Sabatino to Receive former Councilman Robertson’s Endorsement for Accession to Yonkers 3rd City Council Seat

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Sabatino_michaerl-headshotheadshot michaelYONKERS, NY –  On the steps of City Hall today, at 2:00 p.m., former Council Member Dennis Robertson who represented Yonkers 3rd District will endorse Michael Sabatino for the 3rd Yonkers City Council for this November’s election. Mr. Robertson is slated to be joined by Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick, Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Patricia McDow (1st District) and Councilman Wilson Terrero (2nd District) will also endorse and support Sabatino’s campaign effort.

“As the person who held this seat from 2004 thru 2007, I have a good idea of what it takes to be successful in this position,” said Dennis Robertson. “There is no doubt in my mind that Michael Sabatino has those skill sets and more. He is a man of high integrity and intelligence who possesses a common sense demeanor that is so desperately needed in government today,” concluded Robertson.

Sabatino responded by saying, “I am honored to have the support of former Council Member Dennis Robertson who understands the challenges that Yonkers faces and knows how important it is to have sensible and practical decision makers. I am running for Yonkers’ City Council District 3 to bring a fresh perspective and new energy to issues that are important to all Yonkers residents: education, local jobs, infrastructure, community engagement, and fighting for local Interests. These priorities are the foundation of our city and the building blocks of its future.” 

Michael Sabatino has been endorsed by and is the designee of the Democratic, Working Families and Independence Parties. He has further been endorsed by the Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT), Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA), Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, and Sargeants Association (CLSA), the Westchester-Putnam AFL-CIO, 1199 SEIU, and the Building and Construction Trades Council.


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eHeziSabatino to Receive former Councilman Robertson’s Endorsement for Accession to Yonkers 3rd City Council Seat

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  1. If you live in Yonkers and watched Cablevision’s News 12, you would have seen him and his husband interviewed many times on this subject. This was especially the case when same sex marriage rights were recently won and coverage of this matter was extensive.
    Note also that other people running for office don’t generally plaster photos of the their spouses all over, so why should he?

  2. I don’t think he has gay pride at the moment, as he is running for public office. He came out of the closet years ago, married his partner in 1993 which made the NY Times. Jut google his name, Michael Sabatino, it’s all there. But now he doesn’t seem to want anyone to know he married a man. Michael Sabatino is now back in the closet until after Election Day. Go figure…..

  3. We need honest representation. Robertson was endorsed by the Conservative Party, how can he go totally against everything they stand for? And Mr. Sabatino, hasn’t he spent the last decade promoting Gay Rights? So why is he hiding his gayness – where is his marriage partner? Where is the Gay Pride?

  4. If Spano becomes mayor, there’s an opening in Albany!
    How about Murtagh, I hear he is backing Sabatino also.
    Something about a gay thing.

  5. You are definitely missing a beat on this one. Everyone who knows Dennis is very aware that he only does for himself. So what is in it for him, has to be something. Dennis has absolutely nothing going for him, so if he is going to run again and again for some office, he will lose as he has before. This guy doesn’t know when to quit. Doesn’t that tell you a lot.

  6. Kudos to Dennis Robertson for standing up for the right person for the job in the 3rd District. Some of the other politicians running for office this year could learn a lesson and grow up.
    Are you listening Carlo Calvi and Richard Martinelli?

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