Come Clean on Ridge Hill By JOHN MURTAGH

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Murtagh_John-HeadshotMayoral Candidate Spano Must Explain his Role in Bribery Scandal

I have renewed my call today for my political opponent Mike Spano to fully and directly explain his role in the bribery scandal that has already resulted in the conviction of one of Spano’s closest long time aides.

During a live debate on News 12 Westchester last night, I asked Spano to explain his role as a highly paid lobbyist for a major developer — who was caught bribing Spano’s Assembly Counsel Anthony Mangone — as well as offering long time Spano confidant Zehy Jereis a $60,000 no-show job in exchange for his delivering the deciding vote for the approval of the Ridge Hill project.

In 2006, Mike Spano, who had taken two years off from the NYS Assembly, was working as a six-figure lobbyist for the lobbying firm of Patricia Lynch & Associates — a firm which recently was fined $500,000 for its role in the Alan Hevesi pay to play scandal. Lynch is also an equity stake holder in brother Nick Spano’s Albany lobbying firm.

When confronted during the debate, Spano did not deny that it was he who made the introduction of Jereis to the developer’s senior vice president Bruce Bender.

Within a few weeks of that introduction, Jereis’ cousin, Councilwoman Sandy Annabi, abandoned her long time opposition to the Ridge Hill project and cast the deciding vote to approve it, after which Jereis was awarded with a high paying no-show job. The federal indictment also alleges that Jereis and Mangone passed additional bribes along to Annabi.

Today I said, “Mike Spano owes the people of Yonkers a full and credible explanation of his role in this ongoing federal bribery investigation. He also needs to explain to the voters why they should elect a mayor who already has a long history of employing and working with convicted felons”.

Mangone, Nick Spano’s former Chief of Staff and Mike Spano’s former counsel, was indicted on corruption charges in connection with the ongoing Ridge Hill investigation. Mangone, who doubled as a mob attorney for Genovese mafia capo Patsy Parrello, became a government informant shortly after his indictment and is presently cooperating in both the Ridge Hill and Putnam County federal investigations.

Jereis, who has previous convictions for drug dealing and election fraud, was indicted in January 2010 on corruption charges in connection with the Ridge Hill investigation after Mike Spano introduced him to the developers.  Jereis' wife is also a member of Spano’s Assembly staff.

John Murtagh is the Republican designee for the Mayor of Yonkers. Learn more at


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eHeziCome Clean on Ridge Hill By JOHN MURTAGH

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  2. I agree. To call some of the posters childish is to insult children. These people are a bunch of big mouth BOZOS. It explains why the city payroll is as large as it is.

  3. Oh, now that is really an intelligent comment. I just know it took a lot of creativity to come up with that one. Why don’t you take a piece of chalk and go outside and scribble your comments on the sidewalk instead of posting you inane comments on this site.

  4. Why wouldn’t Spano answer the News 12 reporter who asked him a direct question about his involvement in the Ridge Hill scandal?
    Either Spano a)knows he is a potential target of the investigation, or b) the judge has barred him from talking about the case because he is cooperating with prosecutors in exchange for leniency.

  5. The only problem with the statement that implies Spano can carry the load is based on what.? Spano definitely did not carry/shoulder the load while representing Yonkers in Albany.

  6. If anyone wants to know what is wrong with Yonkers, they only have to read the comments on this site. They are way beyond childish. All this insipid blather will not change a damn thing. This is not a team sport in spite of the fact that many of you think it is. This is about our homes, our quality of life and our families. What could possible be more important? Whatever Calvi’s brother did or did not do happened years ago and has nothing to do with the problems we are facing in 2011. The size of Mr. Murtagh’s head has nothing to do with our problelms. It’s time that you BOZOS grow up. You deserve to live in this rat hole you created.

  7. Really who do you know in the Spano Family…. Back it up with facts and post your name….. I thought so another Pussy cat that hides behind a computer……..

  8. Murtaugh has been a iserable failure. He cannot run on his merits. Actually, he’s known for running away.
    Mike Spano has broad shoulders and certainly no lack of support. He is exactly what Yonkers needs NOW!
    We do not need a weak name-caller that disappears when the going gets tough.

  9. Let’s not forget that Murtagh actually started his sorry political career as a Spano groupie.
    He was always up Nick’s gazoo for many years and vehemently supported Mike Spano for Mayor eight years ago against Amicone.
    Question is was Murtagh involved in this, himself,or any other of the shady Spano deals over the years.

