Aureon Biosciences Closes Doors By HEZI ARIS

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Aureon_Biosciences_Logo YONKERS, NY – Aureon Biosciences Inc., Yonkers’ lynchpin for what was to a burgeoning biotechnology sector closed its doors October 6, 2011 without explanation. Corporate officers advised the New York State Department of Labor of its action the next day that its 28 Wells Avenue office and laboratory, as well as the dismissal of 95 employees was its final act that concluded its demise.

Aureon presiden and CEO Robert J. Shovlin could not be reached for comment.


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eHeziAureon Biosciences Closes Doors By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Fed, don’t expect a reply from mr. I mentioned at an earlier post, the only time he actually addresses a specific point is when his service in the department is challenged, and then he won’t shut up.

  2. Sorry to disappoint all the negative bloggers, but
    Aureon was legit – no tax breaks, no PILOTs, no incentives – just a solid research company working on prostate cancer that was in the old Otis complex for over 10 years. It was quiet but it was there. Its employees patronized the local merchants and restaurants and this is another blow to the local economy in losing almost 100 consumers.

  3. Something is not right here. To business government is just easy pickings take the money and run. Make some campaign contributions and you get grants, tax loopholes, industry subsidies, bailouts, low cost loans, stimulus money, PILOT’s. How many business people have stuck Yonkers for big bucks? Loans not repaid? Jobs promised and none delivered? I wonder if Stew Leonard’s is paying taxes yet? How much did Homes for America stick Yonkers for? Does anyone care? What a shame… I bet someone lined their pockets at Aureon Biosciences but it’s now the 75 unemployed workers and their families are the ones who will be suffering.

  4. Jack, It is the polititions own fault for being corrupt, just as much as the guy looking to pay them off, look at your boy amiclown! GUILTY AS HELL!!!! Is he a Democrat???

  5. Bill Clinton got paid off by Wall St.Inestment companies led by Goldman Sachs to lower FNMA and FMAC lending standards setting up the no down payment housing and credit crisis.Follow the money from Wall Street Investment houses to the Clinton Library.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  6. Marxist revolutioners attack Air and Space Museum in Washinton and are repelled with pepper spray by police.Marxist supported by Democrats Pelosi and Sharpton.Marxist compare themselves with Egyptian Taghrir Square revolt.The Egyptian Muslim Democrats backed by Obama and Hillary Clinton are now slaughtering Coptic Christians,19 dead today.Vote Republican locally now to save Democracy in this country. The only good Democrat is a defeated DEmocrat.

  7. Why not put the blame were it belongs (not on Wall st)our polititions make the deals! Unless you plan on blaming the unions the developers and everyone else that is given our hard earned tax money. Wall St. paid it all back with intrest!

  8. That Jack is one mighty cracker. He is so blinded by his party that he never ever comments about all of the $hitty deals under Spender and Ami-con.
    He posts so much here, and all the same irrelevant republican rethoric, he must be paid by the local GOP to do it.
    Power to the Occupy Wall St group, to take back this country from the rich and the corporations who have stolen everything they own with the help of the politicians.

  9. If Aureon was a major contributor to the Chicago gang in the White House, Obama would have had funded them.Now bankrupt Solyndra Solar got $535 million dollars of taxpayer money after billionaire George Kaiser, political contributions bundler for the Obama campaign lobbied for the company.That was $535 million of the stimulus money .How much more the Chicago boys ripped off no one knows yet.Illinoise elected officials have a higher crime rate than a public housing project tenants.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

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