Majority Leader McDow Uses the Back Door to Get Into the Blue Door Art Gallery By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicature McDOW_PatYonkers City Council Majority Leader Patricia McDow has crossed the line again. She has stepped beyond the parameters defined for her and all other elected officials by the Yonkers City Charter. She has become involved in a side deal involving The Blue Door Art Gallery by way of Blue Door Artist Association Director Luis Perlman, and herself that is unbeknown to the Yonkers City Council yet has been divulged without prior notice of intent, much less conclusion, by the alleged perpetrators. Attributed to Mr Perlman is the following in an October 17, 2011 Constant Contact email blast, which reads:

“We are pleased to announce that in collaboration with the City of Yonkers* we now have available for the use of our members a new art gallery in the Counsel Chamber of the City Council on the 4th floor of Yonkers City Hall.” *[Editor’s Note: There is no “collaboration” between The Blue Door Art Gallery and any formal government body of the City of Yonkers].

The above quote suggests that a venue on the 4th floor was authorized to be given The Blue Door Art Gallery for its exclusive use. This verbal “agreement” was concluded behind a closed “blue door” without the knowledge of anyone in the City of Yonkers; without the knowledge of the Office of the Mayor of Yonkers; without the knowledge of the Yonkers City Council membership; and without other non-profits, schools, etc., being offered the opportunity for the use of the “available space” within Yonkers City Hall. 

Even so, Councilwoman McDow chose to “offer” the said property for the exclusive use of The Blue Door Art Gallery for the measly sum of fronting the money necessary to “lay down a carpet, and to install track lighting.” The Department of Public Works (DPW) would “pay” to   pull out the carpeting, and Luis Perlman would front the cost for putting up the track lighting that would in time be reimbursed to him from the coffers designated to DPW. Also, a certificate of insurance would be incurred under the aegis of The Blue Dorr Gallery through Mr Perlman or DPW. Such a deal! And SO cheap! You go girl!!!

No other likely interested party was contacted in any formal fashion to consider the “deal” offered by Councilwoman McDow. She simply “chose” a “Friend and Family” member to do her “thing!” No one has even heard of this “proposal.” There was no Request for Proposal, that is an RFP issued.

How did this “agreement” come about? Did Councilwoman McDow approach Mr Perlman? Did Mr Perlman approach Councilwoman McDow?

This “deal” is illegal. Councilwoman McDow has no purview over Yonkers City Hall property. She does not own the property. She possesses no deed to permit her the ability to “verbally,” or otherwise conclude a contractual agreement of any kind. She is governed by the tenets defined and delineated for her and all others who sit on the Yonkers City Council by the Yonkers City Charter.

Yet despite Councilwoman McDow’s “inability” to conduct any “deal” on behalf of the City of Yonkers other than to propose a concept that would need to be vetted through the Office of the Mayor of Yonkers, and thereafter approved or denied approval by the Yonkers City Council, the Yonkers Tribune and The Westchester Guardian have learned that Yonkers Corporation Counsel is busily engaged in creating a so-called “legal document” that would permit and ratify The Blue Door Art Gallery to manage all future exhibits within the property spoken above within City Hall proper. How can Yonkers Corporation Counsel conduct its business after the “fact?” 

The Blue Door Art Gallery space situated at 13 Riverdale Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701, was space initially bequeathed to it by WestHab for no rental the first year, with subsequent future subsidies such as to demand rentals below market value for the purpose of featuring Yonkers artists. The initial concept has been left in the dust with the preponderance of artists exhibited being mostly from Hastings-on-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, and White Plains.

Only artists who can afford the membership ($40) and exhibit fee ($25 – 35) may exhibit.  Many Yonkers artists have left Blue Door because they were upset that it has been taken over by other artists when it was intended to support Yonkers artists. Only Luis Perlman is from Yonkers. Blue Door Art Director Arlé Sklar-Weinstein is from Hastings-on-Hudson.

The River Towns, that is, Hastings-on-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, and Irvington do not reciprocate by highlighting Yonkers artists in their galleries. The River Towns for the most part adhere to promoting resident artists who reside within their borders. 

It is disheartening, though not shocking, to learn of Yonkers City Councilwoman and Majority Leader Patricia McDow’s trespasses beyond the realm defined and delineated for her within the Yonkers City Charter. She is known to have stolen city services by parking her car for over 6 years at the Buena Vista Parking lot at no cost. The BMW she parked there for all those years was not adorned by a license plate, and did not have a valid inspection sticker inside the front window, only the expired inspection sticker, thereby proving the year in which the car was “stored” rather than “parked.” A call for an investigation by Yonkers Inspector General Dan Schorr had him drop the ball and deflect responsibility and a subsequent call for justice by the volunteer Board of Directors of the Yonkers Board of Ethics who chose to fine Councilwoman Patricia McDow an alleged, though never divulged sum of $360 that was to have been paid within the 12 months in 2011. Councilwoman McDow has not paid the fine. Mind you the deliberation by the Yonkers Board of Ethics was discussed in Executive Session, that is, behind closed doors with no record to be had of the preceding. So much for transparency!