  10. Carlo calvi brother was arrested and charged by the FBI for bribery and extortion he did time in federal jail. Big brother representd him and it was no help> Carlo explain about your brother or Hezi can you elabarate for us. IsMike Calvi his brother and was he the Planning commisioner for the city of Yonkers when he got arrersted

  11. Mr. Murtagh….I really wanna know 1 thing…
    what makes you think anyone likes you when you have the personality of a rock! a bland rock. a big headed rock. a poor personality rock with no testical rock!
    you suck more than sucking sucks…you are horrible at being whatever you thin you are. you are a loser with nothing to offer or give. Spano sucks too but you suck more… this mayoral race is bacially a “suck” fest of who has more votes…and guess what…you lose cuz you suck a lotttttttttttttt!
    go back to suck-ville and kiss someoness ass to get you next job or suck a fat one~!
    cuz you really r terrible at being anything political”

  12. Spano has all his union cronies blogging now. Pack the house with bull…
    Yup its true, Murtagh made all this up this week. Spano if that is the best you can do you are treating the citizens of Yonkers like crap and treating them like idiots.
    The issues of Ridge Hill and your involvement have been public knowledge for YEARS. Murtagh and the press has talked about them, and he has been in court about Ridge Hill, so who other than the Feds is more expert to talk about it?
    It is absolutely appropriate to bring this up, and the more Spano tries to throw up a line of union goons hurling insults the more obvious it is that he is guilty and running scared.
    Spano has had YEARS to deal with this and he has not. Did he think this was not going to come up? His whole campaign has been based on doing and saying absolutely NOTHING. He has tried to float through the campaign.
    Well there comes a point when it does not work any more. The citizens of Yonkers deserve better. No, we NEED better.

  13. i really wish that someone would just say what they are going to do for my city. how about cutting the workforce? how about closing fire houses and teamsters? how about an audit of city hall? i know these are unoplular but necessary.

  14. Hey how about little carlo calvi saying Mike Spanos family was involved in ridge hill what a crock of crap. Mike Calvi, Carlos brother was arrested and convictecd for bribery and extortion while he was employed by the city of Yonkers as Planning commisioner. Wow Carlo lets talk about that i dont think so you little Runt with a C

  15. its clear when you see the polls and your down by twenty points – you begin to throw lies and mud , hoping that it will change the outcome of your election – what murtagh did on the debate is nasty and evil.. god is watching.

  16. What’s wrong with a state legislator hiring convicted felons, even ones who have ties to organized crime? Just because Mike Spano put together the Ridge Hill deal and didn’t feel like talking to the feds about it doesn’t make him guilty. That’s his constitutional right. Someone give this guy Spano the benefit of the doubt alraedy!

  17. there no jobs in yonkers…there are struggling small businesses all over the city & yonkers gov employees…thats it. all others work outside yonkers and are glad they do. its shithole and no one on the ballot will make it any better….
    lets vote for “NONE of the above” like in brewsters millions. Id rather have the council run the city even though there are a bunch of assholes there too.

  18. Your correct in your analysis-Yonkers pols never seem to know the number of jobs that they have lost in Yonkers over the past several years but they are quick to inflate the number of job that various sites will create. The Yonkers City Council President stated that he had helped create “thousands” of job for the downtown development sites-where are they-another lying sack of shit.

  19. The results on election day will mirror the results of the News12westchester question of the day yesterday:
    Who do you think won the News 12 Yonkers mayoral debate?
    Carlo Calvi (15%)
    John Murtagh (22%)
    Mike Spano (63%)

  20. Murtagh is such a lying, condescending tool that he makes Amicone seem nice and sincere. I don’t know how he thinks this type of attitude is appealing or helpful to the residents of Yonkers especially since he doesn’t know how to speak to people without belittling them!! BTW, Murtagh has an uncanny resemblance to Millhouse from the Simpsons.

  21. For someone like John Murtagh to accuse someone else of wrong doing is laughable.
    What about your former law partner, the Admiral, who swore in Court papers that Murtagh swindled him out of money? He said that Murtagh forged the Admiral’s name on official filings with New York State and engaged in other fraudulent acts
    The only one who has backed Murtagh’s story was his accomplice in the alleged fraud – the other law partner who the Admiral claims assited Murtagh in the fraud.
    What was the outcome of these allegations Murtagh?

  22. for john murtaugh to accuse mike spano of being
    involved in any criminality at ridge hill because
    someone who was close to his brother has been charged
    is guilt by association which may be convenient politically but is not the way the american justice
    system works and murtaugh should know it…mike spano
    lobbied for a project that turned out to be a success
    in every way…it will produce close to 2 million dollars a month for the city and if murtaugh hadn’t
    opposed it evey step of the way the city would already
    be reaping that money which is 24 million a year enough
    to dig yonkers substantially out of the hole it is now
    in…murtaugh’s attack is disingenous he saying
    that ridge hill should not have been built..because
    that is what he is accusing mike spano facilitating the builiding of a regional shopping
    destination in yonkers which is now the envy of all
    of westchester…the only thing mike spano is guilty
    of is supporting a project that the administration wanted and that is good for the city of yonkers
    and that was one of the only positives cited by moody’s
    in its downgrade of yonkers credit…they certainly
    weren’t referring to the SFC let me ask
    mr murtaugh one question are you still opposed to ridge hill

  23. Who the $uck do you think you are? Fill Amicone. This site will not bring in anything for about 20 years, and as it is it will blight Cross County and Central Ave. If you have proof it brings in $2 million a month, produce the evidence or shut the $uck up. Another yonkers tool believing anything they are told by the administration.
    You are a yonkers voter alright dumb and dumber.

