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Click to read The Westchester Guardian – October 13, 2011 edition.

Click onto the hyperlink above to open the virtual paper onto you screen. Please be patient as it may take about 30 seconds for the document to be displayed onto your computer screen. You will need Adobe Reader to view the document. Get the latest, fully functioning  Adobe Pro software at no cost and free of virus by clicking onto the Adobe Reader link. Thank you.


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eHeziRead the Westchester Guardian – October 13, 2011 Edition

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  1. This Swiderski guy is a big faker who has backed down from animal rights activists in his own town over the deer issue. Deer in Hastings are as common as Obama’s mistakes, there seems to one on every corner. Yet Swiderski only worries about our “footprint” and “sustainability.” The only “footprints” I see are from the copious amounts of deer in the village and not a single garden will be “sustainable” if this keeps up. Enough is enough. He is an authority on nothing. Even The Guardian can find better contributers than him.

  2. All the Democratic legislators support the government public housing in your neighborhoods.The lawsuit white lawyers from Manhattan were funded with taxpayer money by the wealthy leftist NYC congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

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