Yonkers City Council Majority Leader McDow, presently “serving” Yonkers First City Council District, is term limited. Believing she is entitled to another political job, she has promoted herself and concluded “deals” to catapult herself to the vacant “Democratic Party” designated post of Yonkers City Clerk. Should the Yonkers City Council resurrect a position for a Yonkers Clerk that would be a Democratic Party appointment, one must pray that the Yonkers Democratic City Committee with have the ethical demeanor and intestinal fortitude to deny a thief such a position. The posting will carry a remuneration of approximately $80 to $90,000 per annum. This is unlikely to happen since Yonkers Democratic City Committee Chairwoman Symra Brandon is part of the hushed plot to appoint Councilwoman Patricia McDow the Yonkers City Clerk position. Helping her in this “game” is candidate Chris Johnson, aide to New York State Senator Andrea-Stewart Cousins, and Democratic candidate designee to represent Yonkers 1st City Council District, who is a carpetbagger to the City of Yonkers, concluding a “deal” in favor of Ms McDow, before he has been elected. Chuck Lesnick will roll under the push promoting Ms McDow to the position of Yonkers City Clerk for the simply reason that she is Black, and he will chose to be politically correct rather than spoil his opportunity for higher elected office. He has worked out his own deals that supercede the need to take a stand on this issue. Yonkers City Councilman Wilson Terrerro (2nd Yonkers City Council District) will also ingratiate McDow he lust for another political appointment. He too will do all he can to get along, in order to get along. One more vote and McDow is the next Yonkers Cuity Clerk. Who will cast the defining vote? Anyone? Everyone? Only in Yonkers folks. Only in Yonkers.

Yonkers City Councilwoman and Majority Leader McDow presided over the debacle of the Father Pat Carroll Green Development within her district only to have it exposed by the Yonkers Tribune despite her attempts to hide the scam from public scrutiny. Thanks to the Yonkers Tribune, the scam of taxpayer funds is presently before the court.

Many will also remember the use of the City of Yonkers paid Constant Contact email blast service that had Councilwoman McDow use taxpayer funded software services to promote only Democratic candidates prior to the Primary Elections under the guise it was a reminder for the electorate to get out and vote. Once  exposed, she went on recall those emails claiming her conduct was in error but the “crime” had occurred. There is no way to recall the happenstance. She knew what she was doing was incorrect. Had she not known, one would need to question her ethical concepts or even her competency as a elected office holder.

She presided over ESPY, a non-for-profit formed to promote minority and women-owned businesses. Under her watch, the operation failed. There are allegations of impropriety among the auditors scrutinizing ESPY’s books. McDow has been good at keeping that debacle under wraps as well.

Perhaps Yonkers City Councilwoman McDow needs to be defined for what she is. She is a thief. She has proven herself inept in serving the public good. She does not know her rightful place under the law and the parameters set forth for her under the Yonkers City Council. She is adept at covering up transgressions of developers who are quick to scamming taxpayers and homeowners alike. 

Who will facilitate this next travesty? Who will undersign their name in agreement in writing permitting The Blue Door Gallery the legal right before the fact ever comes before a protocol designed to protect The People of Yonkers.

Is it even correct to give an entity that is not subject to public scrutiny in the The People’s House? How much more will Yonkers City Councilwoman and Majority leader Patricia McDow be allowed to steal? I wonder if Yonkers Inspector General Dan Schorr comprehends the temerity of this conduct and its illegality? Will he stop it? Will Yonkers Corporation Council backtrack and backdate circumstance not yet vetted or condoned or authorized? Are they not behaving outside of the law should a document attest to this “deal” before every protocol is followed as delineated within the Yonkers City Charter? 

When will this dysfunction and outrage end? How much more must Yonkersites endure? Why don’t these lame-ducks fly into oblivion; must they exact another pound of flesh from the City of Yonkers?

Help! Please!

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eHeziMajority Leader McDow Uses the Back Door to Get Into the Blue Door Art Gallery By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Totally agree with PO-ET comment. Like Calvi said in the debate..He feels sorry for the Yonker’s homeowners that are TRAPPED in YO. Face the fact that, NO young families, that CONTRIBUTE to society, want to live in YO. Schools suck and are getting even worse and waterfront and ridge hill won’t change it. YO is looking more and more like the boogie-down Bx.

