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  1. sure its possible that murtaugh can win..but its
    not probable..and it makes it so much harder on
    one line particularly if both martinelli and calvi
    run active campaigns..and don’t endorse murtaugh
    the Amicone situation was totally different from
    an electoral point of view .he was the hand picked
    successor to a then very popular mayor john spencer
    and people viewed his election as the continuation
    of the spencer term…totally different than what
    is going on now…

  2. There are only two guarantees in this election
    1. Martinelli will never be Mayor
    2. Murtagh will never be Mayor
    No set of circumstances make it possible for either. Every other candidate, either rep or Dem, possesses a path to the Office. Those two guys should start making alternative life plans.

  3. Murtagh can win in November on the Republican line alone.
    He doesn’t need the Conservative or Independence lines (would have been nice to have them), and Amicone proved it by winning without those lines in 2003.

  4. so what you are saying is you lose either way..
    my only point is that John Murtaugh should have had
    a clear shot for mayor but the conservative party
    largely do to restiano’s influence was so ticked
    off at him that they witheld their support over the
    gay marriage issue…and rather than nominating
    calvi who as an attorney could have gotten off the
    line if murtaugh won the primary they nominated a non
    lawyer which means martinelli is stuck on that line
    if he looses the primary…so the conservative part
    in effect has elected spano since I expect murtaugh
    to win the primary next what exactly is
    it that you want me to do about this cross endorsement
    fiasco other than what I have been doing for the last 20 years to no avail…only when both major parties
    wake up and pass state legislation outlawing cross
    endorsements will the political extortion and the ability of someone like restiano and fox and cavalo to influence the process end..

  5. Edelman you fool that is only true if you keep hammering away saying the same thing over and over and over. Why dont you just admit you support Martinelli and his gay-baiting Catholic Voters Guide.
    For once go out on a limb and be positive that the narrow minded scum like Martinelli and Calvi and the dried up prune “living In Sin “Conservative” Restiano can be defeated.
    Because if they cannot, we get Mike Spano, a turncoat Republican who also supports gay marriage and as a plus we get Nick Spano with all that entails.
    Heck of a choice.
    So why don’t you use your considerable snake oil salesman skills and work on it.

  6. I wouldn’t be defeatest if the conservative party
    would stop trying to extort the republican party
    on social issues both locally and nationally …
    you look at the numbers 2.25 to one democrats in
    yonkers…murtaugh needs at least the conservative
    party line to beat spano or lesnick…he cannot do
    it on the republican line alone period

  7. Eight years ago, Amicone won a bitter Republican Primary against Mike Spano, and went on to win the November election, even though Spano was still on the Conservative and Independence lines.
    Martinelli and Calvi and Spano vs. Murtagh in November. I likes them odds.

  8. Mike Spano will fix the YPD, DPW and YFD….Get rid of all the so-called leaders. They are all bums with insider status because of nepotism rampant in Yonkers

  9. “Treacy thinks edelman is in any way”
    Mike stop writing in the third person, we all know your writing style by now.
    Stop being so defeatist, or are you on the Spano payroll already?

  10. Jack thinks he has all the answers…but he has none
    of them..Martinelli is not the problem..the problem
    is that Murtaugh can’t win the general election with
    martinelli on the conservative line…and martinelli
    cannot get off the conservative line because he is
    not an attorney and cannot be nominated for a judgeship
    therefore murtaugh can’t win the general election..why
    Treacy thinks edelman is in any way involved with
    the martinelli effort is beyond me..he has bob ryan
    and liam and spencer…Maybe Jack would like to explain
    to all of us how hugh fox decided to GUARANTEE the
    election of a democrat by not endorsing Murtaugh over
    the gay marriage issue…an issue by the way which
    has been already legally decided in new york and one
    over which no mayor has any say at all.

  11. No,you got it backwards,the marxist Obama has taken the Democratic Party so far to the left, they the Democrats will lose the presidency and the Senate.National debt $16 trillion,14 million unemployed, and stagflation are the reasons for the Tea Party in America.Defeat the looney leftist Democrats locally and you will defeat them nationally.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  12. Has anyone seen Martinelli’s gay-baiting flyer this morning:
    “2011 Catholic Voters Guide”
    It smacks of desperation on his part and reaches a new low for him. Regardless of your opinion it is fearmongering and to pass out such a document in Church is right out of the 1950’s. This is how our next Mayor should be behaving? Church is NOT a place for politics.
    Combine it with the illegal gambling/raffle, theft of the Yankee logos, late filing of campaign finances, and this is the guy who should be Mayor? I do not think so.
    In my opinion he is a hypocrite, hate monger and gambler, and he should go back to his purple haze and leave Yonkers to better qualified candidates.
    And Ritchie, Murtagh, has ALWAYS been Prolife, so stop lying.

