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  1. Wait for the official results.
    Election night republican results are suspect and highly innacurate.
    In addition, Calvi appears to have won the Conservative “write in” against Martinelli

  2. Cicada Calvi
    Time to bury yourself in the ground for the next 15 years loser. The Citizens of Yonkers rejected your narrow minded hate speech and stupid ideas today. Go away and let people who actually live in the 21st century run for office.
    Yonkers needs modern Republican government, not government run by a Victorian with a pole up his a….

  3. murtagh should know from disappearing…he did it so well for eight years during city committee meetings….last year he left a Fire Dept. Budget hearing in mid-stream. No one was really surprised, however, because this has become a pattern with him through the years. However, he did so to appear on Cablevision. So, if Mr. Calvi has disappeared during his absence as an elected official, Mr. Murgagh has repeatedly disappeared DURING his service as an elected official. Let the voters decide which is worse.

  4. Carlo
    your mailer today was moronic.
    “Murtagh…recently refferred (sic) to one as a “CICADA INSECT.”
    Carlo: I love the thrid person. Murtagh was talking to YOU as the INSECT. A cicada comes out of the ground every 15 years, makes a lot of noise, then goes back to sleep. That is exactly your history. So if you are going to “make fun” of Murtagh, at least tell the truth.
    “Murtaghs and Martinelli’s combined votes raised taxes an amazing 141%!”
    I’ll say thats amazing. And pretty damn stupid for a so-called attorney. Do you disresepct your supporters so much that you treat them like morons?
    Calvi is the MAN if you want a megalomanic for mayor who treats citizens like morons. Go right ahead, vote for the idiot.
    Bzzzzzzzz I hear those Cicadas………..Perhaps its really those Spano $100 bills flapping in the wind….

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