  2. yonkers is a comical mess of morons running this place.
    it has no morals and an ugly face
    its a pig sty and a disgrace
    made of losers of every race~!

  3. Spano wrote the following on Facebook after the debate:
    “They came at me with everything they had tonight, It seemed like they even had Janine Rose on thr side. and we still beat them!”
    I realize he is in campaign mode, but give me a break. his performance was mumbling, stumbling, just plain weak. He could not deflect the ethics questions from the other two candidates and was unable to speak or address the isses without notes less than two weeks before election day.
    He is not ready for prime time. Go back to Albany and go to sleep.

  4. Ah Lions is back, wondering where you had gone…
    Perhaps you should have run for Mayor, you are certainly far more articulate than the dope Spano. After all the debates and community meetings you would think that by now he could debate without notes and a pen. His lack of command of the issues and his obvious inability to think on his feet at this late date is scary. Spano has only one thing: the unions in his pocket. He has nothing else. That’s very sad.
    He has been asleep in Albany and all this is proving a bit difficult for him.

  5. if you had half a brain you could distinguish between typos and correct syntax, but don’t even bother to look up the word.
    I am articulate and type extremely fast, especially when Murtagh is the topic.

  6. ugh …excuse my many typos…”villify” etc. Bottom line is my blood boils whenever I see Mr. Murtagh take credit for ANYthing positive in this city. He sold out, many years ago, and could have been great. Instead, he comes alive only when in campaign mode and then with exaggerated claims of his city council successes. He had every opportunity to send bad budgets back to the mayor but he did not. Even worse, he barely even sat through most departmental budget hearings for his eight years on the city coucil. Don’t ask don’t tell. I don’t want to hear this “just one vote” crap. One vote is one vote.
    Also, that $3,000 minor stipdend he boasts of having foregone as a minority leader was sacrificed for a $30,000 extra legislative aide he took on which his predecessor did not have. Hmnn…$3K stipend, $30K political flunky. Which do you think he chose?
    Mr. Murtagh had eight years in which to slay dragons. Instead, he chose to go along to get along.

  7. to anon at 8:28 pm.
    I hate to sink to the level of some of the posters on this site but I am tempted beyond my own limits…I trust you speak figuratively as opposed to literally when you address the size of Carlo’s head? Surely you must be speaking in the former category since Mr. Murtagh’s dome filled the studio. I don’t know which debate YOU watched but I heard Mr. Murtagh, in a most schizoprenic (excuse any misspellings) manner, alternately blame Nick Spano for Ridge Hill, and alternately criticize Mike Spano for stealing Nick Spano’s having put forth the project.
    On another note, where was Mr. Murtagh, who by his own comments, is running on the very dirty coatttails of Phil Amicone, in commenting on the Spencer/Amicone administration, who in 1999, was responsible for the final year pension payout for the uniformed services they now viligy.
    Further, Mr. Murtagh took credit for leading the city council charge for Board of Ed transparency(hard to lead ANY charge when you have left almost every city council committee meeting via Chuck’s back door, excuse the expression), when he just voted on a budget for $500M Board of Ed funding and Ed of Ed CIP funding following the Moody’s downgrading. Is THIS what he considers taking a hard edge?
    Mr. Murtagh made ever excuse in the book vis-a-vis his Yonkers budget votes. The bottom line is that he had every opportunity to vote NO on the budget, send it back to the mayor, forcing his hand to get rid of all the fat. But, he didn’t do it. He is the only one of the three candidats with Yonkers baggage, regardless of what any of you think of the Spanos. Murtagh is a part of the problem… hence he cannot be a part of the solution.
    Morever, the so called newly reformed Board of Ethics of which he boasts couldn’t find evidence of wrongoing if Charles Manson barged into their living rooms.

  8. After watching the News 12 debate, I have come to the conclusion that Spano really is a dope. He has to keep reading, and anything that sounded good was obviously rehearsed.
    He fumbles on the issues and deflects the “family” issue poorly. He needs to deal with it head on and he can’t.
    Nick is his downfall.
    Carlo? His head was the biggest in the room. Really comical.

  9. Is it his son-in-law or future son-in-law? It can’t be his future son-in-law because he works for the “zero tolerance” Tony Pagano. Please expand.

  10. Must be a slow day in Yonkers when the top news story is about political signs.
    I think it’s one of those feel good items that takes your mind off the really important issues facing the City.