  13. how do you turn an analysis of the republican
    primary into cheerleading for the spanos..Murtaugh
    could have been the nominee with conservative support
    but it didn’t happen….its very hard to be a republican when you have to fight with the conservatives even to get a mayoral candidate like
    murtaugh to run a united front against a democrat..
    you seem to forget that maybe chuckles will be the
    nominee of the democratic party in which case mike
    long will have handed the city over to him and his
    cohorts..Long is a problem as is the ability of
    any minor party to cross endorse..As a republican for
    40 years it is becomming abundantly clear that national
    republicans like bachmann and Perry are taking the
    party so far to the right (and i am not talking about
    social issues) that they are ceding the election to want a president who doesn’t believe in
    evolution and who thinks social security is unconstitutional..I don’t…

  14. I beg to differ with you but many in the third district favor the “Pinhead” gronowski…and, if you have any brains in your head, your have got to realize that support of one or the other is mutually exclusive…you can’t like Joan and even tolerate Murgagh

  15. What I cannot understand is the shortsided stupidity of Mike Long’s position on gay marriage (on many levels), but particularly in Yonkers case. He screws Murtagh in the rear end (figeratively of course), and delivers the election to Spano out of “principal.” Problem is, the Spanos, both Nick and Mike are supporters of Gay Marriage. So what did he gain?
    I would have throught the “better of two evils” would be to have a Republican in office than a turncoat Democrat, especially Nick Spano.
    But Mike Long, and the dried up spinster prune Vinnie Restiano who lived in sin how long? knew better.
    The two of them have doomed Yonkers to the Spano mob for the next eight years. Due to intolerance and narrow mindedness.
    Forget the candidates, this city will be run by Nick Spano, a dried up prune and Dr. Cavallo. Run for the hills.
    And Mike Edelman, stop being a cheerleader for the Spanos, and be a REPUBLICAN for a change, its disgusting.

  16. You are totally delusional, Mike.
    Move back to Yonkers and you might get a sense of what’s happening here.
    It’s understandably difficult for outsiders like you to know what’s going on.
    The only non-credibles in the race are Murtagh & Martinelli since they propose nothing but a perpetuation of the practices that have brought the City to the brink of bankruptcy.
    Read Calvi’s website and his 10 point platform and then after a few martinis decide if there is any substance

  17. you can parse it out any way you want but murtaugh is
    the nominee of the party…and the party faithful vote
    in primaries..the party faithful tilt the results to their own nominee…murtaugh by virtue of being the nominee will get between 43 and 47% of the vote..
    martinelli may get 35-38 per cent calvi will get
    the leftovers..he is simply not credible

  18. Imagine, a Brooklyn political consultant advising a Manhattan prep boy with a Bronxville address in a Yonkers mayoral primary with mailers funded by the gay rights movement.
    So … Calvi uses Murtagh’s political consultant to do a political hit piece against Richard Martinelli — and the national gay rights movement is paying the bill?
    This has to be a campaign finance violation and it’s downright sneaky.

  19. This character assasination comes courtesy of a Brooklyn-based political know-it-all who pretends to know everything about Yonkers.
    Only thing missing from Calvi’s piece is John Murtagh’s face on it.

  20. This is a Murtagh piece.
    It has his political consultant’s fingerprints all over it. Compare the columns and information to the Murtagh “gasboy” hit piece against Martinelli. Look at the retro graphics and the style/spread of fonts. Right down to the white space, Gerry O’Brien did this mailer for Carlo Calvi.

  21. Heard from a Murtagh constituent yesterday taht he can’t even show his face in Colonial Hieghts. They are ready to string him up over taxes.
    To baldly state that Murtagh has half of the votes in Calvi’s district is plain dumb. Actually he has very little or no support in Calvi’s district.
    Martinelli has a handful of supporters in the Calvi district but all of them are despised (Mclaughlin) or lighweight(Volino & Tubiolo).
    So the way to figure it is as follows: Calvi wins big in his old council district, halves (or better) in Murtagh’s district and a bit of support in Martinelli area.
    Murtagh does poorly in his own district for an incumbent council member, does not do very well anywhere else.
    Martinelli does ok in his own area which has relatively small republican numbers.
    Now don’t forget how poorly Murtagh did in his contested election with a liberal Stewart-Cousins. He lost his own home council district to her.
    The only reason he’s been on the council for four terms is because a rep can’t lose up there and he’s had the idiot party leader on his side all along. Those were no contests.
    His overwhelming loss to Cousins speaks volumes of his electability.