  24. The ripping apart will be election day when Mikes opponents go down Mike is an honest hardworkin guy it is wrong to slander him. But the people of Yonkers know that Mile Calvi is a convicted felon what Spano did not bring up. murtagh is very unfair in tryin to pull mike into ridge hill

  25. reread my post you stupid bastard, I didn’t say the amackassin club was running, I was referring to another previous post. And incidentally the people from the amackassin club are far from spano supporters.
    Bob flower is still running a write in campaign for mayor, his signs are out in many areas of the city.
    As far as my final comment goes, we do have to vote for someone so it is up to us to wade through the nonsense.

  26. Jim Castro Blanco’s days of running for office in Westchester ended earlier this year.
    Everyone knows what he tried to do. No one will ever trust him again.

  27. Murtaugh’s antics are ruining this slot for Spano’s Assembly seat. Yonkers GOP will go with Jim Castro Blanco because Murtaugh cannot behave as a gentleman.
    Politics is a rough business, but the dirty people don’t last in the business.

  28. murtagh is a large headed angry loser. Spano will kick his ass and he will be looking for a job. Couldn’t hack it as a lawyer so he went into politics. Loser.

  29. Spano introduced very little legislation of his own while in Albany. He is from the Stewart-Cousins school of latching on to others work and co-opting it for a nice sound bite. “I passed this and that,” etc. Someone else wrote the bill, Spano was one of many co-sponsors and they all voted for it.
    That is a far cry from actually creating and writing legislation. Fact is he is a hanger-on and rarely produced anything for Yonkers or anywhere else in the State, especially when you consider how many years he has been in Albany.
    Nick was far more productive and even he played it up with the annual game of bringing money down the Thruway on a white horse at the last minute (one shots and spin-ups for the most part by the way).
    Every year we all waited for Wagners “Ride of the Valkeries” and Nick galloping down from Albany with a sack of money.
    No one ever waited for Mikie because we knew he could not deliver anything.
    So Mike stay in Albany and do what you do best, be a legislative leech.

  30. if Spano had a role in the bribery scandal, he would have been arrested. Murtaugh moved into “Panic Mode” earlier then expected.

  31. Your correct in that Spano listens but the fact still remains that while he served in the NYS Assembly he was a follower and not a leader. You don’t become a leader because your running for mayor of Yonkers.

  32. isnt it wierd how HBO’s Boardwalk Empire seems to be a lot like modern days Yonkers…scary actually. We can call it “Waterfront let-down”

  33. councilman murtaugh. anthony mangone was not charged with anything relating to ridge hill/ you can expect a call from his attorney for your slanderous comments

  34. murtaugh just makes up facts he is sad. he said yks raceway made 600 million in profit! i hear the rooneys are looking for that money! what bs

  35. murtaugh knows that mike spano did not have any criminal involvment in ridge hill/ all lies! It should be noted that our city is now receiving the benefit of about 2 million dollars a month from this development. the same development that murtaugh voted against. without the murtaugh delays the city would be in far better shape. Dirty and low blow john.

  36. Bob Flower is not running for Mayor, he lost in the Primary.
    The “Amakassin Club” is not running for mayor, it is not a person, although the cronies who are members are Spano lovers.
    “Yonkers politics is dirty and it’s wrong but you have to put all that aside because we have to vote for someone.”
    That is one of the dumbest comments EVER written on YT.
    Like I said, go back to sleep.

  37. So let me ask you do nothing no life naysayers a question … If not spano then who is the right choice for mayor ? Calvi who when he was on the council did nothing but sulk like a child with balancio and vote no on everything… murtagh who changes his position on things on a daily basis and hasn’t released any solid plan for the future of the city … bob flower who is a nobody … the way I see it mike spano is the lesser of the evils. I don’t like how he changed parties or the fact that his brother is a high powered lobbyist that is betrothed to many people but in politics everyone is going to be betrothed to someone. I like the fact that mike has extensive political experience and the fact that you can talk to him.
    Yonkers politics is dirty and it’s wrong but you have to put all that aside because we have to vote for someone.
    One of the above posters stated that “This family will rip yonkers apart” They were presumably speaking about the spanos. Let me ask you, can they rip yonkers apart more than the amackassin club family has ?

  38. Spano wrote the following on Facebook after the debate last night:
    “They came at me with everything they had tonight, It seemed like they even had Janine Rose on thr side. and we still beat them!”
    You need to spend more time with the Scarf Lady in Albany. She uses file cards when she debates; much classier than your pen and mess of papers.
    But why dont you know the material by now? The other candidates know the issues cold.
    You certainly could not answer the questions about ethics. You stumbled over them like an amateur – or someone with a guilty consience.

  39. Ah! remember when SpaNO took time off to play DAD with his kids, then all of a sudden showed up as a paid Lobbyist for Ridgehill working for Patricia Lynch, the same company that brought us the red light tax cameras.
    Hey John, dig around on Ridgehill, you’ll find a lot more things going on there that need to be investigated, even today. You won’t have to look hard, but I doubt you’ll look either.
    When is the court case for Annabi? Has this been held off until after the election?

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