  11. The back door is used more than the front door at City Hall. Everyone is making deals, whether it’s waterfront dev., ridge hill deals, empire city, etc. etc. Even the deputy mayor is dealing with his son-in-law getting special treatment with civil service when he should have been FIRED!

  12. “Alert”
    Thank you so much for your Jimmy Olsen reporting….
    This has been known for days, as has the thefts of signs for John Murtagh and Carlo Calvi. This is typical Yonkers games. Its wrong, but it goes on all the time.
    Of greater significcant is the wonderful puff piece that Snooze 12 gave Spano. They made this into a federal crime and gave him some wonderful publicity. I did love the “average citizen” who was “terribly offended” (it was GREAT acting) about the defaced posters. How is she related to the Spanos? How much was she paid?
    It was a total crock becuase an equal amount of time was not spent discussing the THEFT of signs of the other campaign. Those are more serious crimes than defacement.
    Just another foretaste of what is to come when Nick and the Crew seize control of Yonkers and all our money.

  13. God you are stupid. Can you even READ? I didn’t accuse the Spano’s of being under-educated. I merely highlighted the blatant illiteracy of one of the anon posters, who can’t even use the correct grammar, merely referencing the fact that anon and many like him/her can’t write one sentence but consistently belittle, correctly or incorrectly, the Spano educational level. Can’t you get into a BOCES class or something?

  14. Will Pat remember on Dec 31st to turn in her city car, City Council badge, laptop and Blackberry ??? LOL
    Arch Stanton

  15. wow anon at 10:13 am…. what great diction you have..”her” and her husband…did you go past the 1st grade? and you all make fun of the the Spano’s so-called lack of an education??? hahahahahahaha

  16. Speaking of the Clerk’s Office, include Joan Deirelein in the long list of Spanoites. Her and her husband have lived their whole lives on the largesse of Big Nick. The Clerk’s Office will be one big happy Spano family. God help this city.

  17. The unions are going to be in for a big shock when Nick, er I mean Mike gets elected. Promises, promises, and more promises were made. If you look at the city’s long term fiscal plan, there is no money budgeted for raises through 2013. Is Mike going to do what lord Obama does, raise the citys debt ceiling , or just print money in the city print shop to deliver what he promised.

  18. Include Mike Spano in the deal making. The fix – or the job – is in for Patty Cake if Mike is elected. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for all the jobs he’s promised if elected. Union leaders are strutting aroung the 2nd floor helping to measure the curtains for King Nick Spano — oops! I mean Mike.

  19. ms patty was seen in payless on central avenue awhile back and her credit card got declined and when the clerk told her it was declined she became irate and said ” do you know who i am little girl you better run that card again ”
    She is an arrogant joke. Her form of politics reminds me of how things are done in chicago. The feds looked into the ypd and found nothing but it seems like they should have been looking at ms patty

  20. You mean another republican Mayor like Murtagh or Spano doing what Amicon did as a democrat for yonkers soaking the poor and giving it all away to the rich. Vote on assholes.

  21. Look at it another way..
    With Don Nick overseeing the Patronage mill
    Mayor Mike all sweet and nice, he can never sat no to anyone, especially the unions who got him elected.
    Democrat Lesnick under his thumb.
    Majority Leader Terrero even dumber than McDow.
    McDow becomes the Democratic City Clerk
    Vinnie Spano (there is that name again) is the “conservative” City Clerk.
    So the Spanos control the Clerks office, the mayor, the council president and majority leader are rubber stamps with Nick laughing all the way to the bank.

  22. oh sure..just like Murtagh said no to Nick Spano when Murtagh stabbed Dee in the back over the minority leadership he gave his word on, and then reneged…what a man!

  23. True, the only one who can say no to her is Murtagh. She won’t even approach HIM for a job. That would save the city right there!

  24. Can you imagine how happy she will be with the King of Patronage, Mike Spano in office? She will be set for life.
    Between her, the patronage mill, the union giveaways and the sad sack Lesnick there has to be a Republican Mayor.
    disaster looms otherwise.

  25. I certainly hope mayor Mike wont let her become city clerk, but if she doesnt get that post, im sure the scarf lady will have a nice plush assignment for her on the state payroll. We need another taxpayer funded no show job.

  26. There was the one about the doggie park too. It was land belonging to others, and she claimed it would become a doggie park and had a press release and so on, to pressure the owner into letting her use the parcel as a doggie park. Didn’t work. She had to withdraw the press release and cancel the “opening.” She does these things a lot around town. It’s a type of bullying, and grabbing for things or entitlements when it’s all improper.
    Hope she doesn’t become clerk. We are fine with what we have now. More more more, gimme more more more.

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