  22. for the conservatives its not about who is in office
    its about doctrinaire positions dictated by mike
    long…they would rather deny a republican like
    murtaugh their line thereby guaranteeing the election
    of any democrat then supporting a candidate who has
    no problem with gay marriage…the conservative party
    is really a religious party in disguise

  23. Edelman,
    The Conservative party was under no circumstance going to endorse Murtagh because of his stance on gay marriage and abortion. I’m not too sure what deal Foxy received to give the Conservative line to Martinelli. Foxy was getting tremendous pressure from the Astorino bunch to give the line to Murtagh
    If Michael Spano wins the Democratic primary and the awy the Republican vote will be split in the general election Spano is a shoe-in. Somebody must explain to me how the Spanos back in power helps Hugh Fox in nexy years reorganization battle for control of the Conservative Party.
    Spano will have the power of the Mayor’s office and will use it effectively to gain control of the Conservative Party.

  24. i don’t think you get it…take a look at the republican registration numbers…the bulk of
    republicans eligible to vote are already represented
    by Murtaugh…even in the 3rd district where martinelli lives half of the voters are murtaugh
    supporters..even where calvi lives and used to be
    a councilman half of the voting republicans are murtaugh when you analyze where the
    republican primary vote comes from its hard to imagine
    anything but a murtaugh win in a three way race
    now if you said martinelli had a chance because of his
    relatively high name recognition and because as a matter of fact only richard who already has the
    conservative nod has any chance in the general election
    I might agree…However martinelli has never used that
    issue eg vote for me in the republican primary and
    I can win the general so voters may not be aware of it
    but to suggest calvi will win a three way race with
    murtaugh and martinelli is fantasy

  25. Despite Edelman’s ramblings, Calvi is now the odds on favotite to win the primary.
    He’s played the “Astorino Card” and painted both Murtagh & Martinelli as the taxers and spenders that they are. It’s only a fact.
    Who believes, either John or Richie that after their history of raising taxes that they will now bring the City’s finances under control. Compare that to Calvi’s “never voted for a tax increase” record.
    Besides, Calvi is the only one with the courage to take on the rest of the field, especially Mike Spano in the general election.
    Calvi’s the only hope to straighten this place out and to quiet people such as Edelman who have been a great part of the Martinelli – Spano conspiracy for so many years.

  26. And you think that Democrats are not disgusted with 9.1% unemployment,price inflation outstripping wages,almost zero interest rates on retiree savings,Arab allies and Israel being thrown overboard for radical Muslim theocracys,$16 trillion debt by the end of next year and marxist political appointees regulating businesses to death?When does the fun begin?The only good Democrat is a defeated DEmocrat.

  27. hey jack…the “experts” included rob’s own consultants
    who had no idea who was going to win…rob’s election
    was the result of disgust with andy spano..take
    a look at the turnout runs…no turnout in traditionally heavily democratic areas in greenburgh
    scarsdale, new rochelle mamaroneck north castle etc
    and heavy republican turnout in republican areas
    rob’s election was an anomaly and to attempt to argue
    that murtaugh is in the unique position that rob was
    in is asinine…rob ran against a 4 term unpopular
    incumbant who abused his office…rob ran when the tea
    party was on the rise not on the fall..rob ran when
    democrats were sanguine that spano with the conservative line could not lose…rob won because
    rob ran two time for the job and people knew and liked
    him…and rob won because most people mistakenly believed that county taxes were the cause of westchester being the highest taxed county in the country…yonkers is not westchester …there are more
    minorities in yonkers proportionally than in the county
    there are more democrats in yonkers than in the county
    the conservative party with martinelli on the line
    will drain at least 7% from murtaughs vote so stop
    attempting to justify what Fox did…he did not act
    in the interest of conservative government …he is
    a deal maker plain and simple…

  28. Mike Spano would win the election no matter who Fox & Cavalo endorse. They did the smart thing because they know he cannot be beat. Indirectly they pledged their loyalty to the Spanos. They will expect something for it in the future. That will be the interesting piece of the puzzle.

  29. the shame of all this is that murtaugh without
    the conservative line and with two others in
    the general election occupying lines that would
    normally go to republicans will not have a chance
    to beat the democrat…it says something about our
    sytem when julio cavalo and hugh fox single handedly
    can prevent voters from having a real choice

  30. “Cicada Calvi” gotta love it.
    Carlo looked at the camera like he was ready to chew on raw meat.
    Martinelli looked like deer in headlights until the very end when he got out of his purple haze. He had no command of the issues.
    Murtagh spoke with no notes. Knew the issues cold.

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