Albany May Be Phil Amicone’s New Home for Work and Play By HEZI ARIS

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RUMORS Amicone_Phil_grave lookImagine the good fortune that may reveal itself for Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone. Two people have already been considered to fill a large set of boots, but they have been cast aside. Phil Amicone is understood to be in line to head The Business Council of New York State, Inc., based in Albany, New York.  Imagine, Phil Amicone is on the short list. The Business Council of New York State is a statewide association of over 2,500 member businesses whose work is to create economic growth, jobs, etc. The perks for heading the includes a car, a driver, and approximately $250,000 per annum. And on top of that, Phil Amicone can be closer to his son who presently resides in Albany.

The sources are credible. Even so, I cannot fathom Phil Amicone worthy of consideration for such placement. To second guess Governor Andrew Cuomo prior to his making a final decision on this matter would be foolhardy. There will need to be some rationale for an Amicone appointment to The Business Council of New York State thatpresently escapes me. Do you know what it could be?

Were it to come about, perhaps Mr Amicone will consider paying off the $393,338.00 First Amendment lawsuit he lost in federal court using a layaway plan rather than proceed in asking the Yonkers City Council to indemnify his personal responsibility in settling the outstanding debt. 

What would be the upside for the Empire State, or all New Yorkers? Anyone? Everyone? I thought so, none!


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eHeziAlbany May Be Phil Amicone’s New Home for Work and Play By HEZI ARIS

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  1. I do, truly, hope it is a success. But time will tell how surrounding businesses will suffer due to the success of Ridge Hill (e.g. Cross County Center and an already ravaged Central Avenue). I still believe that there is only so much one has to spend, and they don’t spend more than they have (they’re not politicians, don’t forget) and if they spend it here,they won’t spend it there).

  2. exactly how is a project won by alleged bribes a “success”?
    I’ll wait for the conclusion of indictments before making a statement about RH.

  3. take a look at ridge hill..its the envy of all of
    westchester..and it was built in a down economy
    and against the nimby’s its already
    a great success…phil will do just fine

  4. I thought that Astorino would blow out John Hsu (democrat) and hire Phil as DPW Commish. What a lovefest that would be on Martine Ave. Many Yonkers Republicans/Gvt Hacks are going to be calling White Plains.

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