells me that Cerrato has an inability to be a team player. That is, of course, unless his real team is with Spano. Follow the money…

  7. Sorry Hmmmm
    Anyone who campaigns on 9/11 is insensitive and stupid. I suspect he lost a lot of support because of it, and that had nothing to do with any “machine.”
    But you are correct, its over. Cerrato should support Breen and Murtagh to help make sure we defeat the Spano “machine.”. That is the most important thing now.

  8. anon. I’m not Cerrato fan, but that drunk rage you did at 1:20a….you got to be a Breen. Kinda pathetic your so upset with Cerrato still. You won, take the high road.
    And you really cant call Cerrato stupid. He has shown to be a lot smarter than your husband at the debate.
    Congrats to Mike. But please don’t say he went out and won it…the party machine did it for him.

  9. I disagree that cerrato will be a spoiler..that
    area is so overwhelmingly republican that being
    on the conservative line will not prevent mike
    breen from addition cerrato, if he is
    smart will throw his support to breen thereby making
    the conservative line irrelevant

  10. He doesnt need to drop out. Just keep campaigning at church and letting his mother in law be the spokesperson. Both went over big in the 5th District!

  11. I would like to agree, but how do only 1000 people vote. Breen got 400 votes (as of now) out of 6000 Repblicans, thats sad….that is, sad that only just a small amount of people voted. I think if this is the turnout in November, the Dem wins. Its Kathline Thomas…who I hear is a leader in the Democtatic party, so all the Dems might know of her… Crazy.only in Yonkers..

  12. “the democrat, whoever it is, wins the seat”
    If you can’t name the Democrat in the race, then is he/she really a viable candidate in the most Republican district in the city?
    And Cerrato will not be a spoiler.
    Congratulations to Mike Breen. It was a tougher road than he anticipated (or would have liked), but it will make him a better Councilman

  13. Here is a harsh reality, as unfortunate as it is. Cerrato has the C and I lines and will be a spoiler for Breen. There is a very good chance now that the democrat, whoever it is, wins this seat. Congrats to Mike, but I dont see this as a victory…more of a taunt, because it will be a real battle to win in November without the other lines….bitter sweet in way…Any way Cerrato can get out of the race???

  14. Patty you can stop making comments now. Your dopey husband won. The party came through but we can all agree he is a disgrace. The debate…the radio show…wait til he has to speak at meetings hahaha.

  15. Maybe if his daddy the judge was even MORE involved in the campaign, and attended more of his events, he could have twisted more arms for donations and Stephen could have put a double digit distance between himself and third place in a three horse race.

  16. Cerrato
    How does it feel.
    You could not even beat Crotty in a meaningful way. The big bad attorney could not beat a 24 year old.
    The residents of the Fifth Ditrict REJECT YOU.
    Your Schoolyard Bullying
    Your Arrogance
    Your Stupidity
    Your immaturity
    Your “family values” flyer that you stole from Matinelli (opps who got crushed too).
    Your disgusting behavior at Church and on Memorial Day.
    etc etc you got it pal?
    Go back and play with daddy. The Fifth District DOES NOT WANT YOU.

  17. Yeah, nice prediction, Stevie. You soiled the bed, Mr. 45% dreamer. All night you’ve been battling Crotty for a distant second at 28-29% while Breen’s at over 42%. Hope you come in last, you classless disaster. Breen and the Republican leadership kicked your arrogant butt.

  18. Sal and lifer.
    Good try. But very weak.
    This is not about the alternatives. This is about how Cerrato behaves.
    Anyone who politics in front of a Church on Sunday, especially on 9/11 when every other candidate agreed not to is a bum, pure and simple.
    The light is squarely focused on Cerrato, just like he likes it.

  19. My advice to Mr. Cerrato – take cover. After you win this, the 3 people that keep posting above will be out for blood….I do not envy you sir. Congrats on your anticipated victory.

  20. No matter what the results are tomorrow Cerrato’s ego will require him to continue to November.
    In a way I look forward to it simply because it will the people of the 5th District more time to realize what a train wreck Cerrato is.
    Again and again he shows that he has no clue how to act as a councilman. Yesterday was a culmination of his poor judgement.
    This is not about politics, or budget cutting or ties to unions.
    It is about common sense and judgement.
    And Cerrato is clearly lacking.

  21. Yes! His entire family was outside of St. Eugene’s, Annunciation and St. Joseph’s after every mass yesterday.
    I missed his sister screaming at Breen’s wife and daughter…but that is all the buzz in the St. Joe’s crowd.

  22. This act of stupidity and arrogance will haunt Cerrato for the rest of his life. Ther are few things in politics that could have possibly been worse.
    The phrase NEVER FORGET has become associated with 9/11
    Now the same phrase has become associated with Steve Cerrato.
    Even if he becomes the next councilman, you can be sure it will come back to haunt him every time he makes a mistake. And with his immature, obnoxious style, those mistakes will be frequent.
    He makes Carlo Calvi look mature.
    And that folks, is SAD

  23. The only thing more inappropriate than campaigning outside churchs on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 is campaigning at the Crestwood Memorial Day Ceremony. Very distasteful!!!

  24. And where did you get that from? The Gallup organization? Anyone who thinks they can judge the outcome of a race like this is delusional. As delusional as thinking that campaigning on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is a smart political move.

  25. Doesn’t matter if it was the All-American Pro-America Party campaigning. It was wrong. I’m surprised RTL didn’t emphasize last weekend. They are good folks, but their judgement was off this year. You should have known better, Steve. If this thing is going to be as close as everyone thinks, you may have lost your margin in a matter of hours.

  26. I beleive the Right to Life Party was campaigning….But than again, you all knew that…They only do this every year. I guess it stinks when your not endorsed by them though…Sorry Mikey….

  27. Campaigning on 9/11–outside of a church to boot!–shows a complete lack of judgment. What in the world would you be campaigning about? Mr. Cerrato should be ashamed and I think he owes those parishioners he accosted outside of church yesterday on one of the solemnest days in American history an apology.

  28. Campaigning outside any religious house of worship is very disrespectful, then again wannabee politicians are just learning the tools of the trade for when they are elected. Then they become even more disrespectful to the voters, as they lie to us day in day out.
    The 5th is no different than any other district, full of potholes and garbage all over the place. Won’t make any difference who is elected, they’ll be down on their knees at the hands of the next WRONG Mayor of Jonkers.

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