Michael Rotanelli’s Statement Over Moody’s Downgrade of Yonkers’ General Obligation Bonds

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Rotanelli_Michael "Moody’s report findings are the result of years and years of frivolous spending. There has been years of putting the burden on the taxpayer and piling up the debt. The focus of my campaign from the beginning has been the budgetary issues facing Yonkers. Without repairing the budget this City cannot move forward. Until there is strong independent leadership on this Council the financial climate of Yonkers will continue to deteriorate.  As I have said over and over again, I will go through this budget line by line and will not continue to drive Yonkers into the ground by spending more money that we have and keep raising taxes.

"My opponents cannot compare to my decades of business experience nor my independence.  I am “unbought and unbossed”, I am not involved in party politics at any level – I am my own person and I owe no one – I am the only one running in the 3rd district that has the capability to get this job done. I am not running for any other reason than to help fix this mess and try and make a better brighter future for our children. The political insiders do not like me because they know I will put the people first. With the state that Yonkers is in we cannot afford to play any more games with taxpayer money than we have."I am hoping the residents of the third district will give me the opportunity to work for them so that I can get Yonkers on the fast-track back to the “City of Gracious Living.


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eHeziMichael Rotanelli’s Statement Over Moody’s Downgrade of Yonkers’ General Obligation Bonds

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  1. Gracious living…LOL I love that one. another old saying to reminisce on the ‘golden days’ of Yonkers 2.5million years ago.
    Who is this clown anyway? What does he have to offer other than more rhetoric and Amicone-ism

  2. Hey Rotanelli stop eating all the Rotelles and step away from the dinner table. You look as bloated as most of YO city workers. Fat and now it’s time to slim down.

  3. What a joke. Do you think by standing in front of a huge Flag that this will make you more appealing to voters?
    What the hell do you know about Moody’s?
    The city council is a real mixed bag of crap, save for Joan who actually cares, the rest, well nuff said.

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