Yonkers Federation of Teachers Endorses Christopher Johnson for City Council

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JOHNSON_Chris YONKERS, NY — On September 15th, the Yonkers Federation of Teachers voted to endorse Christopher Johnson for Yonkers City Council in the First District.  Johnson has a Masters Degree in Education from Fordham University and has worked with students directly as a volunteer counselor in the College Career Center at Roosevelt High School, as well as being a member of other educational organizations throughout Yonkers and Westchester.   

“With a great hope for the future of Yonkers we endorse Christopher Johnson, a strong advocate for education on behalf of all the children of Yonkers” said Pat Puleo, Yonkers Federation of Teachers President. “The teachers, parents, and students can be confident that he will do all in his power to bring quality education to our public schools. The educators of Yonkers are committed to making sure our students have a voice through Christopher and will work hard for his election to the Yonkers City Council”.

“Even before the first day of campaigning for office, I knew that the education of our children was and remains the most important part of any community.  That fact is what inspired me to pursue a career helping students,” said Christopher Johnson.  “The endorsement of our teachers in Yonkers, sends a message loud and clear that it is time to make education a priority in this City, and the men and women who are going to take us there have placed their confidence in me.  For that, I’m humbled and motivated.  And I look forward to a long partnership with the Yonkers Federation of Teachers,” Johnson concluded.


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eHeziYonkers Federation of Teachers Endorses Christopher Johnson for City Council

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  1. This clown is a carpet bagger but the residents of the 1st district are too dumb to realize that.
    He’s a plant for the queen of zamunda and will do her bidding…. this tool known nothing of Yonkers but will more than likely win because as I said before, the resident of the 1st district are boobs

  2. Did the YFT conduct interviews of the candidates of is this just the old “fix is In” typical Yonkers union politics.
    They have already endorsed Mike Spano for Mayor without even talking to the other two guys.
    Strange that a union of “educators” would endorse the least educatedof the three.
    What’s the quid pro quo?

  3. What a joke-this guy just moved to Yonkers from the Bronx within the past in order to run for the 1st District-the man has no discernable ties to Yonkers-the claim that you have relatives in Yonkers does not cut the mustard-his work experience is working for Sen Stewart-Cousins for several years translates into another person milking the system and trying to equate that to experience .

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