Al-Qaeda Sympathizer Arrested; Thwarted from Carrying Out Bomb Plot

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Breaking NewsNew York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg divulged in an early evening press conference that the New York Police Department (NYPD) had thwarted a plot to blow up U.S. Post Offices, NYPD Police Stations, and other target with crude pipe bombs.

The alleged 27-year-old al-Qaeda sympathizer was arrested on Saturday. José  Pimentel, a Dominican-born Muslim convert was charged with providing support for an Act of Terrorism, conspiracy, and weapons charges. He is further accused of having an explosive substance that he planned to use against others and property to terrorize the public.

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Mr. Pimentel was arrested after having been under surveillance by the NYPD since May 2009.


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eHeziAl-Qaeda Sympathizer Arrested; Thwarted from Carrying Out Bomb Plot

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